S&ASR Transformed Wii U Special Edition Boxart Surfaces

SEGA Europe has today released box artwork of the Limited Edition version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed via their press site, but the Wii U version is oddly labelled differently as a ‘Special Edition’. Retailers have been and still are showing a Limited Edition for Wii U, though SEGA has never officially announced it for the Wii U, so have they been working on exclusive content for the Wii U version behind the scenes? Hopefully we’ll find out soon. If we get any details, we’ll pass them along.

Limited Edition box artwork for all formats is available after the jump.

Source: SEGA Press

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  1. My guess: Wii U Special Edition will have what the Limited Edition has, plus the gamepad features and multiplayer mini-games, and it won’t be sold for a limited time but rather will be the regular version of the game.

    1. Well it is a ‘special’ edition, so it might be limited but as limited as all the others console’s are

      1. No, it’s just like Batman Arkham City: ARMORED ADITION. It has exclusive game pad features. If this one says Special Edition, that means it’s normal stock, but SEGA is trying to tell the customers that the Wii U version will be the definitive experience out of all the other platforms.

        Please post when SEGA America announces this. Just in case if the Special Ed. is limited, I want to make sure I get it. 🙂 And hopefully it will already contain Metal and Outrun Bay.

  2. I’m curious but the box art at GameStop is the bonus one but its the regular game order so is It a preorder thing or not?

  3. I have a hard time to chose which console version i want to have it on, since i have 360 and PS3 but i will probably take the PS3 version since i dont have so many games to it. But still XD

  4. Waiiii-woah-wait, wait.

    So there’s a limited, bonus, and special(wii u) edition? Can someone explain please?

    1. Bonus Edition is the US branding for the Limited Edition. We don’t know what this Special Edition is yet, but it appears to be in place of the Limited Edition for the Wii U. Might mean the Wii U version will have the Limited Edition stuff and more.

  5. I’m dying for Nintendo to finally let us know what that Nintendo Network of theirs really is. I mean, it’s been on all of their box arts since Kid Icarus: Uprising! I’m waiiiiiitiing….

    1. It’s their new online service. It pretty much replaced Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which is no longer seen on any games, despite the fact that many still feature online play. In other words, Nintendo Network is essentially a new name for Wi-Fi Connection.

  6. Wait, I pre-orderd this for the Wii U already. Does that mean I’m not getting the special edition!? 🙁

  7. Everyone is offering a limited/bonus edition… sorta makes the regular edition………. the limited one.. (mind blown)

  8. @Ricardo Doesn’t Nintendo NETWORK sound extremely familiar to PlayStation NETWORK?
    Surely they can’t have not thought of a more original title for their new Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection names…

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