Sonic the Hedgehog Digital Trading Cards Launched

Sega have announced a new Sonic digital trading card game in partnership with Stampii. Players will be able to collect/trade/buy digital cards to complete a collection of 90 unique cards in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Each card comes with artwork of the character/game and the ‘back’ contains a small blurb about the character or information about the game in question. The selection is quite vast, obscure characters like Pocky and Rocky have even been given a card.

According to Sega, because this is a digital service, it can be used anywhere in the world and accessed by anyone in the world. The collection can be downloaded to PC or Mac, however it can also be downloaded and used on Apples ipod touch/iphone/ipad and google’s android is also supported.

When you first sign up you get 8 cards for free (assuming you pick the Sonic collection as your first chosen pack). From then on you either trade or buy (with real money) your way to the full collection. Now there is a referral system so if you know anyone who has this, ask for their username and they can get credit to buy cards if you use them as referral.

Been playing around with it for the last 2 hours and already I have 26 cards, I have to confess this is quite fun, especially when you start trading with friends, you soon build up quite the collection.

Now for a word of warning on trades. Aside from the usual, do not give out personal details to people you don’t know, credit card data, email data etc… It is exceptionally easy to accidentally give your cards to another user without getting anything in return. I used the desktop version to trade, this is my advice for trading on the desktop application.

1: Click on ‘Swap’ then enter the username of who you want to trade with. Click ok.

2: Select what cards you want to trade.

3: DO NOT CLICK SWAP! If you click swap at this point… you have just offered to give the other person all your cards and you will receive nothing in return. Instead, click ‘receive.’

3.5: If you have made a mistake and given away your cards, quickly click on ‘swap’ in the top of the application, then ‘to be confirmed by others’ click on the date of the trade, then select cancel. However, if the other person accepts the trade before you do this, there is no way to get your cards back unless they’re kind enough to give you them back… hence why we advise trading with people you trust.

4: Select what cards you want from the other person.

5: Click swap.

After you click swap, the other user gets a notification asking if they want to accept the trade. Once they do, enjoy your new cards.

Well now that’s out of the way, hope you have as much fun with this as I’m having. Also on SSMB we’ve got a bit of a card trading topic going along with some referral’s so whilst it’s temping just to stick my own ID here, please go to this topic and have a look, see if you want to make someones day with a surprise referral, or fancy trading a card or two with somebody.

Source: Sega Blog.

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  1. I want the next new Sonic game to have a system like this.
    (“Sega have” – I’ll never get used to British English. I’m too American.)

    1. ‘Sega have’ is referring to Sega as a group whereas ‘Sega has’ is referring to Sega as a property , either are correct in both dialects.

    2. ‘Have’ is plural; referring to Sega as a group, and ‘has’ is singular ; referring to Sega as a trade name. Both are correct in both dialects.

    3. I know what you mean. It’s not a matter of dialect but referring to a company as a group of individuals bothers me for the most part. The larger the company in relation to the action the more likely it is to bother me.

  2. Is it just me, or has anyone else read Orbot’s description?

    “…because of his insensitivity he will sometimes hurt doctor’s feelings.”


    Aside from that, really enjoying this application, although the descriptions are very…interesting. The fact Nega and Cpt. Whiskers were included is awesome; hopefully means they will be in future Sonic games (especially Nega).

    1. Blaze’s character profile seems to be very wrong however.

      it says she holds a strong relation with Silver the hedgheog despite of having her Sonic Rush backstory.

      The only game where they seem to be close is Sonic ’06, but the game never happens.

      IIRC Blaze and Silver only interact in the Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games and in Sonic Colors DS, and none of these games are canon. maybe we should contact them asking some word on it.

      1. Very true, I mean, really, any one of us here could have probably done a better job at getting the profiles right. I mean really, does Eggman go cry in a corner when Orbot makes a joke?? And the names of the small animals is just down-right confusing; I’ve always known the squirrel as Ricky (I read the post about that on here. but I still think it was a screw up and they werent actually planning on changing their names). It would be great for Sega to elaborate on some things; although I remember they did confirm both Eggman Nega and Silver are from the future during Sonic Boom. I’m also wondering if the History of Sonic book will shed some light on some of this, possibly???
        The art and videos are at least cool to look at, and the app itself is nice, I’ll give them that much.

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