S&ASR Transformed to Feature ‘Mild Language’ and ‘Animated Blood’

SEGA’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed product page has updated with an ESRB rating of E10+ listing Animated Blood, Mild Language and Mild Cartoon Violence. Could the House of the Dead franchise be making a return appearance in Transformed with blood intact? If we take a look at the rating for the first game, it appears the mild language doesn’t derive from lyrics this time around. Could Shadow be returning to his d**n potty mouth ways? We expect a full rating will appear on the ESRB’s website soon. Maybe they will accidentally reveal a character again like they did with Ulala last time.

Source: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed’s SEGA of America product page (Those outside of the US will need to change the flag at the top right on SEGA’s website to view the page)

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  1. The blood may also appear on the golden axe stages aswell. For mild language, maybe shadow will say D**N.

    1. Oh no! Not that swear! It’s totally the worst swear ever created!

      …Yes, that was sarcasm. I didn’t mind it when it was appropriate in his game. I don’t know about you, but if I was falling to my death I think I would probably swear too ^^’

  2. I’m guessing recycled clips from Shadow the Hedgehog and perhaps the return of House of the Dead content?

    1. Meanwhile Shadow is instead looking for that damn fourth Chaos Emerald after Sonic took it from him in Generations.

      (Love ya Shadow XD)

  3. Animated blood? Is it weird that I would find it cool if the racers bled if they were hit a certain way? …Ahem

  4. Hmm, I do hope Kirk gets more lines to practice with for Shadow. Where better to do that than in a spin off series? And frankly, I don’t mind swearing. The one Shadow says wasn’t even that bad, frankly. People seem to forget Sonic swore in that game too XD

    Blood, you say? How lovely XD

  5. Mild Language probably refers to the music lyrics….wait, isn’t there a “Mild Lyrics” rating too? I remember Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for GameCube had Mild Lyrics on the back cover XD

  6. Now the rating is a hidden surprise. I don’t know why but its neat to see things change like this. Aside from Shadow’s vocal tracking record. There are several characters that have had some moments. But hey, maybe music tracks that contained some lovely words might be in the mix with the rating change. Who knows!?

  7. It Is Most Likely Good if You Cange Cartoon Violence to “Fantasy Violence” So That Makes It E10+ listing Animated Blood, Mild Language and Fantasy Violence

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