New Wreck-It Ralph Trailer Includes Sonic Cameo

A new trailer has just been released for upcoming Disney film Wreck-It Ralph, the story of a videogame antagonist who gets tired of being a bad guy and attempts to redeem his ways.

For those not already in the know, the film will contain numerous cameos by famous gaming icons, including our very own Sonic the Hedgehog – who you can catch a very brief glimpse of in this trailer. Sonic’s cameo appears at around the 0:47 mark but be warned… blink and you’ll miss it!

Doctor Eggman also makes a cameo appearance in the new trailer, which you can view over at Yahoo! Movies.

As previously reported, Sonic will be voiced in the movie by his official voice actor Roger Craig Smith, and Wreck-It Ralph himself will be starring alongside the blue blur as a playable character in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed this holiday season.

Wreck-It Ralph is due to hit cinemas in the US on 2nd November, and will make its way across the pond for a UK release on 15th February 2013.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. I’m really really excited to watch this movie! I always love Disney movies and I know I’ll love this one too.
    The bad guy affirmation was funny! Good to see Eggman always swears to remain the bad guy cuz without his evil plans there won’t be any adventure for Sonic!

  2. Actually, this model looks somewhat less detailed than the one from Unleashed/Generations.
    And there’s something wrong with his eyes.

  3. Sonic’s model looks.. different. Maybe it is the ways the eyes are. Anyway i can’t wait to see this move!!

    1. It’s the brow. It’s virtually missing. It even shrunk a lot between Sonic 06 and Unleashed. I think the bigger brow was much better.

  4. YESSS!!!! YEEESSSS!!!! YEEESSS!!!!!! I can finally look forward to november for once in my life lolz.

  5. Sonic looks a bit like he does in Sonic 06 and his appearance in the trailer was kind of silly, a bit like like “Oh BTW, Sonic appears for a few seconds in this film!”

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