Naganuma Monday: Mash-Ups R What U Need

As Jet Set Radio will see its first release onto the digital marketplace in a few short days (PSN+ users, you lucky gits), this week’s Mash-Up Monday is entirely dedicated to the man responsible behind most of JSR‘s delicious soundtrack. You may also recognize his work in Sonic Rush as well!

Yes, this week, we’ll be looking into mash-ups involving the music of the one and only Hideki Naganuma! We got a total of five mash-ups to celebrate his work!

First up is a mash-up by Seenik09, comprised of Naganuma’s Teknopathic from Jet Set Radio Future and something I’m sure you all miss dearly.

Put your slam jams together for SlamnoJamthetic!


More after the jump!

Next up is another classic from JSRF, this time with a tune from Sonic Unleashed! Fly Like a Butterfly with Skyscraper Scamper Day for Empire City!

Through Trogdorbad, here’s Scamper Like A Butterfly!


The fact that the folks from Freen in Green are fans of Hideki’s work isn’t that big a secret, especially when it comes to guitarist Aptiva, so the guitar-man put together a mash-up just for the occasion of Jet Set Radio‘s rerelease! This’ll be a bit obscure as it mashes Moody’s Shuffle with a tune from another Dreamcast cult classic, and the only one of its kind to have not been ported onto recent systems as of yet! Sonic Adventure? Sonic Adventure 2? No, it’s…

The Action Allowance jingle from Sonic Shuffle!


Ollie King is considered to be JSR‘s arcade counterpart, due to similarities between the gameplay and, of course, that fantabulous music! So, for some Ollie King representation, we have Concept of Love (Concept of Passion) from its OST put together with Maroon 5’s Give A Little More!

Special thanks to sousveillance for this combo!


And finally, brought to you by wecatohispano, is a mash-up I suppose we all need! Combining What U Need from Sonic Rush with what I consider to be one of the most oddest choices for a mash-up ever!

Ladies and gents, start your engines, because…



With that, I leave you all until next week! SEGA fans of the past, present, and future: procure Jet Set Radio the moment it becomes available for you!

And don’t go too far away: this won’t be all of Naganuma you’ll be seeing on TSS… Stick around for when Jet Set Radio releases, especially if you’re into interviews, as Aptiva and I will have a chat with the man himself!

Art by brandokay on deviantART! Click for a bigger view on his dA page!

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  1. Music is so amazing… I actually started crying because of how beautiful these songs are!

    Thanks VizardJeffhog for showing these awesome mash-ups!

  2. Wait, you’re going to interview THE Naganuma himself? For the love of God, ask him what he’s been doing lately and if he’s ever going to come back and make new songs. The guy worked on 4 game soundtracks, and then *poof*, he disappeared. I need more Naganuma tunes in my life.

  3. @Setnaro X –

    He’s actually done more than that!
    Jet Set Radio, Jet Set Radio Future, Ollie King, Sonic Rush, Super Monkey Ball, Yakuza, SEGA Rally, that new soccer game…

    weirdly, he left SEGA though, I don’t get why…

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