Games Radar Uploads ASRT Wii-U Gameplay

Games Radar have uploaded a short video showing gameplay footage of ASRT on the Wii-U, however unlike your typical gameplay video, this one includes a picture in picture of the controller, giving you an idea as to what appears on the screen as well as how one controls the game.


In terms of the game itself, the only criticisms I can spot are from the frame rate of the early build. The main problems seem to be with the controller itself. The screen is ‘distracting’ and that it’s ‘hard to press the boost’ assuming this means the ‘weapons fire’ button, since boost triggers automatically following a drift? That said there are a number of positives from the video like a ‘good sense of speed’ and the player does seem to be enjoying himself despite it being an early build.

Nothing much else new is shown in the video other than maybe some weapons, though we do get our first clear glimpse of the ‘Seaside Hill Monster,’ I don’t know if he/she has an official name yet. My theory? Eggman finally got Nessie.

So? What do you think? The comment box awaits!

Thanks to FourCartridge for the heads up.

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  1. WOW this is really neat. The stage is perfect and looking up and down seems to be really hard controls. sonic 3D artwork render looks awesome aswell!

  2. It might just be me, but didn’t the original game still have frame-rate issues even when it was finally published?

    1. The original one for 360/PS3 did, yeah. They ironed it out – it was an early build, not the finished one, after all. If they waited for it to be done when they showed it, there would be no point of it being a “demo”! XD

  3. Seriously… Why Seaside Hill again? If you ask someone to name an iconic stage from a Sonic game like hell anyone would say “SEASIDE HILL FROM SONIC HEROES!!!!!”

    Still looks like a good game, but the choice of Sonic stages is baffling. Outside of the ‘Sonic Community’ I bet most people have forgotten Sonic Heroes ever existed!

    1. Heroes is my all-time favorite game and while I’m a fan of Sonic, I don’t consider myself a part of any “community”.

      So yeah, nope. I hope Final Fortress is still there, too. :3

      1. Am I the only one hoping “Black Comet” or “Digital Circuit” from Shadow’s game makes it in? XD

  4. This is my first time looking at gameplay footage instead of the gameplay-turned-cinematic in the trailers and i must say, it is beautiful. My only complaint is how calm the waters where in the end there, i was hoping to see some wave action.

    This is up there with NSMBU as my most hyped Wii U game. I’m all over this! It honestly looks better than Mario Kart, and i’m not saying that to discredit what is- or maybe was, we’l find out- the best racer.

    1. I honestly think this game will blow Mario Kart right out of the water. Maybe S&ASRT will give MK competition and MK will be fun again 😀

  5. I have to say, i’m a little underwhelmed. It just looks a lil’ dull for the most part, quite the opposite of what the trialers look like. Although it is the first stage, and it’s a temp’ build, and it’s seaside fucking hill (grr..still think that’s a mammoth piss take but what-er) I hope that the full game’ll have more of the WOW factor that a lot of generations had. Exploding track here, upsidedown space launch there, throw in a whirlpool that engulfs the entire track into a hectic waterslide of doom for good measure.

  6. When are we going to see some gameplay or screenshots of the 3DS version and I also want to know if there is going to be a Limited Edition for the Wii U version of the game or not because to be honest I can’t see why there can’t be a Limited Edition for the Wii U version as the Wii U does offer DLC and every other version even the 3DS and PSVita one’s have a Limited Edition.

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