USAOpoly Reveals the Sonic Monopoly Board!

We’ve known about it for months, we’ve seen boxarts and listings on websites, but the biggest question? What would the board look like? Tonight, USAOpoly answered that question. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the Sonic the Hedgehog official Monopoly board.

That is… a lot better than I was expecting, especially after seeing what the Mario version looked like. USAOpoly say that the game will be in stores this September and more information about their other Sonic board games will be given over the coming weeks.

What do you think about the selection? Let us know in the comments, and yes, that is Mad Gear and Splash Hill on the top spots. A full list of What Zones they all are can be found here thanks to SSMB forum member Blue Blood.

Source: USAOpoly Facebook.

Now… Anyone got £200 I spent the night at the Sky Sanctuary hotel and I… might have… accidentally… eaten every single muffin from the mini-bar.

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    1. The corner pieces could have been ‘Captured by Eggman’ (go to jail) and Prison Egg (jail). Go could have been a Star Post/Point Marker or Goal Ring/Post (though that’s at the end of a level so perhaps not so fitting for ‘Go’). Would have been nice to have a vehicle from the series pictured on the Free Parking corner, though they do have a variety of vehicles on there elsewhere already, which is nice.

      1. I liked the suggestion someone made of Prison Island, hence a neat reference to captured by G.U.N.
        Star posts would make a nice play piece you move?

    2. Unfortunately, USAopoly never changes the corner pieces. They must remain the same for every version of Monopoly

  1. Ew, badniks? Everything else is directly from a game and then they stick this silly comic book term in there 🙁

    Would have been nice if they replaced Jail with Prison Island, though. The unchanged tiles look a little bland compared to everything else.

    1. Badnik was the classic name for the bots in all territories, and has recently come back into use in the main games.

        1. ^ You’re dead right. I got the Sonic 2 manual right here in front of me.
          (Not even the cool booklet one, the stupid fold-out map like one)

    2. Unfortunately, in Monopoly no matter what kind of theme it’s set in, the four corners almost if ever change. Keeps people familiar with Monopoly I figured.

  2. Mad Gear and Splash Hill as the Boardwalk areas? No. I cannot abide. It’s nit-picky to the max, but that’s straight blasphemy. If they belong on the board (and, honestly, do they?) they belong in the early spaces. I’d expect some zones that people absolutely love to go there. One of the obvious levels for the most expensive space is Green Hill. And maybe a casino themed one for the other. That at least might fit a theme. Green Hill Estates near Casino Night Resorts.

    Mad Gear and Splash Hill. Come on!

    1. They probably used Splash Hill and Mad Gear since they’re in 3D and look like classic stages. I don’t see the problem.

    2. Yeah I nearly spit my drink when I saw that..Mad Gear I can understand though I’d prefer crazy gadget but why the heck splash hill? IMO, It should be Casino Night(or fill in any casino stage from heroes here) and Crazy Gadget or some space trope level

    3. So you’re telling me, when someone else owns Boardwalk and Park Place and has hotels on them, you don’t absolutely dread rolling around that corner and potentially hitting them and losing everything? I for one think the placement of Mad Gear and Splash Hill is perfect, as the corner before Go can be incredibly deadly and feared.

  3. Man, and I thought the Mario monopoly board was awful… but at least this one actually uses PLACES for the property instead of characters. Still, this could have been far more logical in presentation.

    1. Actually, the other one was Nintendo Monopoly, not Mario Monopoly. This one is pure Sonic, though.

  4. The estates show a pattern. Look:
    Adventure 2: 3
    Heroes: 3
    Generations: 4 ( This should have been the highest rings cost)
    Riders Series: 3
    Unleashed: 3
    and Sonic 4: esp 1 & 2: 3
    This is the patters exactly in order.

  5. The board looks completely awesome, not sure if I can say the same for the zone choices/placement.

  6. It’s funny how is sonic next gen is completely absent XD Some acts like Kingdom valley wouldn’t look that much out of place, it’s mostly the game’s story and rushed development that most fans want to forget though >_>

  7. I hate how they excluded Sonic Adventure. I either wanted emerald coast or Windy Valley available as a space.

  8. hm……. They should have split the board like the Generations “eras” – one each side, and have “add ons” such as Spinball / 3d blast / riders as a 4th side.

    Have the “add ons” as the cheapest, modern as 2nd cheaperst, then “dreamcast / PS2”, then classic as the most expensive.
    Each side could have 2 / 1 square per game (I count sonic 4 as 1 big game) and the add ons 1 per game

    Each side could be 1: Toxic caves, Panic Puppet, cosmic angel, Leaf forest, babylon garden ( 5 sider)
    2 – Wave ocean, Crisis City, Apotos, chun-nan, tropical resort, starlight carnival, (6 sider)
    3- Windy Valley, twinkle park, city escape, metal harbour, Seaside hill (5 sider)
    4- Green Hill, casino night, stardust speedway, Ice Cap, Mushroom hill, Sylvania Castle ( 6 sider)

    instead of “vehicles” use special stages! 1 – sonic 1/4’s twisty maze, 2 – sonic 2 / 4’s “half pipe”, 3 – sonic 3&K’s blue sphere, and 4 – sonic Cd’s ufo basher

    1. I believe the term you are looking for is “spin-off,” not “add-on.” An “add-on” is extra content you download after you have already bought the game.

      1. correct – “spin off” is indeed what I menat. in the words of Paul and Barry Chuckle: “Silly billy!”

  9. I would’ve swapped out the Speed Star space with a Wave Cyclone one and then put Speed Star on Free Parking (though it’s reasonable for Sega to not want to remake the Wave Cyclone in 3D just for a stupid board game, and leaving it in its low poly DS model would be jarring). I also would’ve made G.U.N. Commander the Go To Jail guy and put GO in the SEGA font. Ideally the zones would be grouped a little more logically too, like Mystic Mansion and Pumpkin Hill as one group and Green, Seaside, and Spash Hills as another group, or at least put all the areas from the same games together. Tropical Resort and Empire City would be much more fitting final spaces than Spash Hill and Mad Gear.

  10. In fact, let’s do this. With only the stages they’ve given so they wouldn’t have to make new artwork or anything let’s see if I can put these in a more logical order.

    From cheapest to most expensive:
    1. Pumpkin Hill & Mystic Mansion (spooky stages)
    2. Green Hill, Splash Hill, Frog Forest (green stages)
    3. City Escape, Speed Highway, Empire City (city stages)
    4. Seaside Hill, Apotos, Metal Harbor (on water stages)
    5. Sky Sanctuary, Babylon Garden, Sylvania Castle (ruin stages)
    6. Mad Gear, Chemical Plant, Planet Wisp (eggman stages)
    7. Metal City, Sand Ruins, Holoska (leftovers)
    8. Sweet Mountain, Tropical Resort (vacation stages)

    Admittedly 7 sucks, but that’s just because of Holoska. Swap that out with any sonic riders stage and you have a raceway theme. Or really anything else and re-arrange these again, there’s still plenty of wiggle room.


  12. My only complaint is the lack of anything Sonic-y on the corner pieces.

    But other than that I think it’s pretty decent.

  13. This is pretty cool. 😀

    Shame I always get bored of it and walk out during the middle of the game. XD

  14. At least planet wisp and tropical resort are in the green area.
    but even though there are a few missed opportunities It looks pretty awesome.
    I’m definitely going to buy it 🙂

  15. This’ll probably be one of those “buy it for the sake of displaying” purchases; it’s hard to hide the sheer boredom of Monopoly. : p

    I wonder what the player token pieces are, though.

  16. I would get this but my sisters are only interested in hair and boys so this would just gather dust.

  17. Hey guys, if you go to the Offical Sonic Merch. Facebook page, this is availible for pre-order!

  18. The blue spaces are… Sonic 4? The game that most people were disappointed by? Shouldn’t it be Green Hill or something?

    Upon further inspection, it looks a lot like everything was just thrown in at random.

  19. I don’t see why so much people say the levels are randomly thrown around. If you can see closely each 3 stages are from a certain game, with the exception of the generations levels. Although i will agree that the order is random.
    The Sonic4 Zones should have been the generations levels, with green hill and chemical plant on the highest.

  20. On a totally unrelated note: I think the website’s slogan should be “Way past cool.” “It’s no use” doesn’t feel right. Sounds a little negative to me. Just throwing that out there.

    1. I think “It’s no use” is supposed to be a reference to a line by Silver. Why The Sonic Stadium would want to use it as their slogan is somewhat beyond me, however.

  21. I asked the USAOpoly FB page if this sells well enough (and I think I will, though I can’t predict that accurately I suppose) if they would consider doing a Classic Sonic Monopoly board, and they said it depends on a lot of factors, but they won’t rule anything out.

    That shit would be phat tits, and especially if they took fan input on the board. But the mass market would probably see a Classic Sonic board as redundant. Still, it’s nice to dream.

  22. does this also imply that england will be getting these in stores like i don’t know toys rus or some place else in other words will this be in england

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