Sonic Adventure 2 Coming to PC

US game rating board the ESRB has rated the upcoming HD digital download release of Sonic Adventure 2. Within the details of the E10+ rating, the ESRB has revealed that, like the first Sonic Adventure, the game will see a release on PC, as well as on the already announced PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. No official word from SEGA, but this isn’t the first time another platform option has been leaked before SEGA has announced it.

Source: ESRB (via Sonic Paradise)

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  1. I thought Sonic Generation’s Steam release was leaked before the announcement?

  2. Well to be honest i think we all knew that there was a pc version but eh im not complaining

  3. I… For the first time in my life… I seriously had a fangasm. My head started spinning, I lost my breath and all… I hope this is not a fake.

  4. First time Adventure 2 got a E10+ rating. :V

    Anyways, nice to see PC fans will be able to enjoy this game.

  5. *Total freakout involving hearts*
    E10+? What’s there that’s blatantly in the game that’s worthy of e10+? There’s no swearing, blood… Then again, playing as the dark side… Maybe they think the younger kids will be impressionable to that like blowing up military bases and such is okay… ?
    Hope this is real. Cuz even though I’m excited that it’ll be released on the other platforms, I can’t buy those versions. The PC version, I would be able to. *coughandthehackerswillhaveafeilddaycough*

    1. Reading the ESRB page, it says…

      Content descriptors: Mild Cartoon Violence, Mild Lyrics

      Rating summary: In this action platformer, players control Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends as they attempt to stop Dr. Eggman and his minions from taking over the world. As Sonic, players zoom across fantastical landscapes, collect gold rings and power-ups, and use spin attacks to defeat robotic enemies. In some sequences, characters pilot oversized robots that use rockets and lasers to defeat mechanical creatures; enemies break apart amid colorful explosions. During some boss battles, players must avoid “cartoony” gunfire and rockets. The theme song for one playable character contains the word “damn.”

      1. Hahaha nice…I can think of far worse language that kids are subjected to nowadays :V

        Never really considered damn to be that bad…maybe it’s an American thing?

    2. Well the whole thing with the military killing Maria, the professor going mental & attempts to re-program the arc to crash into the Earth, possibly taking out most or if not, all life on it – before getting sent to death row. That hardly sounds very 3+ to me.

      Other than that, there is the odd lyrics thrown in Knuckles’ songs.

  6. i realy happy thare is a pc version like sadx cuse all this time my only way to play sonic adventure 2 was wirth crapy slow emulators and playing with sa2b is even slower on dolphin emulator and no metter what settings i use the emulator is so slow but thanks to this pc versio of sa2 i well be able to play this game normaly

    1. *Really, *there, *because, *with, *crappy, *matter, *version, *normally.
      Bad grammar is bad.

    2. So will I. Remember how hard King Boom Boo was back on those days… WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO SEE HIS SHADOW?

  7. Wha? No way? After I bought NGC and looking whole months for SA2B (in my country it’s so rare to get) now it will be on PC? Cool, I can refresh some hedgehog history thanks to this.

    1. Don’t worry,man.Playing a good game on the console is always a good thing(to me it’s definitely better than on PC).

      I was also looking for the game,but now I might just buy the PC version.

  8. YES!!!!
    Of course we always knew it would come but YYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!
    SADX was my first proper Sonic Game (Ignoring R and 3D Fliky’s Island) and I played it to death when I was younger and only had a PC for games butI always wished that SA2 would come to PC as well, and here it is!!! Of course I’ve played both versions on DC and GCN, but to have it in widescreen on PC…. *drools*

    1. so what your saying is that the US rating system became a massive pussy over 12 years and gave the same game they rated 12 years ago, with a higher rating, god Call of Hackers has messed up our rating system

      1. Well, the E10+ rating didn’t exist back then…and I’m sure SEGA didn’t want it to have a teen rating.

  9. I knew Sonic Adventure 2 would be on PC as nearly every other Sonic game in recent years has been as well as older ones to including Sonic Adventure (DX), Sonic CD, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Sonic The Hedgehog 4, Sonic R, Sonic Spinball, Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Generations, Sonic 3D: Flickies Island, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, Sonic & Knuckles Collection, Sonic’s Schoolhouse and Sonic Riders.

  10. ESRB went from trolling children and giving them nightmares to being an overprotective parent who doesn’t let their kids have fun. It went from giving Majora’s Mask an E rating, to giving Kirby’s Return to Dreamland an E10+ rating. How, may I ask, in this world can a game where a boy must save people from their deaths in 3 days, watch the lives of families get torn apart, have a giant moon with a rape face stand before you, and take down a demonic mask get a rating for everyone, while a game about a cute and cuddly pink ball who gets his powers THROUGH SUCKING IN HIS ENEMIES get an E10+?!?!!!?!?

  11. I hope that in this release they fix the voice issues (characters cutting each other off incorrectly, not loud enough, not synced.) Either way, YAY! I’m glad I saved $20 in my steam account 😀

  12. I can’t wait to see mods upgrade this Faux HD re-release into an actual HD remake. ¦D

  13. it’s about fucking time they made one for PC (i mean how do you make the first one for PC and the second one not)
    but anyways I’m happy that they are considering it

  14. Finally. I can enjoy this title anywhere. I’ve managed to log over 100 hours on my GCN file. This will probably follow suit on PC.

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