S&ASR Transformed Limited Edition Now Available to Pre-order in the UK & US

On Monday SEGA announced that Europe will be getting a Limited Edition of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed featuring the same additional content that the US is getting in its Bonus Edition. These editions contain an exclusive Outrun Bay track, exclusive Metal Sonic character + Metal Sonic mod pack, and exclusive stickers for your in-game license.

Four UK online retailers now have the Limited Edition available to pre-order. A list of the retailers, platforms and prices is available after the jump.

Xbox 360: £37.97
PS3: £37.97
PS Vita: £34.97

Xbox 360: £32.99
PS3: £32.99
PS Vita: £24.99

Xbox 360: £37.95
PS3: £37.95
PS Vita: £29.95

Xbox 360: £37.95
PS3: £37.95
PS Vita: £29.95

For those in the US, Amazon.com is taking pre-orders for the Bonus Edition:
Xbox 360: $39.99
PS3: $39.99
PS Vita: $29.99

Amazon.com is also listing a Bonus Edition for the 3DS version, though SEGA hasn’t announced a Bonus Edition for that platform.
3DS: $29.99

Note: All prices correct at time of this article’s publication.

Will you be buying the Limited/Bonus Edition? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. What’s the “Metal sonic mod-pack”, how is it different from the actual playable character?

  2. Already bought it with Amazon (Seriously. £30 is a steal).Is That offer exclusive to those retailers or will it be at every retailer? Quick, someone get sega on the case!

  3. Yeah.. someone explain the mod pack.. can we mod Metal Sonic and give him a paint job or something?

    1. Sumo Digital and SEGA haven’t spoken about mod packs yet, other than that they exist and that they apply to the vehicles, not the characters.

  4. I swear, if this is like Generations where you can’t buy the special edition in the U.S. I will have to strangle somebody, No “May have to” I will legitimately strangle someone to near death.

    I mean, I like you guys, and I wish to go to Europe someday and spend some time there, but this is friggin ridiculous. The United States has die-hard Sonic fans too SEGA! Dont forget about us!

      1. THANK YOU!!

        I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be the case as with Sonic Generations, but Im just still so upset with that mishap. Thanks again Shadzter!

  5. This is going to be SO GOOD….! Though, I’m surprised that the Outrun track starts with you turning right.

  6. I hope they make this stuff available on Steam. I want to run wild on that OutRun track. . .

  7. I hope it will soon be available in Australia, I remeber how lucky I was when I preorded Generations and a week later I got a phone call saying they also preorded the collectors edition too! If I’m lucky the same thing will happen to this game too!

    1. Australia was the best place to offer the Generations limited edition 🙂 JB HiFi had it, EBGames.au had it, a couple of others too 😀
      Still don’t understand why the US got shafted with it, did SEGA ever give a reason?

  8. does anyone know if it will ever be available to get the bonus addition from Gamestop in the US or will it only be through Amazon

    1. I asked game stop last last week and they said probrally next week so they shoud have pre-orders

  9. Wait..$40 for a BONUS edition….Normally a normal one is $60….Hellz yea! I love saving money! <3

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