New Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Trailer Reveals Starlight Carnival and More Sega Tracks


As Gamescom approaches this week, Sega has revealed a brand new gameplay trailer for Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed. Highlights include a Starlight Carnival track from Sonic colors, a track based off After Burner, another one based off the TV studio level from Samba De Amigo and a floating island track from Skies of Arcadia. That’s a lot of tracks to reveal all at once. But wait! There’s more!

Hit the comment link for a screenshot from another Sonic track.

Seaside Hill returns…….again. Only this time, it looks more inspired by Generations version than Heroes. Sega must reeeeeeally love this level.

Thanks goes to Segabits for the heads up.

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  1. Why does Sega have such raging love for Sonic Heroes? The game that’s like, right in the middle divide of good/bad Sonic.

    1. Yeah, wasted slot
      ` 3` If they want to keep showering Sonic Heroes levels in every side game, at least pick one that hasn’t been done to death like Mystic Mansion or Rail Canyon.
      …actually forget what I said about Rail Canyon <_< *Frog Forest instead

      1. Exactly my point. Seaside Hill isn’t a bad level but they always use it for everything and it starts to get pretty old. I mean even the remixes start to sound like the original. There’s already 4 Seaside Hill remixes done. One for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, 2 for the Classic and Modern remixes for Sonic Generations and another in Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. There’s 5 different Seaside Hill themes if you include the original and I have a feeling it’s gonna be 6 if Richard Jacques decides to remix it. If they want to use a Sonic Heroes level, then they should go with Frog Forest/Lost Jungle. That would be a great level to use. They could even go with Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure or even Planet Wisp from Sonic Colors. Or even a level that didn’t get much light like Lost World from Sonic Adventure. So many great Sonic levels that should make them not choose Seaside Hill.

          1. I could see Mystic Mansion but how would Egg Fleet support the boating aspect? There’s no water in Egg Fleet since it’s high in the sky but I would love to be drifting from ship to ship or flying through the fleet dodging attacks from ships like in the original.

        1. I realize people have a lot of hatred for this game, but Shadow’s game has some levels to pick from as well. The revamped Prison Island and Black Comet are choices that spring to mind to me.

          Nothing like boating over acid XD

      1. Aries, Iizuka is the leader of Sonic Team, and is not working on this game.

        SUMO Digital is, and I think the person in charge of the game is Steve Lycett. So if you want to blame anyone, blame him. Actually, blame the higher-ups at SEGA. They are the ones that actually call all the shots. So blame those people at SEGA. Not Iizuka, not Steve, but the higher-ups.

  2. I kind of expect some old levels to return…so long as it’s different focusing on insides as well as out i’ll be happy.

    And Sweet! Starlight Carnival!

  3. Seaside Hill….AGAIN!?

    Yeesh, they must be obsessed with that stage (and Heroes in general).

    But Starlight Carnival, oooohhh yessss, I LOVE Starlight Carnival!

  4. If they’re gonna use Seaside Hill in this game, they better at least remix the music…
    Actually speaking of music, it looks like Richard Jacques’s gonna be the composer for the soundtrack…………………………………………………………………….OH. MY. GOD.

    1. To be honest the music reminded me of that insipid stuff you hear when you walk into EB Games. Except it was missing the annoying Australian sounding guy shouting about “craaaazy deals” that are $40 more expensive than JB Hifi literally right opposite them in the mall 😛

  5. I’d rather have seen Mushroom Hill Zone, so annoyed with the Seaside Hill whoring.

    Thankfully Starlight Carnival helps me forget it.

  6. YES.. YESS finally! more samba de amigo track <3 they sure are colourful ^w^ go amigo!
    will amiga and othere samba de amigo character be there? u know to cheer racers on?

  7. as much as li love seaside hill.. but SERIOUSLY? heroes, olympic games, generations now this!?!?
    i’m sure green hill woulda been fresh or even mushroom hill. but as long as the racetrack is good, oh well.

    1. and i swear it was ALSO in olympics 2012 and olympics winter games? thats 5 games this level has been used. jheez, heroes also has frog forest or lost jungle. rail canyon anyone?

      1. Rail Canyon…please no. I still wake up in a cold sweat on some nights because of Team Chaotix and Team Darks run through…so many deaths.

      2. @WizzleKidd

        I wouldn’t mind Frog Forest or Lost Jungle but Hang Castle could of been pretty sweet :p

  8. Shame the European Limited Edition is exactly the same as the American Bonus Edition. I expected it to be at least a bit different with the change of name and all. Was kinda disappointed by that Sega Blog post this morning, and now we get Seaside Hill again, and it’s been confirmed as NOT being one of the remixed old tracks, even tho it clearly is.

    In saying that tho, one stage isn’t gunna stop me from enjoying the game, it looks fantastic. I hope the inclusion of Vyse means an HD version of Skies is on its way after JSR, Nights and SA2!

  9. I was so happy about all this, but that happiness went away when I saw Seaside Hill again… -_- At this point, it’s a bother whenever they put it in a game.

    1. sonic 1, SA2, and generations, and the internet and go on google maps and see if you find any. 🙂

  10. The trailer is pretty nice. This game looks pretty fun, like the first one.

    Starlight Carnival is cool, one of my favorite mevels in Colors.

    Seaside Hill again? Really? Would it have hurt anyone to choose, oh I don’t know, something new? It was in the first S&SASR, good. It was in Generations, whatever (Even though some other levels would have been better, like Egg Fleet, Final Fortress, Frog Forest or even Mystic Mansion.) . But now, it’s just getting old.

    I still hope there will be a Death Egg (Classic or MKII) race in the game. I would love to once again race while listening to “Never Let It Go” or even race to the Death Egg MKII Act1 music (One of the only good songs in S4E2)

  11. Just a theory, but… Couldn’t this Seaside Hill just be a remake of a SASR track, like they did with the retro cup of Mario Kart 7?

  12. This game keeps looking better and better (Minus Seaside Hill of course). I just want them to show off the NiGHTS level already.

  13. I’m a bit disappoitned that Seaside Hill is returning….again since it’s been in the first all stars racing game, Winter Olympics, Generations and 2012 Olympics..ugh! I honestly would of preffered any other level from Heroes (bar Casino Park/Bingo Highway) :/ but aside from that I’m still looking forward to this game, it’s looking pretty good but I still wish they picked a different level from Heroes.

  14. I can’t complain about Seaside Hill, honestly. I’ve barely played all the other games it was in, lol. However, I’m still hoping for a Shadow level to make it in. Prison Island and Black Comet are choices (boating over acid? Extreme XD), but even Digital Circuit would be fun (if not seizure inducing. At least you could shout “I’m surfing the web!” and get away with it!).

    Heck, I have to wonder why some levels from SA2 aren’t in it either, although the first stage they showed reminded me of…Geh, what was it, not Metal Harbor…Not Iron Gate…I can’t remember. The Eggman stage on the GUN fleet of ships :/ (And I just played it a week ago lol).

    Hey Samba De Amigo, I see you’re returning. Dance dance~

  15. Well, Seaside hill is Sumo Digital’s favorite Stage (so you cant complain). Although i do want a different heroes
    stage with water in it like Frog Forest (Rail canyon would be awesome but there isn’t any water in it).

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