Gum Joins The All Stars Racing Transformed Lineup

Nintendo Power’s latest issue has confirmed that Jet Set Radio star Gum will be joining the cast in Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed.

Whilst the magazine didn’t include any in game screens of the character, they did say ‘that Nintendo Power could exclusively reveal’ and even included artwork of her in the article itself, suggesting that this is indeed an addition to the roster and not guesswork or a wishlist on behalf of the writer.



As usual, stay tuned to TSS for more updates as we get it. So… Gum eh? Hands up everyone who doesn’t know who that is? Come on, be honest!

Thanks to Thanks to Fhoplist of SEGA Forums for the images.

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  1. I still say ToeJam and Earl should be in this since they were originally going to be in te first game…

  2. I have been begging for Toejam & Earl to be in the All-Stars Racing series since the first game! They might not “officially” be SEGA characters legally, but they are still more recognizable in SEGA’s history than Gum is, or even Beat himself on that matter! Is it just me, or is SEGA really putting an over-emphasis on its obscure characters while greatly downplaying its more well-known characters (excluding Sonic characters) like NiGHTS and Toejam and Earl?

    1. Sega of Europe is handling all marketing behind Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed on their own. They are downplaying most of the well known roster.

      And, SEGA owns ALL the rights to “Toejam and Earl”.

      As for Japan, Transformed will be underprotomed, instead SEGA has their own special plans. Japanese consumers will be getting lots of surprises.

      A new F2P game called “Samurai and Dragons” will not only feature a gigantic roster of SEGA brand characters but it will also feature SEGA’s very own “Super Dimensional Game Neptunia” SEGA console characters from SG-1000 all the way to Dreamcast, and is rumored to include 2 new special hidden characters “RING” and “Orbi-chan”.(this is just some speculation to what Kabushiki Kaisha SEGA will incorporate as their new brand Mascot.)

      Sonic will remain SEGA’s flagship mascot, but Sega Orbi Enterprises needs a Mascot to sell the Orbi hardware and non gaming multi-corp brand. They are developing one.

      The Game is being developed for VITA but other mobile and Android platforms will be getting the game.

    1. I rose my hand too. When I saw the title I thought Gum was a gum-character from some Sega franchise I didn’t know that much about.

      1. Funny thing is, I’m technically a Dreamcast fan but never knew who the cast of JSR were until JSRF.

      1. Mii’s is designed for the Wii U version. There will be a special mini game feature. Sumo Digital favors the Wii U but SEGA as whole does not.

    1. Gum is fine by me. I like Jet Set Radio. But, I don’t want Mario in this at all though, even if I’m not getting Wii U or 3DS version. What I want to see is Ristar and ToeJam and Earl as racers. Now that would be freakin’ sweet! 😀

  3. Toejam & Earl, Vectorman, Bayonetta and Sam Gideon would be just plain awesome. I hope some of them make it in.


    Notice how Nintendo Power was able to “exclusively” reveal it.

    This most likely means that Gum is an exclusive character to Wii U and 3DS. Interesting…

    1. In all platforms. Not Nintendo exclusives. Your post makes no sense at all.

      Jet Set Radio was never released on Nintendo platformers and the re-release is going on PSN and XBLA.

    2. What they mean by “exclusively” reveal it is that they are the first to reveal that Gum will be playable not the other you were thinking of were Gum is only on Nintendo.

  5. NP’s also put a wish list for Mario, ToeJam & Earl, Blaze(street of rage), and Segata Sanshiro. YES,YES,YES, and Segata Sanshiro? YEEESSS

  6. I must admit – I don’t know who they are.. Hands up xD I’m still catching up, as I haven’t played Sonic for AGES until Generations. Still feel like a complete noob :/

  7. Don’t have a clue who gum is, but then again I don’t really like JSR… As others have said I am hanging on hope for Ristar or Toejam and Earl. I think Toejam and Earl could be a possibility considering the originals are being re-released on XBLA

  8. dynamite headdy has to even though he is a treasure character his game was on the mega drive and game gear

  9. Hooray for Gum!

    And hey, Toejam and Earl can come along, but we’re all forgetting the most obvious needed character here; Ecco the Dolphin. Make it happen.

    …Also, Ristar. And maybe Vectorman.

    1. Wait, what about Axel or Blaze from Streets of Rage? Or the kid with the roller skates? (He should have ROCKET roller skates! :DDD)

  10. Ok. Gum is all right and all. I don’t mean to complain but I like for Ulala,Billy Hatcher,and Akira Yuki with or without Jacky Bryant to return in All-Stars Racing Transformed at the very least.

  11. I take it that some people didn’t hear about Vectorman…Steve deconfirmed him as a playable character. Sorry to disappoint those who really wanted him, but thats the truth. If you don’t believe me, you can read it on the SEGA forums.

  12. I still want Bayonetta. Cmon, Wicked Weave attacks as an All star move…
    I wish I knew more classic Sega characters. Damn being born mid 90s and not getting with the times. But seriously, Segata Sanshiro HAS to be a character

  13. So this confirms majority of the Roster from the first game is not coming back? They said 29 characters in all in the game (Despite not every version will have 29 precisely.) and 20’s been revealed. Whatever, All I truly want is the Daytona Hornet and Vectorman, Ristar would be a miracle!

    1. I know right, I haven’t played JSR as well, but yet, I knew who she was from the first glance of this post about her being in ASRT. And yes, It would be nice to have more female characters.

      I like it, I like it! :3

  14. I like the fact that the roster is so open to more familiar faces. Curious just how many characters in full this game will have. I wonder though if she might be sporting her original JSR gear, or JSRF look. Maybe customizing is available?

  15. Wait! Gum was also in sega all-stars tennis…so isnt it appropriate to place her here?( This same situation happened with guillus) But I did wanted a new sega character like Ristar, but I am happy to see another JSR char here!

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  17. Toejam and Earl would be nice, as people have said.

    Also, Gamma. Please SEGA? He already has all the necessary transformations – wheel mode for on the ground, the hover mode on water and lava, and the hover pack for flying. You guys remember his hover mode, right? If not, go in the Chao Garden as him and go over the water.

    Also, I saw some, assumedly fake, art of Nack/Fang for this – that would also be nice.

    And for the love of God SEGA, please put in the Hornet

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