Freak-Out Friday: Werehog Generations

It has been four years since the beast has been unleashed… Now he has come out to play a new game.

Hoping to redeem himself in the eyes of a community that once shunned him, Sonic the Werehog takes to the streets of Speed Highway with all the speed, power, and ferocity he can muster!


Special thanks to Indigo Rush for the tip!

Played through by Melpontro; Werehog model and animations ported by samothethief.

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  1. OH YOU ARE SO KIDDING ME….MAN I LOVE YOU GUYS…gawd bless u guys for keeping the spirit alive but holy hell…the unleashed guage don’t count anymore cause I mean HE REALLY MOVES NOW lolz…I wanna try that sidewalk body slam move again 😀

  2. Holy banana bread!
    I just fell in love once again…
    I always loved the werehog levels on Sonic Unleashed anyway, they were judged WAY to harshly.
    But this is just awesome! I love it when he runs :3

  3. Brilliant mod these things always make me remember that this fanbase isn’t always flaming and pointless arguments, that something cool and new can be made by those devoted enough.
    As for my opinion on the wherehog I think that it was judged too harshly, it was SEGA’s attempt to test the waters with brawling and platforming that were outshone by the incredible new mechanics of normal Sonic.
    People also got frustrated at collecting a required amount of sun and moon medals (which can be solved if you try collecting a fraction on your way through the levels).
    I don’t think of the where hog as a good relaxing way to play because of the number of; bottomless pits which you can get knocked into if hit, crumbling platforms (which are often above pits) ,and enemy music which blocks out the incredible night-time soundtrack.

  4. I too loved the Werehog, and this mod looks so well done.

    Have you seen the Classic Eggman Mod? that is ridiculously funny!

  5. I liked the werehog as well, for me it was different and I liked it because of it

  6. I think the Werehog has lost weight. Must have been training for the M&S 2012 Olympics.

  7. The only thing I REALLY liked about the warehog was the fact that all stages were at night and they were all very, very well presented.

    However – I shall say what was previously suggested on this board once. Re-make Unleashed PROPERLY!
    I.E. Keep Talis as a support character, Swap the Warehog for Knuckles, change a few of the physics, speed him up a bit, and name the game Sonic & Knuckles 2!!! = £££££££ / $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for Sega

    1. They would have to completely change the story, and at that degree you might as well make a new game.

      1. oh yes, change the story! I was on more about the concept of splitting gameplay styles / level layouts betwen the two characters in the game.

        think of unleashed more as a “prototype” for S&K2

  8. Oh my lordy, Werehog mod has made my day~

    And your guys’ not-bashing of Werehog was the icing on the cake. c:

  9. ok…what’s with all the werehog love?
    this video may make you over look how terrible it was but, the werehog basically single handedly killed Unleashed.
    repetitive god of war rip off, it didn’t try to expand Sonic and it wasn’t sega trying to experiment with new and exciting ideas, it was to make the game longer and it was a uninspired copy of what was popular at the time..

    and this is from someone who liked Unleashed.

  10. Mods like these are quite eye opening, I have a bit more respect for the Werehog. Especially vs Speed Highway, that I would love to play as that version of Sonic. Plus it would be a bit challenging when it comes to some sections, but hey its worth it.

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