The Sonic/Mega Man Q&A Panel From San Diego Comic Con


Here’s the Q&A session from the Sonic/Mega Man panel that took place just over a week ago at Comic Con International. Artists Jon Gray and Evan Stanley were there along with Editor Paul Kaminski and Archie president Mike Perrilto among others. Mike and Paul are still arguing on whether Rotor Sucks or not, but everyone shows their love for the freedom fighting clam, Bivalve. I’ll be showing photos from the panel in a later update and my interview with Archie Editor Paul Kaminski will also be up later this week. The audio kinda echos through the room, so I’d recommend some headphones so you can hear what they are saying. Enjoy!

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  1. Most of the answers were too vague to really say if anything new was revealed. The crossover may have the comic characters, it may have a big effect on continuity, Sega a listens to feedback so may consider having the comic characters in the games (although that was clearly just a coverup answer as to not disappoint the kid), but then it may not because of the way it was worded.

    Meh. :/

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