[UPDATE: Roger Craig Smith Confirmed] Sonic Cameo Set For Wreck-It Ralph!

UPDATE: It has been confirmed from SEGA’s Sonic Boom event at the San Diego Comic-Con that Roger Craig Smith will indeed be voicing Sonic in his cameo in Wreck-It Ralph.

Just when you think Disney’s upcoming animated movie Wreck-It Ralph – the tale of a videogame antagonist who grows tired of being the bad guy and sets out to change his ways – can’t get any better… it does! And this is the news you’ve all been waiting for. That’s right folks, Sonic the Hedgehog is set to hit the big screen!

Ever since it was first revealed that, amongst several other famous characters, Doctor Eggman would be making a cameo appearance in the film, people have speculated as to whether we’d get to see the likes of Sonic join him as well. Well, it appears our speculations have now been proven true thanks to a preview at the San Diego Comic-Con which confirms that the speedy blue blur will be a part of Wreck-It Ralph.

The preview, which is detailed here, has the following to say regarding Sonic’s cameo:

Sonic the Hedgehog is featured on a PSA telling characters to be careful not to die in a game that isn’t their own as there will be no regenerating afterward.

Sounds like a big screen version of Sonic Sez, which as far as I’m concerned is waaaaay past cool!

What’s particularly interesting about this news is that it implies Sonic will have a speaking part in the film, unlike Doctor Eggman who has been confirmed to be mute. So, the question now is – will Roger Craig Smith, the current voice actor for Sonic the Hedgehog, be playing the role if the character does happen to have a voice? Only time will tell!

Wreck-It Ralph is set to hit cinemas in November. It’s certainly shaping up to be one to watch!

Source: Collider.com

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    1. Mario and Luigi aren’t in the movie. At the Wreck It Ralph Panel, they said that the rights to show them would be in the millions, so you will have to settle for Bowser only, instead.

      1. If you ask me…I think that Nintendo is still ashamed over the mess that was the “Super Mario Bros. ” movie in the 90s. 🙁

        1. If you ask me, I think Bowser gets paid LESS than the Mario Bros. I mean, if they’re so expensive, then how do you think Bowser GOT so cheap, in the first place? I’ll tell you how, by beating the Fury-Having crap out of Fawful and his minions! SERIOUSLY, his fighting style is cheap – It’s basically Punch, Flame, and Minion-Attacks! Get Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, it’s awesome!

    2. This is something I read last night, and very well false, so don’t get too upset, but supposedly Nintendo wanted too much money for him and Luigi. Sonic’s in by himself in this one. Which I suppose is good, there’s no Mickey Mouse-Bugs Bunny-like debate going on here now, like with Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  1. Bot one to be cynical, and I sincerely hope he does have a speaking role, but “Sonic the Hedgehog is featured in a PSA” doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be speaking. He could just be there.

    1. Took a better look at the words again. Maybe he IS actually speaking, but hey, I’ll believe it when I see it, and I do want to believe! 😀

  2. I don’t expect Sonic to speak, more like he’ll show up onscreen with some sort of logo or message, and the PSA will be a voiceover saying “Sonic says [etc.etc.etc.]”.

    1. Mario and Luigi aren’t in the movie. At the Wreck It Ralph Panel, they said that the rights to show them would be in the millions, so you will have to settle for Bowser only, instead.

  3. Wow just when I thought things couldn’t get any better. Not only is Eggman gonna be on the big screen but also Sonic!? Pinch me, I must be dreaming. I am definitely going to see this movie when it comes to theaters. 😀

  4. wow il do anything to watch this movie right now instad of waiting cuse my patience level is low

  5. I wonder who will voice home….I hope it’s Ryan Drummond….I CAN HAVE DREAMS TOO!

    1. Well I think it’d be more likely to be Roger Craig Smith if he even speaks at all. I’d prefer that, actually. Sure, I like Ryan Drummond, but Roger, in all honesty, is my favourite Sonic voice. But I definitely respect your opinion. 🙂

  6. If Sonic’s going to have a (hopefully) speaking role in a PSA, it’s only right that he be played by Jaleel White.

  7. ok, someone put that scene up on youtube before yesterday! what are you waiting for?! E3 2013?!

  8. THIS IS AWESOME! 😀 Sonic is finally hitting the big screen… granted, not his own movie, but still the big screen! It is WAY… WAY PAST COOL!

  9. Absolutely splendid! Now the question is, is it only his voice or an actual appearance? No better way to advertise to knew people than to have him make an actual appearance.

    Also, his advice is hilarious given the crossovers with Mario he has done. Then again, considering they couldn’t get Mario – who is mute anyway – I suppose him being one of the older gaming icons giving that advice is also appropriate XD

  10. Nice,this just confirms even more that I’m seeing this movie.Too bad there won’t be any Sonic/Mario interaction,this is still the Who framed roger roger rabbit of video games.And lastly why wouldn’t Roger voice Sonic he is Sonic current voice actor.As if they’d actually pull Ryan.D or Jason for the archives to voice him come on ! That just like when fans asked for Ryan instead of Jason fo Smash bros, it made no sense.

  11. Well look at it this way…for once again SEGA will be on top of things….I mean we still don’t know if Mega Man is showing up in this movie ?

    Besides….at least here, we’ll be finally getting Sonic in all of his 3d glory, unlike the Super Mario Bros, who may I remind you all had a terrible 90s live action Movie. 🙁

    So either way we should be a bit glad that we have this better than nothing at all, right ?

  12. *Jaleel White voice* Remember kids, don’t die in a game that isn’t yours; you’ll never regenerate!
    lol, this movie is sounding better and better! :3

  13. I just came back from Sonic Boom and, while I didn’t see the clip, I can confirm that Roger is voicing Sonic in this.

    1. Do you actually see Sonic as well, or is it just like his picture on a screen with a voice coming from it?

  14. I could not attend Comic Con, nor Sonic Boom. However, my friend John did attend Sonic Boom, and he saw the Wreck-It Ralph ten minute preview. I asked him several questions, and he told me that a CGI animated model of Sonic the Hedgehog appeared in the film, and that Roger Craig Smith did in fact voice the blue hedgehog.


  16. Just to have Sonic appear in the film, even as a mute cameo, would have been good enough for me. But it’s great to know that Disney went the extra mile and got Roger to voice him. I’ll definitely be going to see this now when it comes out 😀

  17. I don’t understand why some people were speculating that he would be voiceless. This is a pretty huge “Rule” that either Ralph sees before it is too late, or, as he is deciding anyways, showing his desperation to be a hero, OR, just passing it not hearing it, building suspense for the audience

    This definately would not be something that’s just simply read!


  19. a-mazing.i can’t wait too see it ^^
    (little role playing ^^)

    sonic:sweet im in a movie…do i speek

    me:uhhh…i think…

    sonic:i think i need an answer

    me:oh god

    sonic:thats what thought


    sonic:oh no you don’t!*runs after her but gets her*

    me:oh god!

    sonic:*takes her back*no one can out runs me,now we may be here for awhile if you don’t answer me*grins evily at me*

    me:oh god im scared

  20. I absolutely cannot wait until the movie comes out! 😀 also, rumor has it that Sonic during the movie will appear again to talk to Ralph about heroism, and what it truelly means (hero at heart) than just having a PSA! OMG! 8D Totally seeing this movie when it comes out!

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