SEGA at Comic Con, Day 2

Today, Comic Con is truly underway and as a result, so is the SEGA Arcade. The most notable addition to the area is a display case full of Sonic merch, advertising the recently opened website for the US branch of Sonic Merchandise. I made sure to get pictures of the display case and the people manning it, as well as some things I missed yesterday, so check them out below the fold!

Aaron Webber also wanted me to let everyone that Tails is deathly allergic to bees. Just saying!

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  1. Tails is allergic to bees huh? Hmmmm…


  2. Went by the SEGA arcade today (you don’t need to have a comic-con pass to drop by) was pretty sweet, had a nice talk with Trippy who is all sorts of awesome

    Posed with the statue and the Sonic walking around, weren’t any goodies up for grabs but that was alright because the highlight of my day was running into Aaron Webber, Jun Senoue and Takashi Iizuka at the Archie comics booth 😀

  3. I was at the Sega arcade earlier today playing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It was awesome!

  4. The game itself was pretty fun, I had the game crash on me and noticed it had happened to a few other people also

  5. “Aaron Webber also wanted me to let everyone that Tails is deathly allergic to bees. Just saying!”

    Apparently he’s allergic to the word “know” as well XD

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