Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure soundtracks Available on iTunes

This is what U need

Looking for a new venture in music? I got what u need right here. Both Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure soundtracks are now available on iTunes so you can listen to these awesome tunes back 2 back! Both albums are $9.99 (U.S. Dollars) each with individual songs being 99 cents. But with over 40 tracks per album, you’d have to be crazy to not buy the whole thing. Momma wasn’t raisin’ me up to be foolish with my money. So get edgy and pick up these awesome albums cuz it’s a new day for Sonic tunes!

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  1. first the colors ost, then anniversary soundtrack and now the others? i know what i’m getting now 🙂

  2. Very nice! Now if you excuse me, I need to go pick up an iTunes card for this brilliant purchase. And I’m gonna use my Jeh Jeh Rocket to get to the store and get it.

  3. Glad to see Sega continuing to give us non-Japanese folks some Sonic soundtrack love. No doubt we’ll be seeing even more in the future.

    Now just give us full releases of Sonic Adventure, 2, and Heroes instead of the “Best Of” releases, and we’ll be golden.

  4. TOO BLACK,TOO STRONG! Man i love wrapped in black. Just one more thing on my “To buy” list…

  5. I’ve had the soundtracks for a while so I’ll be passing this up though with the mention of dollars I suppose it isn’t on UK itunes?

  6. I do like some songs on both games, but honestly they should of put it on iTunes years ago. Most people either already have the soundtrack because it’s been floating around online, or forgot about the game and its music

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