New Crush 40 Songs Released on iTunes

[EDIT: Apparently the songs are available now! Go get them! – T]

If you really can’t wait until Sonic Boom or Summer of Sonic to get your Crush 40 fix this year, new songs from their upcoming EP are available for download.

iTunes currently has Rise Again and Sonic Youth listed for a 4th of July release (although you can download them right now), for the not-so-bank-breaking cost of 79p each. As of this moment, One of Those Days is not listed for download.

You may also be interested in the physical CD release of their Rise Again EP, which will contain Song of Hope (also available through iTunes) along with the three new songs. The CD will likely be a Japan-only release through Wavemaster Entertainment, retailing at 1,260 yen (approximately £10/$15). This is due for launch on the 1st of August, and can be ordered online through HMV Japan; anyone outside of the land of the rising sun will have to import in order to get hold of a copy.

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  1. Um…
    The songs are up on iTunes now. Like, right now. Today. Except for One of those days. X3;

      1. it’s a leak. They’re not supposed to be released until July 4th but iTunes has gone and leaked them

    I’m from Russia and this is the only website where i can actually find new information about fresh Crush 40 songs. And you know what? I was keeping refresh the main page of TSS since their last show in Tokyo.. till that damn moment, only for that news.. God I’m so happy! Crush 40, here we come!

  3. Got my friend to buy me Sonic Youth for me. Song is AWESOME! =D

    CRUSH 40 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I had the samples on in my car on the way home today and thought about there release date. It appears now lol cheers T! Best £1.58 spent 🙂 wish ‘One of those days’ was on though.

  5. For God’s sake!!!!! ITUNES, Y U NO LICENSE MORE COUNTRIES?!?!?!?!?! :'( *runs away crying* I’ll see if I can afford the CD (I prefer it anyways :D).

    1. That reminds me Sonication, I need to update my main YT channel sonicman4321 with another Crush 40 News Video. Feel free to stop by and subscribe anyone.

      1. As a moderator for Jun’s official website, we will not take kindly to unauthorised youtube videos. I ask you to refrain from uploading these songs or you will be reported.

    2. You do realise you can actually OWN the song for, like, 79p? Surely you aren’t poor enough that you can’t afford to spend less than a pound to help support an artist you love?

      1. What about those of us who don’t have access to the US or UK version of iTunes and can’t read Japanese to buy it off HMV Japan?

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