Sonic Adventure 2 Avatar Items Coming to Xbox Live June 5th

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has just posted the latest Xbox Live Marketplace release schedule detailing all games and other items being released over the next couple of weeks. Among them are Sonic Adventure 2 Avatar items planned to be released June 5th, which, conveniently, is when E3 begins. Could SEGA be planning to unveil an Xbox Live Arcade port of Sonic Adventure 2 soon?

The Dreamcast classic was featured in a leaked list of XBLA games back in early April, and as you may recall, that list outed Harmonix’s Rock Band Blitz game before it was announced.

We’ll keep our eyes open for any further developments.

Source: Xbox Live’s Major Nelson’s Blog

Thanks to kmurphy91 on Twitter for the heads up!

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  1. ‘scuse me for a sec



    I’m done.

    Better have a PSN release though, since I don’t have (or want) a 360 >.>

    1. Of course it won’t be on PSN. SEGA favors the Xbox 360, hence why they make more content for it, why more DLC has been released for it, and why they play with fans through it. They really don’t care about the PS3.

      1. Don’t forget about the fact that the first Sonic Adventure, Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, and the Sonic 4 saga are available for digital download on PSN. Additionally, don’t they exclusively have Sonic Heroes?

        1. Don’t forget the many Sonic related XMB theme’s we’ve received as well as the recent avatars.

        2. Yeah, but everyone knows the PS2 version sucks, so maybe SEGA was trolling them? I dunno.

        3. I wasn’t referring to the game, of course that’ll come. I just mean these extras, it’s just sorta unfair. XBL gets all of the awards and avatar stuff, and PSN gets a background or (for the most part) nothing at all.

          1. Yeah, i feel sorry for you PSN guys. Over here in Wii land, we’re going to go get points cards so we can get our downloads.

            Oh, wait.


  2. Yaaaaaaaaay 🙂
    This makes me happy, never played SA2 before so it will be good to see if it lives up to the hype…
    Hope to see it on XBLA soon 🙂

    1. Just politely excuse the graphics. They probably weren’t upgraded very much…. SA2’s my favorite, so hope you’ll like it. ^^

  3. Please be on PC too… please… <3 *shot*

    I'm happy even if it doesn't get to pc. And I don't own or want to own an Xbox of any sort… lol, I'm so weird. In the mean time, I'll just imagine…

  4. I hope we get Psn Avatars if it’s released on Ps3, I could do with a Shadow icon.

    1. Thats actually a pretty good idea.
      ive loved this game on the dreamcast.
      I want to get it again
      but please for the love of god sega. Port this one right.

  5. this is amazing! if it comes to the xbox 360, make it steam aswell for pc and macs. i’m desprate for it!

  6. …oh my god.

    Oh my god.

    Oh my god.



    YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! <3 ;A; SONIC ADVENTURE 2 IS COMING!!! Please SEGA, give this port the utmost love and attention it deserves!

    1. Jeffhog! I hope the port gets some love too. But I doubt it. Just widescreen/HD, and that’s all that we’ll (probably) get.

      1. I’m already aware of that, I have NullDC. What I’m saying is think of the modding possibilities.

  7. I’m sure SA2 itself would get a PSN release, but I’m sure we won’t get extras like XBL does.

    But every time I’m jealous of the Avatars Xbox users get, I just remember that they have to actually pay for online play. 🙂

    1. Yeah, paying 60 bucks per year to get trolled by 5-year olds in an FPS isn’t really my sort of thing either, lol.
      There were still a couple of PS Home items in the SA1 re-release, so we could probably expect something in this version of SA2 as well. 😀

      1. While a bit much, I’m perfectly happy with paying $60 a year. I find more 5 year olds on Steam than XBL. Most people (thankfully) don’t even have/use a mic.

    2. Hey, just remember how they got hacked, so sometimes the price is worth it.

  8. If this does happen, it would really bum me out if there was no Widescreen or even stretching to fit a widescreen TV. That screen border in SA1 really hurts my eyes since it keeps changing how bright it is when I’m trying to pay attention to the game itself.

    1. You never know. Sonic CD was remade for Widescreen. And SA2 has no PC version SEGA can easily port, so they’d be forced to be more clever when bringing this to modern consoles.

  9. did someone say original on gamecube? sorry last time i checked the original is on the dreamcast.

  10. It would be nice if we got a Chaos Emerald as an Avatar item. And online multiplayer with the port.

    1. There is already a chaos emeralds(all seven) prop, check in the marketplace on the other games, I think it’s from Sonic 4.

    1. Nahh, SEGA isn’t THAT cool.

      ^ *Hopes that some SEGASonic worker is reading this comment :D*

  11. Oh pleaaaaase ! A PSVita Version, like for Jet Set Radio ! PLEAAAAASE !!! My dream to Play a Sonic Adventure on portable can come true if Sony is a little intelligent. But before that, a little exclu to Microsoft.

    1. Dude I totally feel ya man! Sonic adventure 2 on the go would be off the hook for vita 😀 and bring Adventure (DX) as well to the vita! but if that’s asking for too much just SA2 then 🙂 Please Sega from one of your greatest fans of all time I beg you to make my dreams a reality!!! Do it! 😀 not to mention it would make huge sonic fans buy a vita!

  12. So am I to assume that all the hooplah over these re-releases are mostly because of a transition to widescreen format? Or is this a nostalgia thing? Sorry, I’m just trying to discover the appeal of playing something that has been re-released on other platforms.

  13. Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog next please! So I can master them all again and get every achievement and trophy possible!

  14. Well, Sonic Heroes and Shadow are backwards compatible with X360 so perhaps the XBLA/PSN port ain’t Sega’s top priority.
    But hey, you know what this means? Now we’ll be able to play Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06 (but please, don’t) Sonic Unleashed, Sonic 4 Ep1&Ep2 AND Sonic Generations on Xbox 360. Pretty much the whole main series!

    Minus Sonic Colors.


      1. …why? Both games are way better than Sonic 06, even though all the cussing and guns in Shadow the Hedgehog were completley uneccessary. Also, they should re-release Heroes on XBLA considering that GameStop doesn’t carry used Xbox and Gamecube games anymore.

  15. SA2 the best 1 hands down nexto SA1 and Sonic the hedgehog on 360, they had great gameplay nd story lines but SA2 is addictive til this day everytime u play a level u just wanna get a better score the next go around i cant wait for this to happen hopefully it does

  16. this was my first ever sonic game and still my favourite, hoping it comes for ps3, don’t care about avatars or icons, i just want the game on my ps3. are they putting gamecube version or dreamcast version? i’d prefer gamecube version

  17. when do they talk about announcing cuz they didnt even talk about any games of that list yet

  18. there’s nothing on his blog at the moment that says anything about SA2 avatar items =/


  20. I hope Sonic Adventure 2 is coming out then. It may have not have been the best 3D Sonic game and it may have introduced Shadow to the Sonic franchise who wound up causing problems amongst the Sonic fanbase in the future (though to be honest I do think people have a right to like him in Sonic Adventure 2 since in that game he hadn’t been ruined yet like in future titles like Heroes and his own self-titled game), but the game was still fun and was the final game to feature the Chao Gardens, which many believe was an improvement over the first Sonic Adventure’s Chao Garden system.

    And well it would be nice to see Sega port a 3D Sonic game that isn’t Sonic Adventure 1 for once (not that they could do it again seeing as how they already have that game on there) I would also hope that Sonic Adventure 2 would also eventually find it’s way to PC’s like it’s predecessor did (The last port I can even remember Sonic Adventure 2 having was it’s Gamecube port: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle while the first Sonic Adventure is still finding it’s way to more platforms than it’s sequel). Though one thing I would like them to do if they ever do release Sonic Adventure 2 on XBLA is that they at least give us a legal way to get the official versions of the character Chao, I don’t even mind if they release those Chao (Sonic Chao *Don’t know if they have an official Sonic Chao* Tails Chao, Knuckles Chao, Amy Chao, Shadow Chao*don’t know if they have an official Shadow Chao*) as DLC as I hated that the official Character Chao could only be obtained through hacking meaning only the Japanese could get them the official way at a special event in Japan.

    1. Oh yeah one more thing I forgot to add, I wanted to say I would be totally willing to pay for DLC of official Character Chao.

  21. Its looking like this is not going to happen because there is not a single “Sonic Adventure 2” item on the market place Since the 9th

  22. Speaking to xbox support via twitter and they have confirmed the items were wrongly placed for release, but that they are coming sooner than we think

  23. thank you! now i can really takeover the leaderboards online nd kill on the 2-player. i kno all the shortcuts so i can beat any level fast

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