See San Francisco’s Sonic 4: Episode II Billboard

SEGA has this evening released a photo on the Sonic Facebook page of the Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II billboard in San Francisco that the company previously stated was in the works. Nothing much else to say except it’s great to see SEGA putting Sonic in the public eye.

Source: Official Sonic Facebook Page

Thanks to unknown for the heads up!

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  1. If i could go to San Francisco, i would get to that spot to take a pic of me whit that in the background! 😀

  2. Guys to me this game (Ep2 not Ep1) Was as good a Sonic 4 we are gonna get, sure it is not perfect but it had the most heart and Soul I’ve seen in a Sonic game yet! and remember the original team (Naka, Oshima ect..) is no longer at Sonic Team so lighten up and look at the bright side of things, they’re doing a pretty good job and listening to us more than ever before! We should cheer them on and keep in touch with them so that they know to keep it up the good work!

  3. hey guys, this is kinda off-topic to this post, but there has been news that the Sonic Underground series is gonna be re-airing on Disney ‘XD’ on June 11th

  4. @Aries
    I agree with you! Yes the classic series was better but this is way better than Episode 1 and better than any of the Advance or Rush series. I don’t think it can get better without being a full retail game. I will say though that I enjoy playing Ep. 2 more than I enjoy playing Sonic 1, but the feeling of Sonic 1 is better. I say that they should make Ep. 3 and then make Sonic 5 a full retail game with like 20 to 30 levels with 2 or 3 acts each. Its a nice dream anyways lol.

  5. Anyone know what street I can find this on?
    I’d love a picture with it before someone tags it 😀

      1. Getting up there is the hard part.. you’d have to infiltrate a manned parking lot and get to the roof of a garage to get to the ladder which takes you up there D:

        Oh yes, I will get up there D:

  6. Seems kind of silly to have a giant advertisement for a short downloadable game that isn’t very good. 😛 They should have done this for Generations or something.

    1. Yeah, but downloadable games are really popular and affordable compared to full blown retail games. Lots of people own the mobile devices this game is available on.

  7. AWESOME!!!! If the lighting’s just right, it looks like Tails is actually flying!

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