Release Date of Wave 2 Summer of Sonic Tickets Announced

Due to the incredible demand for Summer of Sonic tickets this year, the entirity of wave 1 tickets (that’s 400 tickets!) sold out in less than three minutes. If you didn’t manage to grab a ticket the first time around, then here’s your next chance!

The second wave of tickets will be released on Friday 25th May at 18:00 BST.

There will be 200 tickets available this time around, and due to the huge demand, group tickets will be limited to two people per group.

Should you be unlucky enough to miss out this round, there will be a final third wave of tickets so that as many people as possible have a chance of coming to the event.

To check out details on how to get your tickets, head to the Summer of Sonic web page.

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Adam Tuff

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  1. Sadly I won’t be able to go to SoS this year as I’m having a major operation a few days before. Might not even be able to watch the stream. But at least it won’t be like last year, where I went up there, queued for three hours, got bored and went home.

    1. All the best with your operation.

      The exact reason we are ticketing the event is to avoid what happened last year; we did warn people there was no garantuee of entering without a ticket, and many chose not to heed that information. This year, if you have a ticket, you will be GARANTUEED entry – no ticket, no entry.

  2. I tried to get one in Wave 1 and got an email saying thank you for registering, but i didnt hear anything after that :/ Did i get a ticket but its delayed or did i miss out? i signed the form and sent it not even a minute after the site opened

      1. Oh awesome! Thank you 🙂 I missed out last time because the tickets were given away whilst i was at work 🙁 I got in in time to see Jun Senoue a bit and Julien-K live though, so it was good eventually 🙂

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