Crush 40, Summer of Sonic Venue Announcement!

If you couldn’t hold on much longer for news on special guests at this year’s Summer of Sonic, you’ll never let go of this announcement! Prepare to open your heart and get ready to roll out the blue carpet, because Crush 40 will be making a booming return to the annual SOS convention!

Since 1998, comprised of Sonic sound director Jun Senoue and rock singer Johnny Gioeli, this dynamic duo is responsible for some of the most memorable theme songs in video game history, from Sonic Adventure‘s “Open Your Heart” to “Live & Learn” from Sonic Adventure 2 and “Sonic Heroes” from… well, Sonic Heroes. The pair have also re-imagined a great number of Sonic themes in the past, and are now branching out with some incredible original material.

They’re truly the rock sound of a Sonic generation, and Jun and Johnny will be present to showcase their latest and greatest tunes on stage. Their second ever live performance (and the first outside of Japan!) was at the 2010 convention, and this year they’re back to do it all over again!

We love Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli to bits, and we know you all do too – we’re so excited to have Crush 40 at the Summer of Sonic once more, and can’t wait to have them meet you guys and perform!

And now for a change of pace place, Summer of Sonic 2012 will be anchored at the Hove Centre in sunny Brighton, and ticket distribution to the July 7th event will begin next Sunday, on the 13th of May!

For a more in-depth description on this year’s venue as well as additional details, head on over to Dreadknux’s full announcement on the Summer of Sonic page.

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  1. If only I had the means and the money for either SOS’12 or SB’12…

    If only Crush 40 and SEGA/Sonic music in general were on iTunes Canada…

    *sigh* ;^;

  2. It makes me incredibly sad that I will never be able to go to that because of the distance. ._.

  3. OH YES! FANTASTIC NEWS! I can get to Brighton no problem as I live in Eastbourne so the tickets will be cheaper for me using my train company Southern Railway and it will be faster to get there not to mention closer to home 🙂 Roll on July 7th 😀



    THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS… Fuhh I’m crying, what is this… Thank you, ughhh I know I can give some stupid comments every now and then, ignore them all… I can’t describe…. this means I can get there even if I don’t have a ticket, and… I’m just…

    Thank you so much <3

      1. REFERENCE?

        Also, congrats dude. xD I guess.

  5. maybe (I have said MAYBE) I will be there, directly from France.
    It’s a hard long way to come see my ‘heroes’, but damn, I want it :p

    1. Take the boat from Dieppe(France) to Newhaven(Angleterre) and then there are direct trains from Newhaven to Brighton.

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