Sound Test Saturday: Green Groves and Jet Set!

To celebrate the upcoming re-release of Dreamcast favourite this summer, this week’s Sound Test Saturday will tackle a really cool original song that fits to the stylings of both Sonic the Hedgehog and Jet Set Radio! But, you’ll have to check that one out after the break though, because there is this really cool pair of artists I want you all to be acquainted with first.

Those two are Dr. Mack Foxx and EspioKaos!


Those two truly seem to be an inseparable duo. With the former’s piano arranging skills and the latter’s technologic capabilities, the pair have made dozens of Sonic music covers, and extremely impressive ones at that! Specifically, they both pulled off 50 mixes including a few covering entire Sonic soundtracks! Choosing which track to feature was quite difficult, but since a lot of people are quite happy today, I’ll feature a happy tune!

One of my favourites from Sonic 3D Blast (and Sonic Adventure, by extension), Green Grove is a very memorable tune that only deserves the highest treatment from fans. The unbelievable bit about Mack and Kaos’ cover is that it pulled that off so well using my all-time favourite instrument as the lead! The piece still manages to sound so full and captures the tone and atmosphere of the original song well, and this goes for just about all of their other covers!

Now that that’s been said, the following track goes to all Sonic and Jet Set Radio fans!


As for Ryuuji14, this guy has quite an impressive slew of original tunes. As of late, he is going on a Jet Set Radio streak, coming up with a bunch of concept tracks. His seventh concept track tackles the question of “What if Sonic were in JSR?” With that crossover in mind, this tune was born.

Sadly, I’m not entirely familiar with the soundtrack of either entry of the JSR series other than a handful of songs and knowing that Hideki Naganuma handled the music direction. However, I definitely am loving this track! It’s lovely and quite a bit soothing. Compared to what I’ve heard from Jet Set Radio, I find that the tune suits the series quite well! Extra points go to it for being a Sonic tribute as well!

Ryuuji14 has a few Sonic-specific originals as well! Hear ’em for yourself on his channel!

Found a cool remix, cover, or original song somewhere? Want to submit something of your own and see if it gets featured? Then send it over to!

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  1. Listening to that track reminded me that Shadow would be perfect as a crossover character in the JSR series.

  2. The Piano version of green grove has “cockney knees up in a boozer” music all over it!

  3. Ryuuji14’s JSR Tribute was not that Jet Set IMO. Actually, the way the music sounded, it felt like something from Richard Jaques or Hideki Okugawa from Capcom. Yeah, come to think of it, it did had the 3rd Strike feel 😀

  4. Marvelous music! Great job Phil (Dr. Mack Foxx) and Kois! Thank you for sharing your “gifts” with us! Just call it: Heavenly Happy Hedgehog Harmony!

  5. Interesting style, keeps things upbeat and fun at the same time. The JSR/Sonic crossover idea could work, JSR is one of those titles where music is its story, yet making the world come to life. It never stays still, but keeps on going.

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