Professor Pickle Unleashed


UPDATE: My bad. It’s NOT a mod from the PC Sonic Generations. I apologize for that.

Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this. Just sit back and enjoy.

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  1. This is amazing. I love it!

    Now all they have to do is replace some of the voice samples with “Sonic”, and “Oohh”, and other Professor Pickle sayings.

  2. If it were anyone else I wouldn’t give two shits, but Professor Pickle is not only a cool guy, but also it’s just hilarious to see an old man run around like that. Not to mention awesome. Old, yet athletic to a supernatural degree. I always wanted to see a human do Sonicy stuff anyways. And the greate execution of animation and blur works too. The voice is the same but hey who cares?

    It’s almost exciting and feels more fast by just the fact he’s an elderly human. Makes me think how a Flash game should be, or if they should make a Disney film about an old guy with that speed. idk. It was just all sorts of entertaining. lol So sad.

    1. I’m sick as a dog and I’m still giggling here cause my throat hurts so bad…LMAO. So I’m joining in on this one lmao

  3. “Makes me think how a Flash game should be, or if they should make a Disney film about an old guy with that speed.”
    I think you have given a great idea to “something”.
    Glorious modern sonic days are near to their end.
    Flash or Pixar or Disneys superhero of CG movies are menacing the kingdom of sonic in the realms of speed platforming.

  4. Correction: this isn’t from the Unleashed mod for Generations PC, this is a mod for the Xbox 360 version of Unleashed. The same guy made videos of character swaps in Sonic 2006.

    1. I was about to say that. Good to know someone else can actually tell the difference between the two. I don’t think the Generations Unleashed mod is advanced enough that they’ve changed the rainbow rings to do nothing, made the trick ramps have button sequences, made LB and RB railhop, added experience orbs, totally changed the HUD, and added Chip to the beginning and end of the levels.

      1. Technology IS advancing. Perhaps it’s better suited to continue, and add unnecessary gimmicks?… Just kiddin’.

  5. Make Sonic the only playable character because fans complain about new characters, and you get more character swaps than any other 3D Sonic game? Explain plz

    1. Except generally with things like this it’s characters you can’t play as. I don’t see you being able to play as Prof. Pickle and Egg Fighter, nor do we get to play as Robotnik anymore.

  6. did someone eat radioactive cucumber sandwiches? because if it means running as fast as sonic then I WANT SOME!!!

  7. “From the Sonic Generations “Unleashed” mod. ”
    “Dario: The news in the frontpage should be fixed. That has nothing to do with my mod, that’s just a character swap on Unleashed. ”

    As said quoted above this model swap has nothing to do with Sonic Generations “UNLEASHED” Mod by Dario, alsoyou can tell it’s normal Sonic Unleashed with the hud design, the way he drifts and the end of the act clear scores….. so yeah don’t assume it’s that other wise it’s shoddy writing really.

    Fucking love the model swap though t’is amazing I so want this model swap on my Unleashed now! XD

  8. I think these side characters like Pele the Beloved Dog and Pr.Pickle are excelent additives to sonic series, diferent to Big and Amy Adventure gameplay. I would say to make time eater the next playabe character but I think It’s was already done and in youtube. Hope someone make the guards of Solleana playable, so they can say ‘hey’ on the jump…

  9. Wait, so its a mod for a mod..? Also, I wonder what Professor Pickle the Werewolf looks like. (and its werewolf because he’s a human)

    1. So Werehog should be a Human-hedgehog… maybe Prof. Pickle in this video is the first true Werehog.

  10. Haha Brilliant! 😀 “Pickle Unleashed” LOL when he shrinks at the end…think he missed the cucumber-s sale

  11. I eat cucumbers and pickles ALL the TIME.

    …Yet I can barely walk two miles.

    I think it might be because I”m not voiced by DAN GREEN.

  12. I’d talk about how it had nothing to do with the Generations mod, but that’s been addressed twice.

    So, instead, I exclaim that someone needs to get the sound files for Sonic edited to random clips of Dan Green yelling and hollering to complete this edit. Post haste!

  13. I applaud the video maker behind this insane idea. Given how many NPC’s there are in Unleashed. I wonder who may get featured next.

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