New Sylvania Castle Zone, Egg Serpentleaf Screenshots Surface

A slew of 14 high quality screenshots have just surfaced regarding Sylvania Castle Zone and the massive Egg Serpentleaf boss of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. Not much to say other than they look gorgeous!

Check out the rest of the gallery after the jump!


Now those blocks certainly look familiar…


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  1. Funny that the first stage in the game has the coolest name, Sylvania Castle. Seriously the other two stages have pretty stale names.

        1. Yes, I know that, but the Death Egg in Sonic 4 Episode II was announced long ago. XD

  2. This boss trolled me so hard, I got up to it and thought it was going to be an aquatic ruin rehash.
    Boy I’m glad I was wrong.
    Eggman mad.

  3. Umm, I know 4 zones.
    Zone 1: Sylvania Castle
    Zone 2: White Park
    Zone 3: Oil Desert
    Zone 4: Sky Fortress.
    It is yet unknown what the final zone will be… LETS TSS, LETS GO!

  4. Now this is what I’m talking about, Sega! We’ve only had what, one other castle-ish level, and that was in Heroes. At least it’s not a rehash like Ep. 1’s levels were.

  5. I like where they are going with this stage. Plus the duo life icon is a nice touch. I’m curious though how they are going to push this game on so many formats.

    **Since 4 Ep 2 is after S&K, I wonder if we might be able to change the timeline here too!?
    Or is it also taking on Generations? Hmm I wonder

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