AFD 2012: Lost Sonic Plushies Found By a Lost Tribe

In 1999, to promote Sonic Adventure, an advertising campaign was launched which showed several Sonic Adventure plush toys being thrown out of a plane and dropped into Amazonian jungle rivers to be carried away. However, due to the difficulty of filming from a plane and near rushing water was than many shots didn’t come out right, so many boxes of these plushes had to be used during the filming. Due to their location there was no way to recover the ‘merchandise’ after it was thrown from the aircraft.

If you’ve not seen this advert, here’s a handy article about it.

So you can imagine how stunned explorers were when making first contact with a lost Amazonian tribe, that they discovered a number of Sonic plushies! The tribe call Sonic “Ffyliaid Ebrill,” which roughly translates to ‘blue mischief.’ The tribal leaders told explorers that over ten years ago, Sonic fell from the sky and landed near their village, over the next few days hunting parties returned with additional plushies.  Since then, the village has spent the best part of a decade looking after and treating the plushies as they do any village treasure.

Explorer Drake Croft told reporters that ‘it’s astonishing, what is a pop culture symbol for the rest of the world that’s loved by many thousands is loved by these people who don’t even know his name.’ The expedition, founded by the Kazuma Kiryu corporation is currently in talks with experts as to if they should expose the tribe to the videogame.

During the visit, the tribe treated the explorers to stories that they have made about the plushies as well as what names they’ve given each of the characters. Sonic is still the ‘hero’ of the story as he was the first plush found. However, Big is Sonic’s nemesis and Tails a girl! One story involved Big trying to steal all the fish from the village and Sonic had to stop him.  Each story usually ends with a war between Sonic and Big, in which Sonic triumphs thanks to the help of his friends. Photographer Frank West took this remarkable photo during a midnight celebration which tells the story of ‘Blue Mischief’ saving the village from the flames of Big.

Stay tuned for more news on these developments.

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  1. Had it not been for the comments reminding me what day is upon is I would have continued believing this. Good one.

  2. I believed it until the 4th paragraph. It isn’t April 1st yet here so I wasn’t on guard.

  3. Would’ve believed it except this looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

    4/10. Next year try one where they change the colors of Sonic’s eyes to yellow.

  4. Wow, Sonic plushies in the Amazon! Can you believe- WAIT A MINUTE.
    *sees it’s April 1st*

  5. Thinking Tails is a girl is not that far fetched. When I first played Tails in Sonic 2 back in 1992 I thought Tails was a girl. Come to think of it did SEGA ever officially confirm Tails was a boy?.

  6. What do you mean those pictures were photoshopped!? They were taken by Frank West! He’s covered wars, you know. You trying to tell me those were photoshopped too?

  7. Oh, Hogfather, you and your C. K. Watt avatar.

    Also, this was decently believable up until Frank West. Drake Croft probably would’ve given it away if I knew who that was. A combination of Nathan Drake and Lara Croft? Also, the tribe’s name, “Ffyliaid Ebrill,” what is that an anagram of?

    1. “Ffyliaid Ebrill”

      Go run it through google translate….

      I might do a special extra on the Sum Up Sunday when I get chance to do it =p

      Theres actually a lot more hidden clues in there than people have realised.

  8. Honestly, Hogfather, with a story about a tribe coming across something years after it was randomly dropped in an area that wasn’t occupied with ‘developed people’ (those that have experienced the electronic age, and all that it comes with).
    It’s totally believable.
    There’s a 0.5% chance that I’ve joined their group if that was true!

    Either way, I don’t remember this advert, but am unsure why…

  9. Genius. I love how you cleverly added quite a lot of in-game references into this article.

    I shall go deep into the Amazonian jungle to steal back all the Sonic plushies *wears an Indy hat and takes a whip with him*

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