Go Figure… Sonic Nendoroids Now In Stock!

Following the recent announcement that the limited edition Sonic Nendoroid figures will be made available to UK customers, it has been revealed that SonicMerchandise.com has now received its stock and will be dispatching pre-orders over the next week.

The news was shared earlier today via SonicMerchandise.com’s official Facebook page, which will surely come as a welcome surprise to those who have already pre-ordered, as originally stock was not expected to arrive and be dispatched until June.

For those still interested in purchasing the figure – which (as can be seen in the unboxed photo above) comes with interchangeable expressions, body parts, and props including a Chaos Emerald and customisable item box – there is still stock available via SonicMerchandise.com. However, there are only very limited quantities left, so be sure to get your orders in pronto! The Sonic Nendoroid costs £32.99 plus shipping charges, which in turn gives you 33 reward points to put towards future purchases from the website.

For those that have pre-ordered, are you excited about this news? And for those that haven’t, are you going to decide to splash some cash on this awesome piece of merch?

Source: Official Sonic Merchandise Facebook


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    1. It’s meant to be chibi-style on purpose, hence the size. If you ask me, it looks like a pretty cool mix between Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic.

  1. In case people were wondering or not decided on getting one, we will be reviewing it here at TSS…. that and most of the staff want one so hey why not!

    1. Can’t Wait I tried to look for a Review but there isn’t Any maybe Sonic Stadium Can be the first 😀

  2. What I don’t get is the release date.. Some places say April a lot of others say June?

  3. well guys , you coud check those hobby sites like hlj.com or 1999.co.jp/eng . they have it also …

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