Sonic Triple Trouble Arrives on Nintendo E-Shop (in America).

A trio of Game Gear games arrive in the good ol’ USA on the Nintendo 3DS today with the top (and most expensive) one being Sonic Triple Trouble at $4.99 (American). Play as either Sonic or Tails (Tails?! Bah! Who’d wanna play as him in single player? Right guys?) and encounter Dr. Robotnik, Knack the Weasel and… Knuckles as you hunt down the Chaos Emeralds and foil Robotnik’s latest scheme. The Game Gear titles will get a lot of cool new features including saving at any time, button configuration, “original or “special” performance (optional slowdown?) and optional original blur. Also, you can arrange your screen size by pixel perfect (with a Game Gear frame), widescreen or original 4:3. Also available are GG Shinobi ($3.99) and Dragon Crystal ($2.99). So now, you can have all the Game Gear fun without draining 6 AA’s every three hours!

These GG games will arrive in Europe later this month. Continue on to see video of the three games in action.

TribbleTrobleTrail-TrippleTrobbyTrai-GAH! Can’t say it 3 times fast, but here’s a Triple Trouble Trailer with Knuckles in all his pink glory.


GG Shinobi’s looking good!


Dragon Crystal…..meh.



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  1. You should probably mention in the article title that this is for the US. Yes, people should read the article, but you’re only going to have a bunch of Brits come and BAWW at you later for misleading them into buying eShop points for a game they can’t get yet.

  2. I SAY OLD CHAP, BAW. ERM, BAWWWW. What a bothersome predicament indeed! What is the meaning behind such a misleading title?! I do believe this only applies to those bloody American whatchamacallits! Now, if you would be so kind, change the title post-haste!

    There. One Brit came and bawwed at you.

  3. That box art would be great if SoA hadn’t demanded the artist to draw Robotnik in his hideous AoStH design. Stupid SoA!

  4. Just got Sonic Triple Trouble on my 3DS. Definitely my favorite of the 8-bit Sonic games.

      1. Well, you really have to take the Game Gear’s technical limitations into account. For what it does and tries to do, it’s an excellent game. I’d rate it probably around 9/10 by Game Gear standards. Although by today’s standards, the score would definitely be lower, as it’s a bit choppy and clunky to play.

        If nothing else though, I’d say it’s definitely worth the $5.

  5. There! Ya happy now you DR. Who lovin’ tapioca pudding eaters! XP

    (i’m still jealous of you guys getting the Generations special box edition that never came here.)

  6. I always hated how they wanted to push Robotniks AoSTH look in America.

    What was the deal with that?

  7. I actually am excited to play as Tails in Triple Trouble. I played with him before, and had no problem. Plus, hey, you can fly.

  8. When you say widescreen, do you mean stretching the game to fit a wider screen like the games from Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, or that the game has a native 16:9 aspect ratio like the recent Sonic CD release?

    1. Because you’ve never gotten a SINGLE game before Europe in the entirety of videogame history, right? :V

  9. (Tails?! Bah! Who’d wanna play as him in single player? Right guys?)

    Tails is the best character for me, and you have made me angry, I hope that he has said jokingly, already that if you think is dara has that not everyone would prefer to sonic

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