SEGA Has No Plans to Release Another Sonic 4 Episode

Talking to the website DigitalSpy, Takashi Iizuka has confirmed that there are currently no plans for another episode of Sonic 4.

“We are looking forward to hearing the feedback from the users for Episode 2, but we are currently not planning to release another episode. We just want to see how the users accept this episode.” –  Takashi Iizuka, Producer.

Naturally, plans can change. For time being being though, Sonic 4 will be ending with Episode 2.

For an interview with Iizuka and a hands on preview of Sonic 4, head on over to DigitalSpy.

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  1. 0_0 I thought it was supposed to be longer than Sonic 3 and Knuckles when the saga was completed…

    1. Well, in terms of Acts it is. Assuming there’s 8 Zones all together + 2 Final Zones = 26 Total Acts.
      Sonic 3K had 24 Total Acts. At least from what I remember.

      And I’ve always counted Acts when it comes to length.

  2. That’s a shame, was hoping for some Knuckles love for Episode 3. Could still happen if this installment is successful enough, if not hopefully the game will get a satisfying conclusion. They should at least make a patch for Episode 1 so that Sonic & Tails can play in Episode 1 stages, and update the old physics so that there is more replay value throughout the whole Sonic 4 game.

      1. You pulled that out of your nether regions. Two things:

        * Updating the physics engine is no small feat that Sonic Team or Dimps could just slap into Sonic 4: Episode I effortlessly. It’s not like you can just import engines from other games on a whim. What Lord Kung-Fu Bounty is proposing is a fundamental overhaul of a year-and-a-half-old game. As nice as it would be to get this super amazing patch, it’s totally unreasonable to even ask SEGA to make one. They’d be spending time and resources on something that wouldn’t make SEGA any money.

        Now, perhaps at some point if SEGA rereleases the Sonic 4 series as a packaged deal, they could go back and work out some of the bugs in the Episode I physics engine, or even do some drastic work and implement the Episode II physics engine. At least that would help ensure more sales from something that will actually produce new revenue.

        * What exactly has Nintendo done that would make you think they ‘work harder’ than SEGA? SEGA publishes more games than Nintendo per year, and distributes content for all platforms, including the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which allow for title updates. I’ve never had any of my 3DS games get patched, and I’m pretty sure the Wii is incapable of being patched. I’ve never had anything from Nintendo get ‘updated’ beyond full fledged new releases. Whether it’s the 3DS Lite or an updated port of a Zelda game, the superior quality of these newer releases is certainly nice, but as I stated before, it’s not comparable to making an extensive, expensive patch for an old game that’s already made just about all the money it’s going to make.

          1. Is that REALLY all you have to go by? Come on, you can do better than that. – –

          2. Oh dear, I had no idea I was up against such a brilliant debater! Please go easier on me next time. I don’t think my frail mind can take being blown like this much more.

        1. “Oh dear, I had no idea I was up against such a brilliant debater! Please go easier on me next time. I don’t think my frail mind can take being blown like this much more.”

          nobody’s debating here, son. You are though since you’re writing essays. Sonic fanboys…lol your all alike. 😀

          1. You say that, yet you DID respond to me in the form of a rebuttal. The length of one’s statement is irrelevant. If you have no argument (which you don’t), then don’t respond.

            Your use of the words “son” and “fanboy” in an attempt to undermine what I’m saying is pathetic. You resort to name-calling (albeit of a relatively tame nature) to discredit people who see things different from you. What does that say about you?

        2. “I’m not sure if you’re just a ‘troll’ or if you are a simpleton.”

          Nah, not trollin’. Just because I have a belief doesn’t make me a troll. So go ahead…write your 4 paragraphs to combat this. I’ll be waiting because you’re goin’ hard for no reason. Whatever floats your boat, I guess…

        3. More than half of those games are crappy licensed games. Although Nintendo drops an A+ title every one or two years, it’s better than a crap game coming out every month. Knowing Sega though (and I do like Sega) they would probably never re-release Ep. 1. They may, but that chance is like one in a million.

      2. Cause re-releasing Super Mario All Stars for Mario’s 25th anniversary was such a amazing accomplishment of hard work! They even gave me a CD with half of the songs being sound effects in the games! Screw SEGA, Nintendo knows how to celebrate a major icon’s anniversary with pride!

        1. “Cause re-releasing Super Mario All Stars for Mario’s 25th anniversary was such a amazing accomplishment of hard work!”

          EEyup, because we don’t need to go all out to make a platformer in 3D because we can simply do that with ease whenever we want. Mario 3D Land is an example of this. Wut? It’s on a handheld? Oh my goodness, how did we pull that off? I guess ‘cuz’ we’re amazing, man. ^____^

          1. If they could do it “whenever they want” why couldn’t they pull it in time for his 25th? I agree with SonicGamer12 that was nintendo’s half ass dedication giveaway that you can tell was lazily made to get a few extra bucks. I’ll be sure to put that cd on when I need my fix of going down pipes. Also, while 3D land is good it’s certainly not amazing compared to the Galaxy series. The only reason why it’s praised like God is because it’s one the few actual good games to come out on that system.

          2. Sonic Generations (3DS) is in 3D, and it took a mere six months. Jaws: Ultimate Predator (3DS) is in 3D, and I assume it was slapped together in a few weeks. Of course, none of that matters. The 3DS uses technology that makes broadcasting in 3D easy for any game to do, regardless of whether it’s from those lazy bastards at SEGA, those hard-working Nintendo folks, or the inbred, handi-capable people who made Jaws: Ultimate Predator. But, you know this… right?

            I’m not sure if you’re just a ‘troll’ or if you are a simpleton. Listening to you is like watching Hannity on Fox News. Arguments that make no sense and carry no weight might work in a bubble, but here there’s too many people to make it burst.

  3. I don’t think they’ll end it as it will be.
    Like episode 1 they’ll probably see how well it fairs, based on that they’ll be able to extend it….hopefully =/

  4. wow…after hearing this it, woulda made sense to make a full game because it would have been MUCH MORE rewarding to see Sonic make a full dis release in 2D. If Nintendo can pull it off…(and will be doing so once more for the 3DS) then SEGA can do it.With the new physics engine and the graphical update on the game? Oh, my I can only image how beautiful this game would be on a full disc release.

    But then again, maybe SEGA wants to hear feedback first before they make a next move. They could be waiting for that and fan influence may encourage them to create another game in 2D. We’ll never know until then…

    1. LOL I can’t buy it cause I don’t have XBLA yet XD It is a shame since Ep 2 is looking great so far but DON’T WORRY YET let’s see what they decide if ep 2 sells well then there still could be a chance of ep 3 if that’s not the case then I guess it’s on to the next main 3D game 🙂 o_O

  5. Let’s just hope that they’ll start planning something if the game sells well enough.

  6. Why the heck would they release an episodic game if it’s only going to be in 2 parts? Might as well just release the whole thing at once.

    There definitely has to be a third episode.

  7. People saying “WHY IS IT DLC THEN!!?”…

    Look at Rayman Origins, the poster child of this generations great game that didn’t sell well because they decided to pull out a major 2D game in retail.

    That is why.

  8. That’s because Valve won’t allow a game called Sonic 4: Episode Three on Steam.

  9. That’s too bad.. I enjoyed Episode 1, it felt like more of a tribute to the past than Generations did.. and I’m looking forward to Episode 2.
    I thought Knuckles would show up in Episode 3 for sure.. but now because of the cry baby fans who rather complain than (rather briefly) Episode 1 and what we’ve seen of Episode 2, we may not get it 🙁

  10. Part of me hopes there isnt a sonic 4 ep 3, but the other says that it hopes there will
    for one that does, You might have a chance to see the fighting freak knuckles who likes to chuckle back in his old glory days. heck even play as him. Knuckles IS my most fav. sonic character after all.
    Now the part that doesnt, Sega would have to put up with this crap again with its fans complaining about the usual, but not only that(tails and knuckles not being able to play solo, blah blah blah) but heres the worst……hyper sonic….and that’ll just be waaaaaay to much, seeing that the reason they dont want to go for hyper sonic is because of his certain color palettes *hint hint*
    I just dont know what Sega will do….but I hope they get it over with this genesis stuff and finally move on to something else, its about time for a certain 3rd Adventure isnt it….or at least a storybook. WHATEVER.

  11. Wait… what? This was confirmed MONTHS ago.

    We already knew that it was possible that ep 3 may or may not be made. The headlines here and on TSSZ make it sound like that it’s confirmed that ep 3 won’t be made when it’s merely confirmed that it’s not currently planned to be made.

    They even said they just want to hear feedback for ep 2. This sort’ve sounds similar to when they said they would decide of ep 3 would be made or not based on feedback of ep 2. Just in case anyone and everyone forgot, which seems to have happened.

  12. Hm, yeah, I knew this already, but now I think that us fans NEED to show our support and buy the friggin’ game. I mean, come on, if we don’t do it, is this game really going to be the true Sonic 4? No. This is supposed to be a sequel to Sonic 3 and Knuckles, it must be at least up to par with its predecessor! And plus we gotta do it for Knuckles, he’s been getting a lot of hate lately from his developers and has become one of the most useless characters in the franchise. Remember when Knuckles was as cool as Shadow? Right. He was just as cool as Shadow in the classic era and I want our red knucklehead to get the love he deserves, who’s with me?

  13. Jeb the Hedgehog, I think we need to make a petition starring to buy Sonic 4 Episode II for Knuckles…because I completely agree.

  14. When Ep1 was made Ep2 was aleady planned. However, Ep2 would not have been made if Ep1 had not sold well. Ep3 will could only be made if Ep2 sells well. I think Ep2 will sell extremely well and thus there will be an Ep3 at some point.

    If Knuckles joins Ep3 and they keep the co-op theme then it would be just like ‘Team Sonic` in Sonic Heroes!

    1. Well, actually, what many people (including myself) are hoping is that they could possibly throw Amy in the fray, considering the fact that Little Planet is returning, and make it 4 players kinda like New Super Mario Bros. Wii or Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. It would most definitely be unique to a 2D Sonic platformer.

  15. If there isn’t a episode III, then that means that Knuckles won’t be appearing in Sonic 4. So Iizuka doesn’t deem him worthy of being in Sonic 4 at all? Pathetic.

  16. probably SEGA wait for the reactions of this episode
    Because everyone thought ep. 1 was becoming a big succes, but it failed i some aspects,
    If I were SEGA i waited to for ep. 3 after the reactions of this one

  17. Probably due to the rants fans give them now, “I want Tails Playable in solo mode” etc, if episode 2 does well and fans like it then i guess episode 3 is a go, or maybe sonic the hedgehog 5 episode 1.

  18. *Sigh.*

    Well, you done f’ed up, Sega. Crank out a so-so Episode I and then kill the series with Episode II, despite showing signs of significant improvements.

    Hope you’re proud of yourselves. There better be a more impressive Sonic the Hedgehog effort announced this year because the Sonic 4 saga is nothing but disappointment.

  19. Uh, no Sega.
    Yes, wait for feedback on Ep2 to see what you can improve (which so far doesn’t look like much) but don’t stop without adding Knux somewhere.
    Hopefully this game will sell well.

  20. I’m just glad that this is a continuation of Sonic CD. Little planet was a sweet idea to begin with and now it’s coming back. With Metal along with it.

  21. Considering they’re still referring to it as a saga, it would be ironic if it got canned after 2.

  22. Hmm I am a little let down with this news. But this is a smart move by Sega if you think about it. Afterall, Episode 1 was very mixed recieved, Half of the fanbase liked it and the other half hated it. So their seeing if it’s worth it to make a Episode 3, if Episode 2 does not fair well. But if we love it and sells well, I do see Sega making Episode 3 with Knuckles.

  23. As smart as the strategy sounds, it can go another way: Sega may NEVER finish anything they start if they listen too much.

  24. Well I knew sega would just stop the episodes who wants to make a game when all people do is complain about everything I’d stop too let’s see what you complain about now nothing because you whinny ass fans that know nothing about sonic or even how a game is produced ruined it for all thanks alot faggots

  25. “Probably due to the rants fans give them now, “I want Tails Playable in solo mode” etc,”

    Wait what? Tails isn’t even playable alone in Episode 2?
    HAHAHAHA, Sega can’t even match basic easyass features Sonic 2 had? Bwahaha that’s hilariously sad!

    “Look at Rayman Origins, the poster child of this generations great game that didn’t sell well because they decided to pull out a major 2D game in retail.

    That is why.”

    Made a profit, Ubisoft says they can get more sales out of it easily, and how strange, even if Origins WAS an example, there seem to be an awful lot of million+ selling 2D retail games. Let alone multi million like DKCR.

    “let’s see what you complain about now nothing”

    You’re right, I have no complaints about the idea that Sega stop trying to hoist lazy games on us and they can’t even bother to implement features that have been part of the series as long as it was possible (no single player tails, hahaha that’s just so LAZY).

    “because you whinny ass fans that know nothing about sonic or even how a game is produced”

    Which is why fans have been able to easily replicate the physics of old Sonic games wheras sega themselves can’t seem to? Well you got me, the fans don’t know anything about game making or Sonic. Woe is us.

    “ruined it for all thanks alot faggots”

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  26. If the reason for stopping is because of the whiny fans, I’m gonna be pissed. Like everyone else I too think its time for knuckles to take the spotlight once again. That and Amy so we can get a little sonic advance love in there.

  27. Considering half the fanbase is full of shit, i can see why they stopped. Why be hated by the people you pamper to when you can do whatever you want, since it’ll piss them off anyway?

  28. I dunno why you guys are arguing over this, I think SEGA’s made the right move to wait for feedback, If you think about it, this is also what they did with episode 1, and thank God it got more positive feedback than bad or else we would’nt HAVE an episode 2.

  29. Sonic just happens to have one of those half and half fanbases, half are open minded” including me” and the other half are purists. Personally I liked Episode 1 a lot and I wish Sega the best of luck with Episode 2 which looks great so far.

    1. To everyone complaining about the ‘whiny’ fans that disliked Sonic 4: Episode I and MUST be to blame for the absence of a planned Episode III, I have a question: If they didn’t like the game, why should they not protest the problems they had with the game?

      I don’t like Sonic 4: Episode I. The physics are awful, the controls are sluggish and clunky, the boss battles are terrible, and the game has a very unfinished feel to it. Perhaps I’m being too picky for not wanting to be able to stand on a vertical wall or on the ceiling due to poor programming. Perhaps I’m going overboard by thinking that Sonic’s Homing Attack shouldn’t target enemies on the opposite side of a thick wall. If I had to name the three most underdeveloped, glitchy Sonic games, they’d be Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis, and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I. Or maybe replace Sonic 4 with Sonic Blast… either way, top (bottom?) four.

      The game’s not a total failure. I think it had pretty solid level design, and the Special Stages were alright (although they control poorly, like the rest of the game). The visuals are pretty decent too. I like that Super Sonic is playable in the main game, even if transforming makes you stand in place for a second or two…

      Strangely, to those of you who complain about folks complaining about Episode I, there is no evidence that there is actually a case to be made that they’re to blame for the lack of a guaranteed Episode III. Look at Episode II. Iizuka has already explained that they have worked to fix the issues that people had with the first. If anything, I’d say these people ‘whining’ about Episode I influenced Dimps/Sonic Team to make Episode II a better game.

      For the record, I will definitely agree that there was a lot of stupid whining with Episode I, among the valid complaints. “Sonic has GREEN EYES? Boycott!” I will never understand some people…

  30. @ALO

    Sonic 4 Episode III and Sonic 4 & Knuckles will be two seperate games that you can lock on…

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