Iizuka says Sonic Dimensions a Hoax, Comments on Sonic’s Future

Remember those rumors regarding a Sonic Colors sucessor incoming for the Wii U? Well, Takashi Iizuka has finally spoken out on the matter in a SPOnG Sonic 4 Episode 2 interview.

SPOnG: Can you say whether the rumour of a game called Sonic Dimensions on the Wii U is true or false?

Takashi Iizuka: Sonic Dimensions? [Laughs] I think it’s a complete hoax. [Laughs]

In that same interview, Iizuka commented on Sonic’s future. We have a sample of his comments posted below. For the full comment, as well as the entire interview, please head over to SPOnG.

SPOnG: Sonic Colours, Sonic Generations and Sonic 4: Episode 1 have all been critically acclaimed and generally very well-received by fans. How do you feel about the Sonic franchise going forward, now that you’ve put it back on track?

Takashi Iizuka: Well, thank you very much for your comment on the series! As to your question… there was a period where we had this photo-realistic Sonic, going to loads of different places and offering fans completely different gameplay experiences. I feel that there should be a consistent core experience that defines Sonic, that runs through every major game.

During this period, that was missing – there were too many branches of play styles and mechanics, and as a result people didn’t know what was going on with Sonic or what he was really about. I think that caused a lot of confusion with the fans.

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  1. Wow! It sounds like Sonic’s future is going to be much better than what we got from 2005-2009! I can’t wait… and since Sonic Dimensions is a hope, I am left in wonder… wait, now that Sonic Dimensions fan art I made was entirely pointless….

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I worked hours on it!

  2. Honestly, I’m a little relieved that Sonic Dimensions is a hoax. I thought it was a daft concept.

    1. It was kind of a shady concept which, personally, it looked like they were trying to avoid Sonic’s friends being playable. It did seem partially interesting but… yeah, I want something more. I’m pretty okay glad it’s a lie too. Though, I hope the next game will be on other consoles as well, and with Sonic’s future concept, it sounds like it will be something to look forward to.

  3. Sounded hoaxish to me. Hope there will be a wii u sonic game that makes use of its capabilities though.

  4. I’ll be very pleased if they expand on the world adventure theme. The reason Why Sonic Unleashed is probably one of my favourite games.

  5. THANK GOODNESS Sonic Dimensions is a hoax!
    I’ve always loved Sonic games and I’m happy to see the recent games have pleased everyone. I just hope they bring back the different playable characters system back in the games too.
    btw nice picture choice for this news!

    1. Indeed! 😀
      But something that really does need to be done regarding other playable characters is, that we don’t HAVE to play as them to beat the game. I mean, Sonic Adventure’s 1 and 2 were two of my favourite Sonic games, but I didn’t like the fact that I HAD to play as the other characters. Especially considering how different the gameplay was then. They need to make it so that you don’t have to used the other characters to play as, but it is an option.

  6. 1. Everyone thought Sonic 4 was crap, let’s not sugarcoat it.

    2. Yay, Sonic Dimensions isn’t real! I don’t have to give up my faith in this series.

    1. I didn’t think it was crap. I didn’t think it was great or even good. It was fun. And only fun. But NOT crap.

  7. i would have liked sonic dimension to be like this : so sonic is fighting eggman but actually fails eggman then makes a big mistake and the universe goes wacky.sonic and there friends (from there dimension) meet up with there friends from different dimensions (knuckles silver,espio,shadow,tails etc) and find out there the heroes of that dimension so all the heroes go back into there dimensions to figure out the source the problem. that could be the story. gameplay : make it play like unleashed but with better controls. but how are they going to change the gameplay for every chracther.simple give them there own special abiltys.example: sonic has the boost,tails can fly, knuckles can glide and climb walls,shadow can slow down time and have more combat in his gameplay.silver can use his psychokinesis and espio can turn invisible and have steatlh elements without making it feel slow. so does anyone like my idea if sonic diemensions were real

  8. THANK THE HEAVENS this “game” was all just a fake. I knew this Sonic Dimensions thing was all just a bunch of nonsense…..but I wonder how many people actually believed that was real? Hoo boy….

  9. Well of course Sonic Dimensions was a hoax, this has been a hoax for like 4 years already, but of course it was on the downlow….so THANK CHRIST the rumors can be put down…..This will teach you not to likely believe a RUMOR, which may be FAKE.

  10. Oh for crying out loud, did people REALLY think Sonic Dimensions was real?

    just the very fact that TSSZ was the only page with a suspictiously large amount of information about the game was enough for me to realize it was a hoax.

  11. I had a feeling that it wasn’t true. That rumor just screamed “Nintendo fanboy hoax” to me when I read it.

  12. Never even heard of Dimensions, honestly. Thus I can’t say anything about it. Still, I have had less fun with the games – even including Generations – since Shadow’s game. Shadow was the last game I had tremendous fun playing :/ I still feel as if something is missing…And not just game length. Hopefully we’ll see improvement still.

    Here’s hoping things continue to improve :3

  13. im happy its an hoax like i said on the other website

    it sounded TO MUCH like and archie thing (evil amy good robotnik see what i mean?)
    Plus they dident use the weird gimicks since unleashed (if you count the wisps okay but still )
    its just a step back IMO

  14. Dimensions sounded phony to me. If it had actually been legit, I would’ve been VERY disappointed in Sonic Team. I expected to eventually hear someone say it was a load of crap, but I’m relieved to have it confirmed regardless of how outlandish it sounded.

  15. “Photo-realistic Sonic”? Wait, what the heck is this?! You can’t just say something like that without elaborating…

    1. I think Iizuka was referring to Sonic 2006, with Sonic running around in a world made to look ‘photo-realistic.’ The more cartoony humans from earlier games had been replaced with more life-like humans (most infamously, Eggman was a part of this transition in visual style).

      I could be wrong, but I think that’s what he was saying.

  16. Was i really the only one who knew this was a hoax? I could have sworn it was just a fan made thing since for one; it’s downloaded to my computer right at this very moment?? I’m confused. Were people looking forward to something completely different than the fan-made version? Or were fans expecting SEGA to make the game before the fan-version came out?

  17. I’m glad it was a hoax. Dimensions was the stupidest idea ever, and why all fan-fiction should be damned to hell.

  18. Good to know he’s fully aware of the unnecessary gameplay styles. Now what I’m hoping for is the return of more playable characters. (Sonic 3&K Style)

    1. Yeah.
      In S3&K, I liked how you didn’t HAVE to be Knuckles or Tails to beat the game. I liked the optional approach. That should be present in the next game.

  19. I know that picture isn’t official… but why are all the recolours grabbing onto him? I don’t get that.

    1. It actually is a cover to a Sonic X comic, #25 I believe. Artwork was good on the inside, but god, was the story stupid. Although it did have an evil Classic Sonic at the end, so I’ll give it points for that.

    2. That pic was from one of the issuse of Sonic x Archie comics they are trying to fight him.

  20. Although I will concede this course is best for Sonic, and it has been this way in the 90’s.. I grew up with the GC, sonic adventure 2 and such, and as a result, realistic Sonic is the default way the Sonic games have been for me. I actually liked that SA2 did pull off realistic stuff and story concepts no other platformer did(In contrast to Mario Sunshine at that time), and it made it epic. So, excuse me for my rebellious opinion, but I’m the only one who’s kind of.. sad.*cough* (And yes, I know the actual technical gameplay results are bugged, and there’s.. so much wrong with sonic Next-gen, but still..)

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