First4Figures Teases New Sonic Statue

Behold! A new reason as to why your wallet is going to scream “Noooo! I was only just full! Leave me be!”


You might remember shortly before New Years Day, F4F released a Christmas Card to everyone, well eagle eye’d readers spotted that hidden in the image was what appeared to be a new Sonic statue.

Well F4F have finally let the cat out of the bag with a teaser video showing off their new Sonic Statue,  as well as a small picture of the it after the break.

"I know where you live!"

No details yet as to price, versions, quantity numbers or when you can buy this. But expect it to be several hundred pounds/dollars when he eventually goes on sale.

Head over to F4F’s website for the original announcement.

—Thanks to Swiss over at SSMB for the heads up.

10 points if you can guess what image the statue appears to be based from.

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    1. Sonic was looking forward in that pic. It actually looks like one of his poses from Colors.

      1. Yes, it was used in sonic colors, but believe it or not, it actually did originate in Sonic Unleashed. Sega kinda was lazy and just slapped it on to work in context of the marketing is all.

        1. Edit: then again, I’m having a hard time at the moment backing up the unleashed part, so disregard that.

          I could’ve sworn I have seen that pose/render somewhere outside of Colors, but cannot put my finger on it. hmmm…

  1. I meant to say the artwork from the front of sonic colours case on wii/ds with tropical resort in the background.

        1. Price will be somewhere between Huge and Massive, and that’s before Customs confiscate and slap all 150 applicable taxes on it.

          1. I’ve never had any problems with customs with the few statues I’ve bought from F4F in the past and had sent over to the UK. I wouldn’t worry about that too much 🙂

        2. The price will be high. Very high in fact. Their Classic Tails piece is $199/£125 without shipping. You’ll probably be better off buying from another place (like if they list it.

  2. after watching the video it looks like modern sonic in green hill from sonic generations.

  3. after watching the video it looks like modern sonic running in green hill from sonic generations.

  4. Could be Green Hill,
    But I would rather it be some where else
    Because we have classic sonic’s statue for Green Hill
    I would prefer some where in or past the dreamcast era
    Some where such as… (thinks of levels with grass)
    In no paticular order
    Planet wisp, Green forest, Seaside hill/Frog forest, Jungle joyride, Windy valley
    I could think of more but it is late and my brain is dry
    The way the grass was waving reminded me of plant wisp in the opening to Sonic colours

    It could be green hill but the wat the grass is waving it reminded me of.planet wisp

    1. This.

      Perhaps I’m jumping the gun a bit, but I hope this doesn’t mean that they’re stopping the line of classic figurines. I’d fling money at them for a Classic Eggman statue. It’s just not complete without him! …and, uhh, throw in an Amy one too, for that matter!

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