Crush 40 Teases Sonic Youth, One of Those Days, and Rise Again

After announcing development on three new tracks back in January, Crush 40 released a two-and-a-half-minute preview of Sonic YouthOne of Those Days, and Rise Again on their YouTube channel this morning, granting fans and listeners a quick sample of what to look forward to once these tracks are available in full.

On the group’s Facebook and Twitter pages, Jun Senoue teases that they will perform all three tracks in Tokyo for the first time this week, and advises fans to stay tuned an iTunes release in the near future.

Check out the sample after the jump!


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  1. When Ive opened my heart! – Sonic Adventure
    And Ive lived and learned! – SA 2
    When takin a step in His world – Sonic ’06
    When I danced in the Shadows – Shadow the Hedgehog/Unleashed?
    When I fell for Sonic BOOM
    When I am who I am with you – Black Knight/Shadow
    Reaching forward all my mind – Ref to Silver, maybe.
    Crushin 40 all the time…

  2. Oh, I can’t wait for the release of Sonic Youth. It’s practically nostalgia in a can (MP3 file?) for me considering I joined the Sonic fanbase with Adventure onward. It sounds like it’s a major combination of the feels of OYH, LaL, WIMo, IA, HW, SRiH, KotW, and WM, and I couldn’t be happier. That’s not to mention that this really should be Generation’s theme, as electrothehedgehog said. Time Eater music swap, for sure!

  3. These are great, I’ll admit, I was nervous, i wasn’t a big fan of some of their original (as in not made for a sonic game) songs, but these ^^

  4. I love these guys. I truly do. Hope the iTunes release will include all countries!

  5. Sonic Youth should have been Sonic Generations’ main theme but i wouldn’t mind if it were Sonic Adventure 3’s main theme 🙂

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