1. You mean the trope that exists in nearly every game? Rehash indeed. Point me to a level that looks remotely like this in terms of color and structure. Not even Oil Ocean looks like this.

  1. Hmm..The 2 player aspect alone has WON me over. Level’s have similarities to old ones but they do look pretty and fresh. I kinda like it! lets see how it turns out.

  2. Looking at this now, I can see why the game’s not coming out on Wii. I wasn’t expecting the levels themselves to be rendered in 3D this time as well as the characters. Even so, I’d like to see Sega consider doing a disc version with both of the games put together, if it’ll allow them to get Episode 2 onto the Wii 🙁

  3. To me, this level looks pretty original. It’s a desert with oil and stuff, it doesn’t look THAT similar to Oil Ocean… wait… in Sonic 4 Episode I’s world map, I saw a small desert region on the right…

    O_O I KNEW IT!

  4. Was anybody else thinking “Smell my socks!” when they saw that wind sock? XD

    I’m sorry. that was the first thing I thought of. Sonic Spinball did it to me.

    People who haven’t made it to Final Showdown probably won’t get that joke, though. . . ^^;

  5. While we can’t judge the physics from these screenshots, the grraphics are simply stunning. You can quite clearly tell that all the levels will be rendered in proper 3D this time around. Also, it seems the characters may be too. Especially considering the game has to have 3D models for Sonic and Tails given the Sonic 2 style special stage shots we’ve seen. SO EXCITED.

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