1. They could call this… *puts on sunglasses* Carnival Night Zone… YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Oh, wait.

      XD No, I’m kidding, it looks like a mix between the carnival from Sonic Rivals and White Acropolis, thus making it look kind of original.

  1. Looks a lot more like a rollercoaster track to me. Reminds me of Rail Cayon(From Sonic heroes), but with a snowy theme. Which is great, because Rail Cayon is underated, and I’d love to see another level like it, and I love SNOW!!!

  2. My thoughts exactly. Although all the rollercoasters and ferris wheels and stuff definitely make this more unique. Also, presuming the other snow shots we’ve seen are from this level then this level has underwater sections which Ice Paradise didn’t have. This looks so much better than Ep 1 so far… but I’ll try to avoid getting dragged into the Sonic cycle again. I’ll be honest, the physics in Ep 1 were so lazy it completely ruined the game for me. That and the plastic grass and the dying cats music.

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