Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Sequel Confirmed at New York Toy Fair?

Following our exclusive report last month, Kotaku has heard from a representative at the New York Toy Fair 2012 today that a sequel to Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is in development. The sequel is to be released this Christmas holiday season and will include new characters and vehicles that will be revealed later this year. Kotaku says toys based on the franchise are on display at the Toy Fair, but no photographs have been provided.

We’ll keep an eye out for more information.

Source: Kotaku

Thanks to Jonathan for the heads up!

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        1. @Hogfather – I think he was reffering on the left, that you can see Luigi next to other Sonic characters. Just guessing.

          I actually hope for Wii U and 3DS that they add Mario&Luigi. That would be a better crossover than the olympics, IMO. 😛

        2. Weird thing is, while all we can see is Sonic’s legs at the top, and some boxes with Luigi on his bike on them in the middle, there’s a box with Shadow on it on the floor.

  1. Interesting…hope we see Chaotix getting some loving…
    Just a thought, imagine if the gimmick for the sequel was team based racing ala Double Dash.

  2. I have played Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing before, but is there really going to be a sequel?!

    If so, I want all the characters from the 1st Racing into the 2nd Racing, adding in new characters. Xbox 360: 25 Characters in 1st Racing + Banjo and Kazooie+ Avatar (Xbox Avatar, not the movie!). PS3: 25 Characters in 1st Racing. Wii: No idea how many characters in 1st Racing + Mii.

    The same characters from 1st Racing should be in the sequel, including new characters. That belongs to SEGA, of course. If there’s a sequel SEGA, then I say: Go for it! Make the sequel!

    1. Why would it be on Wii if it’s being released at the end of the year? It’ll most likely be on Wii U.

  3. Man, this better have Ristar, Joe Musashi, Axel, and G (with Washington) in the Ice Cream truck. So much more Sega is needed.

  4. Wait….. Does that mean….. BENTLEY JONES MAY BE BACK TO MAKE THEME SONG!? I am hyped just for that!

    Oh and Silver and Blaze as new characters please! I mean Big is in but those 2 arent?

  5. I’m totally getting this game when I get a Wii U 🙂 Though I wonder why this game is not for Xbox and PS3? Either they don’t want to develop downgraded graphics, or SEGA knows something that we don’t.

    Still hoping for at least Mario in this game. I will now patiently wait for more information. 🙂 I just hope some changes are made, there is a lot of room for improvement on SASASR.

      1. The Wii U supposedly has better graphics than the PS360. Though in all those months passing by, Nintendo probably changed a lot of specs and features.

        For example, Sonic Generations is an HD game that runs 30fps on the PS360. With the Wii U’s technology, I’m sure that SEGA could up the graphics, and make it run at 60fps. Look at the 3DS, it can play Mario Kart 7 @ 60fps, and I’m sure with almost any Wii U game, they can do the same thing too, just as long as their games aren’t graphiced to the max.

  6. I also hope in this game we get MULTIPLE Karts(or at least 2) designed for each character. I hated only having one car for each character. Knuckle’s Kart was so…ugh, that it made me never want to play as him :/ Let’s just see what Sumo Digital brings to the table.

  7. How many characters did the first game have?

    I would love to play as Chuck D (from Decap Attack).

  8. @MilesKnightwing
    OMG CHUCK D HEAD! YOU JUST MADE ME SMILE NOW! Iam just thinking of the ‘SONIC THE COMIC’ strips that appeared in the U.K oh man if he got some lovin it be so cool having the Professor and Igor there haha

  9. Cool. Didn’t play the first, but wanted to (Shadow’s bike…It’s just so awesome looking. I want one.).

    I highly, highly doubt it’ll be just for 3DS and Wii U. SEGA wants to make money, and it sold well on all platforms…So why not release them on all platforms? Not to mention certain teams work on different platforms. You try getting it to work on five different ones (PC, DS, Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3) at the same time. You’ll go mad.

    …But that isn’t always a bad thing ;D

  10. Fingers crossed for something other than Sonic Heroes this time. I mean it was fine but come on, there’s a lot of diversity in the Sonic series (and let’s face it, it is the lead for the game)

  11. WiiU version please! The controller screen could make a nice map.

    Also, gimmie some damn Skies of Arcadia characters this time, and maybe Classic Sonic while we’re at it.

  12. New characters!
    Mario (Nintendo 3DS, Wii U)
    Crash Badicoot (Vista, PS3)
    Master Chief (X360)
    and many more!

    New stages!
    Tropical Resort
    Ice Cap Zone
    Green Hill Zone
    Twinkle Park
    Final Rush
    Wave Ocean
    Casino Night Zone
    Flying Battery Zone
    and many more

    1. Actually yeah, system exclusive characters does sound pretty sweet! You got this list pretty good… my list is from what I think should be added, and I didn’t think this far ahead… though, knowing SEGA, they’d maybe put Snake in with Crash, but wait, that’s unbalanced! So what if Nintendo got Mario and Link, and Microsoft got Master Chief and Banjo (or maybe even Conker…) Yes indeed, your list seems legit…

    2. i’ have just been thinking about the cars for some of the characters on your list
      vector in a bike similar to his in sonic free riders
      rouge in her car in the dark mission where you have to chase tails in sonic adventure 2
      jet/wave/storm pretty obviously ex gears
      mario on the cart from ds
      crash bandicoot on the bike from the third crash game

      to add to the list of stages
      windy valley
      city escape
      maybe Camelot castle from satbk (i dont think so)
      rooftop run
      tropical jungle
      starlight carnival
      metal city
      and more

      1. Hm, yes, you also have a point… but wait, if we think in SEGA’s perspective, wouldn’t it be typical of them to add the stages in Generations? That’s just the thing it seems they would do. But I really think that new vehicles would be good, and could we have some more characters other than Opa Opa on foot, or something like that… I want at least Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic, NiGHTS, and Reala to do that.

    3. Two problems with your list. Crash Bandicoot would not represent Sony, he hasn’t been a Sony exclusive character for over 11 years now. He was only exclusive to the Playstation for a mere 5 years. You may wanna replace him with Jak & Daxter with their car from Jak2/Jak X. Or Ratchet and Clank, at least they have only ever been on Sony systems.

      Second, way too many Sonic characters, I know we are all Sonic fans and all but it’s Sonic and SEGA All-Stars racing. Adding 11 new Sonic characters and 2 Sega characters and only mentioning Sonic related tracks doesn’t make for an even distribution. This isn’t Sonic All-Star Racing 2 lol.

      1. Have to agree with ya. I thought Big was not needed in the first one so maybe they could take him out and replace him Silver or Blaze.

    4. Your list is too unbalanced, we already have way too many characters from the Sonic franchise side, SEGA characters is what this game needs (especially those who are awesome yet horribly underrated).

  13. Just watch, someone is gonna try to ‘sneak’ Manic into this game, like what happened with Sonia in S&SASR… lolz

  14. NiGHTs would be a shoe in, wouldn’t he/she/it, what with all the fuss about he/she/it not making in last time around

  15. I think they’ll end up putting in Ratchet and Clank in from their games as Sony’s Guest Racer. I mean, they’ve been in more games than Jak & Daxter and Sly Cooper combined! Ratchet is basically Sony’s Mario.

  16. A sequel to my favorite racing game on the Wii?! YES! This is fantastic! I loved Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing! This is what I hope will be in the game:
    New Characters:












    New Courses:
    Stages that aren’t entirely Sonic Heroes, jeez, I’m sick of those places by now. I want stages from different Sonic games.

    World of Dreams

    (That’s all that I can think of.)

    New Songs:
    Live & Learn

    Living in the City

    Twinkle Park

    Final Level (NiGHTS Journey of Dreams)

    (That’s all that I can think of.)

  17. God, I hope that they have fixed the glitches problem this time around. And added more sexually suggestive innuendos in about Robotnik.

    1. Anything with more Eggman Robotnik worths my attention!

      I sincerely hope more racing tracks and more items! And add a few Jet Grind Radio characters like Yo-yo, Combo and Slate. Being able to play with classic Eggy would be a plus! 😀

  18. I hope Purge from Space Channel 5 part 2 is playable this time, he’d be a better pick than Pudding.

  19. I know what be a Good thing CLASSIC SONIC Yea I can see it now he’s in his Drift car Shame Sega probably wont because Generations Generation is Finished (sniff)

    1. well maybe they can put a costume feature in allowing characters to change into a different costume or body entirely. So Sonic can have classic Sonic as an alternate costume. Awesome Idea, right?

  20. Hope there will be more diversity in tracks.
    Don’t need nine Sonic tracks, six are enough – but six with really different backgrounds. Don’t need three House Of The Dead tracks, one half-cemetery half-manor is okay, same with Billy Hatcher who is not even a superstar. Rather than that, put surprising tracks from SEGA’s history like a race into the Space Harrier universe, Alex Kidd world, do remixes do not take songs from existing games, be exhaustive and imaginative with fan-service guys.

  21. Ken Balough said that Episode 2 will have 1 throwback stage that has to do with the story. Since Metal Sonic is in this, I’m guessing that Stardust Speedway will make a return! Drop by TSSZ for a minute, if none of you believe me.

  22. wow i got s&sasr 1 yesterday (out of stock everywhere were i come from 🙁 why britain ) and today they announce number 2 not more hunting 🙁

  23. I really hope they put Nights in the new one. I was quite upset since in the last one he (or she. I don’t what it is) was the flagman. Way past UNcool Sega…or Sumo???

  24. Speed Highway as a racing track with the original, Classic & Modern Remixes as alternate music and I’m sold.

  25. Come on, give me Vyse… He can ride in a car that looks like an airship. It’s so perfect! And while we’re at it, I think somebody from Valkyria Chronicles would be a cool edition, like Avan or something. I’ll even take Welkin, even though he’s incredibly boring.

    1. Put Vyse, Aika and Fina in a dinghy looking kart with oars sticking out the side perhaps or a small airship with a sail kinda like how Tails has a plane. The Valkyria crew could be in a tank or summing, would be perfect haha

  26. Ristar is already in Sonic & SEGA All-stars racing, he has a cameo in the Death Egg race track, he’s standing on the sidelines waving at the racers passing by.

    1. Yeah, But only for DLC on Xbox 360/PS3. But its a (supposive, or not) Sequel… and ever since people demanded a playable appearance of him. Its possible for Ristar to be a playable in its sequel, heck! even Vectorman was planned to be playable, But Steve Lycett said, Around that time they were demands on Ristar and Vectorman.. Its Playable Character Roster was locked. So maybe in the Sequel (if its true) will be possible along with other demanded ones, or Requested ones.

  27. I have a question: What about Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Arcade?
    It should released in USA in this year.
    Hopefully Six Flags has this arcade in Great Adventure, NJ.

  28. As for new characters I hope for: Vyse (Skies of Arcadia), Vectorman, NiGHTS and Im not really fussed about the rest.

    As for tracks they weren’t enough variety last time. This time I hope their are tracks from Sonic, JSR, Outrun, Billy Hatcher, Nights, House of the Dead, Space Channel 5, Chu Chu Rocket maybe Sega Rally or other racing game.

  29. SONIC AND SEGA ALL STARS RACING ARCADE WAS BEEN CONFIRMED FOR SHIPPING TO USA, EUROPE, and other counties! I wonder they will released by this year for arcade locations?

  30. I at least, hope for Silver to be playable. And some none Sonic Heroes based tracks. As, I’ve seen many people mention already on this post. (Not sure why SEGA loves Heroes so much. Don’t get me wrong, I too love the game, but still…they over used the stage, Seaside Hill…)

    1. Agreed there should a mixture of other levels from other sonic games for the Sonic Tracks hopefully it won’t be too much of Heroes

  31. Excellent so will this only be of the Wii U, Vita & 3DS? or will the the other consoles fill the slot too? I hope they do otherwise yet again I’ll have to save up for another console :/ but this sounds great more characters & more levels hope we have lots of SEGA & Sonic characters optional to play & perhaps exclusives too for each version to be fair (Nights has to be in this 😀 ) as well as Silver, Espio etc. I hope the theme song will be better on this one. As for the Sonic Tracks I hope they won’t all be based on Heroes again just a mixture of levels from different Sonic games would be better (I’m not saying no more Heroes levels just hope there is less so we can make room for more Sonic levels).

    Perhaps there could be more veichles for each character but either way I’d still be fine with their own unique veichle & All star power up plus mini games could be included for MP & have different gimmicks working with other races in twos like MK Double Dash & Crash Tag Team Racing…

  32. Do an obscure Sonic character that’s been teased recently in Generations. Like Nack the Weasel on his air bike thingee. Or Bean and Bark on some kinda hoolagan-mobile lol. The best thing about the first game for me was unlocking the less used Sega characters of yesteryear like Alex Kidd and the Bonanza Bros etc

  33. If you check SOnic wrecks, they confirm that toy fair revealed the Jazwares team chaotix 3 pack (You have to re-buy Vector and Espio just to get Charmy, lame, right?) and a Metal Sonic Plushie and new figurines of the modern characters. Pretty cool, but it didn’t say anything about new all-stars racing figures.

  34. I don’t know about you all, but I’d like to see Orbot and Cubot being playable in this game just for the laughs.

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