Sonic Heroes Now Available on EU PS Store

PS2 Classic Sonic Heroes has randomly been released on the European PlayStation Store today. PS3 owners can download it for £7.99/€9.99, and if you do purchase it, you’ll need to make sure you have 4.5GB of storage space free. There is no word from SEGA or Sony about whether this game will also be made available on the US PS Store.

If you want to refresh your memory or have never seen/played Sonic Heroes before, here’s an old trailer for the game.


Source: EU PS Blog

Thanks to SSMB member Hogfather for the heads up!

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      1. Sonic Heroes isn’t a port though. They didn’t spend any time changing it or re-mastering it. PS2 Classics are simply PS2 games being emulated onto the PS3 hardware (just like the PSOne Classics, except the PSOne hardware is built-in to the PS3.)

        But yeah, they should release a port/HD remaster of Sonic Adventure 2.

  1. Wow, that was kinda random lol Sucks that there’s no trophies with it though. Hope it comes to the US store as well. I’m really starting to appreciate SEGA porting these games to the PS3, I think we might see Shadow in the near future for PS2 classics too

  2. … I know it’s for PSN and stuff but…
    why the PS2 version…
    it was so bad compared to the Gamecube version…
    seriously, just port the gamecube version and change the control-scheme to fit the ps3

    Sonic Heroes it a very fun game even with controls this sensitive, but not the PS2 version, nuh-uh

  3. I liked Heroes so I am downloading it on PSN. Quite a selection on PSN these days:

    Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 4 Ep1, Sonic Adventure (& DX), Sonic Heroes and Sonic CD (best one in terms of HD and widescreen). Of course Ep2 is on the way.

      1. I believe MilesKnightwing was referring to Sonic CD alone with that paranthesis, something I fully agree with. I never liked the game very much in other aspects, but the graphics were magnificent.

        Too bad they didn’t take time remastering this. That’d made me buy it on the spot. But as it is, Ill stay away from it for the moment…

  4. mmmm im gonan wai ttill wii u comes out to buy this because downloadable gamecube gamecube games will be avaible hopefully sega wil lrelease sonic adventure XD sonic adventure 2 battle and then heroes

    1. I say they will have the original Dreamcast Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 (makes more sense since they are the original versions) and the GC Heroes on the Wii U Virtual Console. XD

  5. Is this enhanced at all? I’d really like to see older Sonic re-releases in HD with a native 16:9 aspect ratio from now on (like the treatment they gave to Sonic CD). I don’t see the point of picking these games up anymore if they don’t do something so simple that’s already been done through emulation and PC custom settings.

  6. The description on psn store says that its starts at the end of sonic adventure 2 so maybe we are getting close for that to release because some people might not have played sonic adventure 2

  7. wished it was remastered in HD and widescreen though, be great to re-visit it though so i might get it
    wish though like Metal Gear Solid they’d release a HD Collection of SONIC ADVENTURE, SONIC ADVENTURE 2 & SONIC HEROES

      1. It will still be quite nice for it to be released. Sonic Adventure wasn’t on the PS2, yet Sega still re-released it. I just think that Sa2 should have been before heroes.

    1. Sonic Adventure was a ‘new’ release, this is part of the PS2 classics range thats being ported to the PS3 along with several other PS2 games.

      1. That and both Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes had PC releases making them dead easy to port to other systems. Compared to Sonic Adventure 2 which had no PC release, which would mean Sega would actually have to do a lot more work to port it over. But the whole “PS2 Classics” tag should be more of a giveaway for people wanting SA2, since it never came out on PS2 like you mentioned 😀

  8. For me this was one of the most fun experiences in videogames of my life. I really like it until nowadays, I play it on wii. It’s so cool to see the 3 characters running together through the adventure, the gameoplay was very fun and some stages had very good sounndtracks too.

    And differently of colors and generations, it still makes me want to play even after beating it.

  9. SUPERB! i’ve been looking for this on the original XBox so I could play it on my 360 but no need now it’s downloading and will be ready for me in the morning! (Hope it runs/looks good) ;~)

  10. not a ps3 owner and still have the original, the game is good, but at the same time i could go without it

  11. For those that downloaded it, does it run any better on PS3 hardware?
    It ran like absolute laggy crap in its initial release.
    Unless you play it on Gamecube or PC of course =P

  12. PS2 Classics? Cool but Sonic Heroes? It was really good game for PC but PS2 version SUCKED. If someone downloaded this game then can you tell me. Does it play like PS2 or more like PC?

  13. @Valormere & @Lamor

    I have download Heroes on PS3 and it feels exactly the same as the PS2 version.

  14. Nice, but I still have my original for the GC. I’m hoping for a SA2 release soon! I want to start my new chao garden already!

  15. Wish it was re-released for 360 with new achievements but oh well lol
    Heroes was my first 3D Sonic game, spent hours on it altogether and would happily play through it again. Easily one of my favorite 3D titles, up there with Unleashed and Generations for me…

  16. I can’t buy it.. I just got a PS Vita so I has no monehs.


  17. I bought one copy of Heroes for PS2, lost it, bought another one, and that broke (wouldn’t let me load/save games). In any case I came nowhere near beating it (I suck at Sonic games). I’ve since acquired the PC version, sped through the whole thing and beaten it (the only main-series Sonic game I’ve ever completed. EVER)

  18. If I’m honest I think Sonic Heroes is a bit pants and the majority of people would either agree with me or say “I’d rather have Sonic Adventure 2 HD”

  19. That’s great news No need for me to donwload it though cos I already have my GC version of Heroes 🙂

  20. Nice, I hope they release this in the US at some point. I’m still waiting for SA2 on PSN, though.

  21. when they say “ps2 classic only” does it only mean that you can use a ps2 controller? i dont know

  22. u know whats teaseing in the psn description they say it take 5 mounths after SA2 so they clearly know that the game exsists and wont put it on psn store…and one more thing…it take 5 mounths after SA2 ?? well…i guess thats nice to know ???

  23. If it’s a port or emu job of the PS2 version, then that’s an extremely poor affair.

    The PC version’s where it’s at.

  24. Sonic Heroes on PS2? If they just simply ported it, then this download is still the worst version of this game ever.

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