SEGA Europe Releases More Sonic 4: Episode 2 Screenshots

SEGA Europe has released seven more screenshots from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 on their website. Not much is shown that we haven’t already seen, apart from the revelation that the red rings from Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations are returning. For those who haven’t played those two games, the red rings are collectibles that unlock bonus content, giving the game some replay value.

Check out the rest of the screenshots after the jump.

Source: SEGA Europe (via Sonic Retro)

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  1. Sonic Retro have got the achievements up with some pretty big spoliers!

    Looks like sonic 4.2 could be a cracker. If only they could “lock it on” to episode 1!

  2. I really hope at the end of this all, SEGA go back and retroactively add all these improvements (physics, red star rings) to Episode 1, it deserves to be at least playable

  3. like i said earlier,
    Red star rings I wonder what ever for?
    Maybe they will unlock more content like in colours and generations
    Maybe the announcement about tails only in multiplayer was a spoiler cover up and red rings unlock tails

    1. Since they’ve been in every Sonic game since Colors. Granted, that’s only three games, but that’s also not the point.

    1. yes the screens do, but whats wrong with red star rings, they actually add replayiblity, ie sonic colors (ds and wii) beat both versions in one day, kept playing for almost 2 months to get the red rings, generations beat the game in about 3 hours , kept playing for a month or so to get the red rings. Hopefully if the put a hint system i do not use it, it helped massively and so did some YouTube vids.

  4. For those who want to know what the red rings do, after you collect them all:


    You unlock a secret/THE final boss. No joke, it said it on the achievements list.

    1. maybe, but look sonic colors and generations, red star rings were never forced upon you to complete the game rather to get new moves and music, i’m thinking secret boss/level, similar to how in sonic (3) and knuckles if you get all the emeralds you are taken to the doomsday zone or tails solo, although my highest bet is tails solo, as for that achievement, similar to super mario galaxy 2, get the green stars beat bowser, secret unlocked, in this case get the red star rings beat the boss achievement unlocked (and possible secret level/debug even)

  5. Don’t mind the Red Rings at all, as long as they steer away from “taking the highest path” nonsense

  6. Looking at the achievements and looking at red rings, I’m starting to think SEGA’s pulling our finger and letting us unlock Tails with Sonic following.

  7. the red star rings unlock the giant gold rings from sonic3$knuckles lol star rings are pretty fun to find though in my opinion ^^”

  8. I am happy with the red star rings. No doubt it encourages replaying the level. As long as there are muliple paths that you can reach (being able to backtrack is a no brainer) then it should be interesting.

    At least there are more achievements/trophes for Ep2 than the 12 or 14 in CD that was not really enough.

  9. for those who Have mario kark 7, I made an all sonic-fan community code! (even though there are like a gazzilion of them i bet) for those who like to “race to win” the code is 66-8382-8563-6019. See ya soon!

  10. I understand the Red ring mysterious, but seriously people. WHAT PART DO YOU NOT GET, TAILS “WILL NOT” BE IN SINGLE MODE, whats so hard about people understanding this. is the sonic fanbase hardheaded? or do they not know how to read understand.

  11. There’s one really fine improvement from Sonic 4 Ep. 1 – Sonic doesn’t look like a moving plastic action figure smothered in Turtle Wax.

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