New M&S 2012 3DS Screenshots Reveal Rouge the Bat Presence in Story Mode

Some new screenshots have surfaced online for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, and as well as showing more of the game’s various events, we get our second screenshot of the game’s Story Mode. The screenshot reveals Rouge the Bat will make an appearance and that the dialogue may just be in text form rather than voice.

You can check out all of the new screenshots after the jump.

Source: Nintendo Everything – Link 1, Link 2

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  1. new system no voice acting just text laziness none the less wait is this 1992 will get this tho look gr8 on 3ds

    1. Not fair. We’ve yet to see a Mario or Sonic portable game that features full voice acting over the course of a story. What makes you think we’ll see one now?

  2. Wow! This still looks pretty great, aside from the text, certainly it’s better than the Adventure Mode in the DS Winter Games, I also would like to note that we got screenshots of tennis and skeet! And that picture with Mario, Sonic, Luigi, and Tails about to take off on a race, it looks fantastic!

  3. Aww, I knew actual cutscenes were too good to be true. 🙁

    Still, this game’s story mode is already looking better than Winter’s!

    Maybe it’s both text AND voice? …..Nah, because SEGA cannot get the voice actors from the Mario series.

    Oh well. :S

    1. I kinda saw it comming too but still this version looks good can’t wait to get it soon but I must get a 3DS first 🙂

  4. Being honest,I think all of the Sonic cast could easily pass up in a real Olympic event no contest.

  5. I don’t get that, i really don’t…DS it’s understandable, since the carts weren’t that big, even tho Square in particular managed to put voice acted scenes in their games on DS.

    But 3DS too…come on, the cart sizes are more than capable of having these games on them AND voice acting. Sonic Generations 3DS had the same text only (with the occasional one liner or noise) treatment as Sonic Rush and Sonic Colours on the DS…even Rivals was void of voice acting for the most part. Granted it is probably to keep the cost of making the portable game low and it probably has a lower budget, but we all still end up paying full price for it at retail regardless.

    1. If you’re talking about the original rivals idk, rivals 2 did have full voice acting, every scene in there had voice acted scenes, now generations 3ds yes it should have had vioce acting, but what do you expect to come out of 6 months of work

  6. Maybe there isn’t much voice acting due to past experiences in the Mario series. I’m sure everyone here has played Sunshine, and heard the Mario – voiced tutorial.

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