This is What Sonic Cosmo Fighter Galaxy Patrol Plays Like

Sonic Paradise member Alpha3 was lucky enough to come across a Sonic Cosmo Fighter Galaxy Patrol arcade machine while on holiday in China earlier this year, and has kindly shared some gameplay footage on YouTube for all to see.

Alpha3 has also posted some impressions, which you can read here.

Source: Sonic Paradise (via Sonic Retro)

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  1. Aww shadz, you should have said that “Sega have announced” and then we could have had fun looking at how many people thought this was a new game.

  2. That was a fun game, played it 10+ years ago at a local mall, pretty sure they moved it there from SEGA World Sydney after they shut. They also had the School Bus game, but it was kaput… (‘sides, a 6 ft guy crammed into it wouldn’t have left much to the imagination).

    I have some photos of the cabinet lying around somewhere

  3. Cool! It’s like a vertical Sonic SHMUP! Nice that some of us finally get to see what it is after many years of wondering.

  4. I came across one of these as a kid, so this actually wasn’t new to me, but I’m not surprised by those who are surprised, I even played Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car once, LOL.

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