Sonic Generations Casino Night Pinball DLC Coming to Steam

SEGA has revealed via their official blog today that the Casino Night Zone Pinball DLC that Xbox 360 and PS3 owners of Sonic Generations got with pre-orders and other editions of the game will be available to PC owners later this month. The mini-game will be released December 26th 2011 and will cost USD $1.59, GBP £0.99, EUR €1.59, AUD $2.99.

In response to fans querying future DLC in the comments section, SEGA’s Lods replied “We cannot confirm anything in relation to dlc. Thanks”. If any further DLC is announced, we’ll be sure to let you know about it.

Source: SEGA Blog

Thanks to SSMB member The Dead Snow for the heads up.

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    1. It ultimately depends. I mean SaSASR probably didn’t get more DLC because of the lack of demand. Before SEGA can confirm releasing any more DLC they have to be sure enough people would be willing to purchase to make a reasonable profit

  1. …So they won’t release it for consoles so people that didn’t pre-order it can buy it? what a joke.

  2. This is brilliant news, not so much the base thing itself, but it’s just great to see a continued REAL support for the PC version. I was honestly expecting them to slap it on there as a quick port as usual and then leave it to gather dust, but this is VERY positive to see.

    1. Nope, they wouldn’t. SG isn’t selling THAT well. Besides, I want my Episode 2! >_< That game has been put off due to Generations.

      1. I won’t be able to play Episode 2 since I don’t have XBLA and if there’s more DLC for Generations then I’m gonna miss out on that too 🙁 This is why I wish there were more levels in Generations but nevermind I still have the 3DS version to play.

  3. This game NEEDS more DLC. The Casino Night pinball thing is a huge disappointment…incredibly bland, boring waste of time. It is not worth playing twice.

  4. Sonic Generations will do fine. Its had the most pre-orders out of any Sonic game in recent memory. I for one hope that they release more DLC…Sonic Generations was too short IMO, and this could definitely help Sega increase revenue. The game has been scoring well enough; most people I know that don’t play Sonic games, actually want to give this one a shot because of the positive reviews.

  5. There really is much room for DLC; also “cannot confirm” in Sega Jargon means it’s probably in strong debate right now. Seriously, the “White Space” is literally a white canvas that someone can get creative on. Plus there are actually spots in each era of levels where they are either open or lead to some dead end.

    Genesis – The flat platform right above the Casino Night DLC.
    Dreamcast – The far right end of seaside hill’s area. Right across the rouge mission around the pillar.
    Modern – Planet Wisp area.

    1. Yea, the most obvious one is that moving platform that takes you up to a length of boxed in platform that doesn’t lead anywhere but a dead end. Why bother having a moving platform that leads nowhere but an empty dead end? It screams “something’s meant to be here”.

  6. The table is pretty fun. But very easy – losing your ball to the gutter is a rare occurence. Fun enough for the cheap price, but if you want a proper pinball video game, go for Zen Pinball or Pinball FX 2 (both by the same developer).

    1. I’m quite sure Xbox and ps3 will get theirs in the stores too, in time 🙂 PC just didn’t have any kind for chance getting it when it was for pre-order, while Xbox and ps3 did. So I think this is a fair play.

  7. If they did have more DLC, Here would be my wishlist:
    Sonic 1: Scrap Brain
    Sonic 2: Metropolis
    Sonic 3&K: Ice Cap or Flying Battery
    Sonic Adventure: Twinkle Park
    Sonic Adventure 2: Crazy Gadget or Metal Harbor
    Sonic Heroes: Grand Metropolis/Power Plant
    Sonic 2006: Kingdom Valley or Dusty Desert
    Sonic Unleashed: Dragon Road
    Sonic Colors: Starlight Carnival
    Classic: Fang/Nack (from the game gear games/comic/Sonic the Fighters)
    Dreamcast: Emerl (from Sonic Battle)
    Modern: Shade (from Sonic Chronicles) or Captain Whisker & Johnny (from Sonic Rush Adventure)
    Classic: Mecha Sonic (from Sonic & Knuckles)
    Dreamcast: Egg Viper (from Sonic Adventure) or an upgraded G.U.N. mobile (possible ex. Big Foot MK-II)
    Modern: Iblis (from Sonic 2006) or Frigate Skullian (Asteroid Coaster Boss from Sonic Colors)

  8. I’d say for DLC there shoud be 6 Packs. a Classic Era, Dreamcarst Era, Monden Era, One with stages from Sonic Chaos, Tripple Trouble and Blast, One with stages From The Advance 1,2 and 3 and One with stages from Sonic Rush, Rush Adventure and Sonic 4.

  9. Me, personally.

    I wanna see stages from Sonic CD, Sonic 3 (Not the S&K stages), and Sonic 3D Blast as a Mid Genesis era.

    Have a stage from the Sonic Advance series, Sonic Rush series, and Sonic Rivals series to represent the Handheld era

    And lastly, to mix things up a bit, have a stage to represent SatAM’s Planet Mobius, one of the Zones form Sonic X-treme, and a NiGHTS stage.

    Add multiplayer and a Chao Garden and I’m willing to pay a full $50 for all that DLC. Plus points if they give Classic Sonic the option to have his SatAM voice.

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