Sonic 4: Episode 2 to be Announced With Trailer at Gamespot Tomorrow

Sonic fans over at the SEGA Forums have cracked SEGA Digital Brand Manager Ken Balough’s riddle, and the man himself has taken to the forums to make the answer official. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 will be announced at Gamespot tomorrow (December 29th 2011) with a trailer. Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will be able to download the trailer the next day and a few days later respectively.

Forum post 1:

Well – the wait will soon be over πŸ™‚

I really enjoyed seeing how everyone came together as a “Community’ and solved the riddle. Seriously, hats off to everyone. This is kind of a fun way for me to give you early announcements without making it official – and everyone gets to have some fun out of it.

Most of you have already figured it out; but in case you were still wondering:

Episode II will be announced on GameSpot worldwide on December 29th 2011.

And just in case you miss it – you can watch the trailer the very next day on your Xbox and a few days later on your PS3. Can’t think of a better way to close out 2011 – than to give everyone something to look forward to in 2012!

See you guys there!

Forum post 2:

Hahah well – I think we should set up some expectations. Usually (for those of you who’ve seen my campaigns before) I like to announce a game with a teaser trailer. One that shows just enough hints of whats to come, gets you talking, and gets you excited. This one will be no different. I’ll be showing very little – however I will be giving you previews/hints of what to expect this time around – and I’ll be tackling some issues head on. There are some things people want to know, and a few of those – I’ll be answering right off the bat. But again – its an open dialogue and I’ll certainly be coming to the forums more frequently again now that we are kicking off the Campaign.

Some things about the campaign will be different. Aaron won’t be with me this time around, as he’s moved on to take my previous position, working with Sonic boxed games like Generations and such. But we will have Kate and Kellie, providing some great community support and I’m very excited that they will be joining us this time around. πŸ™‚

We’ll keep watch on Gamespot and relay the trailer and any other details here.

Source: SEGA Forums – Link 1, Link 2

Thanks to The Dead Skin at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Hell yes!
    The follow up to my alltime favorite game is about to begin.
    Not counting episode 1 because its a prologue.

  2. Sorry but I don’t understand.
    Will the trailer only be on the website for a short amount of time???

    1. No, Ken’s saying that the trailer will debut exclusively at Gamespot, meaning they will get it first before people inevitably download it and stick it on YouTube and other websites.

  3. Now Im excited! I really hope this game will be more challenging than episode 1. Either way I hope this game will be better than the first one

  4. What I noticed about the Sonic CD remake is that an edit of the image of Tails saying “See you next game!” appears once the game is completed. From what I’ve heard, Sonic CD was originally supposed to precede Sonic 2, making the original Tails image a hint at his appearance in the next game. When I saw it appear in the remake, I went: “THIS CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING”, as Sonic CD is being marketed as “where the Sonic 4 saga began”. But then I realized that it could also just signify that you’ve unlocked Tails, which is what completing the game as Sonic does in the new version. Still, it seems pretty likely that Tails would be in this newest installment of Sonic 4.

    1. I think you’re way overthinking this. You know, maybe Sonic CD was supposed to come out first, maybe it wasn’t. But that image was drawn to let you know “Tails” may not be in this game, but he would be in the next. They hadn’t forgotten about him.

      Sonic CD’s use of the image was just to let you know things were unlocked. It has nothing to do with Sonic 4. The advertising is a cheap ploy to try and get you excited about a game you shouldn’t be excited about (unless Sonic 4 has been completely reworked. Which I doubt).

      1. All I saw was “You’re wrong, I’m right, blah, blah, blah”. I honestly couldn’t care less what you think of my opinions and speculations.

      2. Hold on now, in terms of the cronological order of the games, it goes Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic 4 :Episode 1, Sonic CD and Sonic 4: Episode 2. Also, seeing how Sonic CD was said to have happened before Episode 2 in the CD Remake’s Trailers, and Metal Sonic’s back, that could be a story tie in with Metal wanting his revenge. I think you are just under thinking this, bud =/

  5. My body is ready.

    Lets just see what kind of wacky physics we’ll have this time. There better be more ceiling running or I will hurt someone.

  6. Oh yes; moonwalking across the ceiling was one of the things that I hope remains in Episode 2 XD

  7. Ehh, it’ll probably be a short gameplay teaser (about 4 seconds) just like the teaser gameplay for Episode 1’s trailer. Lol.

    Goodnight people! I hope I wake up and see that the trailer is here πŸ™‚

    I’m calling it now, the teaser will show Sonic and Metal, and might show gameplay/ a cutscene.

    1. I want to see a 10-second clip of Sonic rolling in either Spring Yard Zone’s or Casino Night Zone’s half-pipes, demonstrating the accurate physics, and I will be happy.

  8. I hope the game is nothing like Sonic 4 episode 1, and is like sonic generations classic sonic levels that is what sonic 4 should have been anyway it at least got the physics of a 16 bit sonic game right then you could have added new stuff. Or better yet pull a mega man 9 or 10 and make it look like a 16 bit genesis game none of that 3d non sense.

    Sonic 4 episode 1 was not worthy enough to be called sonic 4, if you call a game sonic 4 and say it has stuff to do with sonic CD you already set high expectations way too high and it obviously fell flat in being nothing like the Genesis or sega cd games in anyway.

    And no fire shields or anything like from sonic 3 or sonic and knuckles that i saw so tell me again why it was called sonic 4 that seem to imply it would have gone on from when sonic 3 left off and added more.

  9. Y’know, I just hope “SEE YOU NEXT GAME [insert Tails sprite]” didn’t just reference your next playthrough of Sonic CD with Tails.

    1. Let’s just hope that the elemental shields aren’t abused. The flame shield’s jump dash is too similar to Episode 1’s jump dash for my liking.
      Add momentum and Colors-quality music to that list.

    1. *Claps* My good sir or madam, you have made a funny.
      But that’s actually a smart idea for what’s to come.

  10. Aww, I think I got excited for nothing. Yesterday (for me) it was the 27th. Now it is the 28th. I’m guessing that it is the 29th for all you guys in the UK? The trailer most likely won’t be released until the 29th (in my time)

    The thing is, Ken didn’t say it’d be on UK gamespot or US gamespot (Its gonna be on both, duh) Everytime SEGA announces something, it usually goes by US time…I think.

    If it is the 28th in the UK, then nevermind xD

    1. Wow, my post doesn’t really make too much sense. Just ignore it.

      All I’m trying to say is that the trailer might not go up, until tomorrow. I hope I’m wrong though! I want to see the teaser trailer NAO!

      1. In the UK? Oh! Okay then, nvm xDD

        Its just that Shadzter posted this post on the 27th, so it made me think it was coming on the 28th πŸ™ Oh well, just one more day!

        1. I posted this in the early hours of the morning on the 28th here in the UK (today) and I did say the announcement is due the 29th in the article. This is a UK based site. Sorry for the unintended confusion.

          1. Oh no, its alright! I’ve known this is a UK Sonic website, from looking at the time πŸ˜› It looks like the UK is about 7 hours ahead of CA(or where I live around). It makes sense now that when it was the 27, it was the 28 for the UK! That is what confused me. Okay, it’s all clear now, thanks Shadzter! πŸ™‚

  11. I know why Episode I didn’t work. They relied on nostalgia and old level designs to make people like it. Tails would be great, and so would elemental/insta shields or unlockable Classic Sonic. However, I am happy if they introduce new and innovative ideas (Homing Attack doesn’t count). Think about it. Sonic 2 wasn’t exactly the same as Sonic 1. With the Spin Dash, Tails, and more interesting levels, it was really good. Sonic 3 and Knuckles did the same thing. Now Sonic 4 Episode II needs to do the same.

  12. So from his 2nd forum post…its safe to say that they are working on sonic generations dlc 8D. ” Aaron won’t be with me this time around, as he’s moved on to take my previous position, working with Sonic boxed games like Generations and such.” That right there stood out to me especially. Either dlc or he’s talking about the past.

    1. No, Ken said that Webber is currently working on Big Sonic titles, like Generations. He didn’t say Webber was working on Generations.

  13. So… where is it? The day’s already halfway over where I live. I guess it’ll show up later today.

    1. It’s due tomorrow on the 29th, like the article states. I posted this in the early hours of the morning on the 28th here in the UK (today). If you’re in the US, you will have likely seen this post in the late hours of the 27th when it was first posted. Sorry for the unintended confusion.

  14. Lets hope that Ep2 gives us something new and original in the style of gameplay. As brilliant as CD is lets hope Ep2 does not copy the time travel gimmick. The only link between CD and Ep2 is Metal Sonic i’d imagine.

    I didn’t pay much attentions to Sonic games in the Naughties, but it really does sound like SEGA are now making every effort to ensure that Ep2 is a worthy sequel. Certainly has been an excitiing second half of 2011 for Sonic games.

  15. Oh ok cool!
    Thanks Shadzter! πŸ˜€
    And I thought in the original CD the Tails “See you next time” was referencing Sonic Drift?

  16. It’s about time they announce it, finally, hopefully they do fix the physic in ep. 2 or at least make the levels how they did in sonic generations on the consoles and PC

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