Sega Confirms No Sonic 4-2 For Wii

Sega Confirms No Sonic 4-2 For Wii

Ken Balough has recently confirmed what many wondered at the end of his Gamespot interview. Sonic 4 Episode 2 will not be making an appearance on the Wii console. This makes the third Multi-platform Sonic game in a row not to see release on the Wii. Here’s what Ken had to say.

But no – the reason Episode I was on the Wii was because we wanted to bring the Sonic 4 saga to the widest possible audience. Episode II unfortunately will not be coming to the Wii – for reasons most people have probably guessed, but that doesn’t mean the SEGA isn’t supporting Nintendo platforms, we have a very strong partnership and will continue to do so.

Oh well. Here’s hoping for a disc compilation at some point.

Source [Sega Forums]

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        1. Damn straight.

          At this point in time, Sega & Sonic Team can’t risk anymore broken hearts.

    1. My sentiments exactly!

      Sonic Colors dealt with space…
      Sonic Generations dealt with time…
      Sonic Dimensions deals with realities and dimensions…

      I mean where else can they go from Generations?

      P.S. Anyone think it would be cool DLC if they had some Sonic Advance levels made for Generations PS3 and 360?

    2. Dimensions? Pah! I don’t give a damn about multicoloured Sonic! I WANT TAILS!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK, SEGA?!?!?!

      1. @Hogfather – We are all evened out. There is no proof that you guys have that Dimensions is fake, while we have info on Dimensions.


        1. lol the only ‘proff’ you have is a made up story on TSSZ with no source and utterly nothing to back it up.

          Yet because some boy slapped it on his blog you think it’s real? LAWL!

          1. @Hogfather – When did I spell “proff”? Look at my post again. Anyway, I said we are evened out. We have a big rumor, and you guys have no proof to prove that this rumor is fake. You don’t even know that the story is made up, so quit assuming things. What’s wrong with thinking that this rumor is real? I like to have some fun. Maybe you don’t like the concept of this rumor, so that’s why you’re hating on it. Btw, last time I checked, it’s lol, not lawl.

            @Axl – Fox – TSSZ would not make up a story so far-fetched. Remember the Sonic Anniversary rumor? The news on that was spot-on. The only wrong thing was that it was going from Sonic 1 to SA2, when it really went from Sonic 1 to Colors. A couple months later, SEGA announces “Sonic Generations”. THE RUMOR WAS TRUE. The same thing can happen with this rumor; some things being right, while others being wrong. It would not be named ” Sonic Dimensions” though, because SEGA never names their games this early.

            Bashing on TSSZ huh? You two are so unproffesional. The Sonic Stadium is no better than The Super Sonic Zone. Saying one is better than the other is just a biased opinion, for you two specifically.

          2. @Ricardo

            We have a fake news story, and a bunch of people that can’t tell the difference between made up stuff thinking it’s real.

            What is the diffence between the Dimensions rumour and any random person registering at a random Sonic fansite and saying the same thing? Nothing.

            Wheres the source for the story? There ain’t one.

            Wheres the evidence to suggest it’s real? There isn’t any.

            And why not? Because it’s fake.

            As for TSSZ wouldn’t make it up? Well their track record clearly doesn’t support that, what have they accused Sega and several other Sonic sites of doing in the past? Bribery. Yeah that story had a lot to it. Bayonetta 2? Fascinating article… turned out to be false. (Now since deleted). Oh yes and everybodies favourite, their article which was quite racist against people who lived in Norway for some odd reason a few weeks back.

            Sonic Anniversary? You mean that rumour which that Spanish website had on their website 3 days before TSSZ wrote their article? Yet for some reason they claim they broke the story first? Makes no sense at all.

        2. If you think that becuase TSSZ made up some suspictiously long post about a not-even-announced game (given that TSSZ is well-know for being flat-out liars) is legit at all, then you’re incredibly silly.

  1. Wait a minute…

    Sonic 4: Episode 2
    Sonic Generations

    ….. What was the first multiplatform game in the row… Sonic Colors was Wii exclusive, Sonic 4: Episode 1 was on Wii and Sonic Unleashed was on Wii. (or are we not counting that?)

  2. heres how i think sonic diemensions should play out: sonic has his own diemesnsion and is trying to stop eggman once again . for the first time ever eggman wins causeing a rip in every diemension through every diemension each of sonics friends are the hero of tht diemension. tails,knukles,shadow,silver,blaze etc. thrrough all this sonic finds away to comuincate with all the other heros in there diemensions and tells them of the crysis which is being affected in there timelines as basically u play as all these chracthers in there diemensions trying to stop various vilanns from the sonic unviverse and the enemys could be taken from the arichie comices thts how u think sonic diemensions should go

    1. even if i did have a wii u and it came out. i probably wouldn’t buy it unless it looked awesome on Youtube.

      I would just play the 25th anniversary Zelda game for the Dsi (download only). And just pretend it’s sonic and the black knight but colorful………. sounds like a colors 2…..(sonic, not zelda)….


    I just don’t get it. Why would Sega not bring it to Wii? If they want to bring Sonic 4 to the widest possible audience, wouldn’t putting it on Wii make that audience wider still? It just doesn’t make any sense!

    This is a hammer blow to my faith to Sega. I’ve been waiting for this game ever since episode 1, pruely because of Tails. I’ve been wanting to play as my favvourite character again ever since Heroes. And then Sega stabs me in the back by not bringing it to Wii, and then, to pry the wound open, they start making Sonic Diminesions.

    I think Dimensions is a perfect sign of what Sega is doing wrong: Completely ignoring all the characters that have been introduced and established. Why use multicoloured Sonics when you could easily use Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and Silver instead? You’ve got the characters, Sega. Why don’t you use them?

    I’m tired of playing as just Sonic over and over again. Playing as different couloured Sonics just rubs salt in the wound. Give me Tails! Give me Knuckles! Give me Amy! Give me Shadow! Give me Blaze! Give me Silver! Give me Marine! (That’s not a joke, btw. I honestly want Marine.)

    *RANT END*

    1. Because Sonics the main lead and the games were going downhill when the other cast took his limelight, Gamers , public etc just want sonic as the playble character with a rare few not minding Tails and knuckles apart from them two, sonic is all people want and SonicTeam are finding ways to keep sonic as the main, hence Classic sonic, hence why they might be making it loads of different coloured sonics etc.

      i for one whos now back to enjoying sonic again is loving sonic as the only playble im not missing the others at all, but if i was asked if i would like other playble cast i would say just tails, knuckles and Blaze.
      the others im not fussed with.

      1. This is where we disagree entirely. I’m sick of just Sonic. I want the others in on the action as well.

        You want to know a secret? I joined the Sonic fanbase not for the gameplay, music, or anything like that. I joined because of the characters. All of them different and diverse, with so much variety in such a large and colourful cast.

        My hope is that one day, Sega makes a spinoff series around each of them. there’s so much potential with this, being able to look into each of their backstories, the obstacles they’ve had to overcome, how Sonic has helped them grow, and what awaits them in the future. (Except for Shadow, naturally. He’s already been covered in that regard.) This would be the perfect way for Sega to branch out into multiple genres, as Iizuka stated in the past. Adventure/flight sim for Tails, beat em up for Knuckles, puzzle/platformer for Silver, and so on and so forth.

        Make it happen, Sega.

        1. Sorry but I’m with SK72 on this one. Sonic has re-established himself to some extend in recent years without his annoying fur-pals. If Sega can’t write good diologue or script for these characters then why bother; keep it simple.

          I barely understand outside of artistc design how many of the new characters such as Big, Shadow, Silver, Cream etc are popular. Many new character’s gameplay was redundant and not handled well BECAUSE it branched off into new areas. Fishing, hunting, shooting etc it all fell flat. Why risk that again?

          You joined because of the characters. Fine, I can live with that but saying you don’t care about gameplay and then demanding changes to it is absurd.

          1. Maybe I should clarify a little. I was PO’d earlier.

            I’m not saying that I hate the gameplay. I love it. The hedgehog engine really captures a feeling of speed. I’m just saying that Sonic on his own is getting tiresome. Sega could very easily make other characters playable with the same engine, each with unique abilities. Black Knight got it right, (even if the game was a letdown,) why not do it again? I think the more able characters like Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze and Silver could all work in Unleashed style gameplay.

            “Why risk it all again?” By the sounds of things, Sega’s already planning that. Remember what Iizuka said back in November: β€œWe will probably see Sonic going into other genres of games and also seeing Sonic in different media.” I think the other characters would be perfect for this. If a game’s a success, then that’s fine. But if it fails, it’s not necessarily Sonic’s fault.

        2. They aren’t bringing it to Wii because Nintendo’s console’s ruin downloadable title’s graphics and amount of thing’s they can put in the game. They even had to alter the music in Episode 1 to make it fit the Wii’s storage.

          It’s better to forget the Nintendo consoles when it comes to downloadable titles. That way they can look better and you can play them longer without beating the game in 20 minutes.

          And while I agree a game where you play as Tails and Knuckles as well is great, I don’t agree with THAT many characters. If your so desperate to play as all those people play the Olympic Games series. Nintendo and SEGA did that so fans like you could shut up and savor what you get.

          *(End Of A Smart Persons Rant)*

    2. Dimensions still isn’t confirmed to exist, and he was talking about episode 1 when they wanted to reach the widest audience possible. This time it seems they want to make the best experience possible and WiiWare’s 40mb limit isn’t going to be compatible with that.

      Honestly I would be shocked if this doesn’t eventually see light on WiiU or 3DS, and even if it doesn’t it’s all but confirmed Sonic 4 will eventually be on Steam.

      Blame Nintendo for having an online system that’s about 5-10 years behind everyone else. You can push and squeeze to scale a game down only so much before it becomes harmful to the development of the game on all systems.

    3. Because the Wii is kinda crap when it comes to DLC, No hard drive and limitation on file size mean that it shoots developers in the foot and it seems that they’re finally waking up to that fact.

  4. Uhm… People! About Sonic Dimensions we are raging about multi-colored Sonic but you know what? I did an analysis!

    So first Generations is relased. It re-introduces Sonic friends to main series after 5 lont years.
    Now Sonic 4 ep 2 is annouced where first time since Sonic 06 we play as different character than Sonic in a mainstream game.

    Now to Sonic Dimensions. As some here may know I have a friend in game developing studio. He is one of creative directors. So I had a chat with hjm about that Dimensions rumor. We were at the bar chatting about some things so I asked “Well we had some interesting rumors going on lately. Can you tell me what do you think?” I explained whole Rumor to him. He said (note that We are from Poland so its my translation) “Hm… I’m not really that into Sonic (thats bullshit he loves Adventure 1 and 2 πŸ˜› ) but thats rather strange concept. That site [TSSZ] claim that their Source works for SEGA or is in some relation to them rignt? But he is not very high. If some producer or director leaked something like this he would have ninjas at his door in seconds. So we should assume its some random worker that isnt really into project. All people who make game cant leak anytning or they can be sued. They got it in contract. And trust me ninjas follow them everywhere [he laughed here]

    “So assuming it was just some worker (his bet: Friend of a friend of community manager or some kid) he isnt really into project. So he probably saw something in really early states of development. And here is funny thing. You see in early states of development aprox. Till Alpha stages, some of the stages are ready but characters models not. So they need to begin testing but how? Its quite easy. They use one model thats ready and change his assets and often color pallete too so they can see which is which. Now tell me are there any characters that match description of those “re-colors”?”

    And I answered… Well when I think about it… Yeah! Purple one is like Silver the Hedgheog, Yellow one is like Shadow, Exploding one can be Blaze, Slow one can be Knuckles and Green One (probably flying one) can be Tails!”

    He said “You see! But yeah for now its rumor. Furthermore I doubt SEGA will make such game WiiU exclusive. After high sells of Colors they will want more. I think they are testing HD consoles market witj Generations. I think WiiU can be lead platform but you shouldnt put X360 and PS3 relase out of question.”

    So yeah. Take this analysis as you wish.

    1. I agree with you but you made mistake “”Now Sonic 4 ep 2 is annouced where first time since Sonic 06 we play as different character than Sonic in a mainstream game.””. Generations confirmed that Secret Rings was mainstream game. With thats said Black Knight is probably mainstream as well and in BK you could play as Blaze, Knuckles and Shadow. So its first time we can play as other character since Sonic 4 Ep.1. But I might be wrong πŸ™‚

      1. I think Storybook are more of a “canon Spin-off” just like Rivals and Rushes. The fact that they are canon doesnt make them mainstream. Example Battle isnt mainstream but it is canon. So its first time since 06 in a mainstream game πŸ™‚

    2. What you and your friend said, made Dimensions a bit more believable, for me. Anyway, no Wii version for S4EP2, is giving Sonic U more development time.

      1. I also REALLY want Dimensions to be true! I want the good side of Eggman to guide me! Its cool that Eggman is evil and all, but I think it would be FANTASTIC to see the good side of Eggman.

        1. I wouldn’t mind if it was true either still the gimick of Dimensions sounds pretty coo πŸ™‚ but I kinda wish more characters would of been playable in the next Sonic game but still I’d be happy if Dimensions was true.

  5. Eh, this would bother me if this was announced a few months ago.
    When it was announced that Generations was gonna be on pretty much all consoles except for Wii, I feverishly saved up as much money as I can to buy a PS3 and the game.
    Looks like I should just download the full version of Ep. 1 from PSN now that I know this. lol

  6. Sounds to me like it’s going to be a launch download for the Wii U. They didn’t say it won’t be coming out on Nintendo platforms. Just that it won’t be coming out on the Wii. Wii U has a 2012 launch date, as does Sonic 4e2. He also specifically said that “but that doesn’t mean the SEGA isn’t supporting Nintendo platforms, we have a very strong partnership and will continue to do so.”

    Sonic 4 episode 1 will probably launch an HD version at the same time for a discount so you can pick them both up.

    1. That’s the point. He’s trying not to make Nintendo look bad, by NOT saying that they have a 40MB file size limit.

  7. Steam release anyone?

    That and why it ain’t comin to wii (Don’t care cuz my wieless modem died πŸ™ ) cuz their making it probably have more than 40 MB of data …. dang nintendo restrictions

  8. Again, not too happy about Ep. 2 not making the Wii, but I understand clearly why it had to be. Of course if SEGA said it true that they plan to continue supporting Nintendo with their games, can we hope for Ep. 2 on Wii U, or maybe the eShop on 3DS? πŸ™‚

  9. I really am not happy about this, so what are Wii owners that have Episode 1 supposed to do then? they wasted money on it hoping that they’ll play the rest of the episodes, but I see that’s not going to happen

    Bad move Sega, very bad move.

    Also, Im really confused, why do people here think that this “Sonic Dimensions” is a legit game?

    1. Because they can have other opinions and may actually like the setting of the supposed game?

      Dunno, that’s what I think.

      1. that’s not how things work, when you get something that is EPISODE 1 is because you’re also expecting to get and EPISODE 2 and so on.

  10. 3DS or Wii U release please. Or an actual answer. Not some dumb crap excuse. That really is the worst part of everything. Not giving an actual answer.

        1. Well you appear to be a good person. So I will answer your question:

          There is no Sonic 4 EP 2 for Wii U or 3DS.

  11. I was gonna be sad, Wii was the only thing I had.

    But now I have a 360, so I can play the game when it releases πŸ™‚

    Still, bad move SEGA. Couldn’t you do a downgraded version for the Wii?

    1. Downgrading a game which will probably be about 1.5 – 2GB in size to a mere 40MB is easier said than done.

  12. Okay…I’m confused why is everybody suddenly talking about Dimensions? it hasn’t been confirmed yet has it? :L I thought it was a rumor…? :S

  13. So this “Sonic Dimensions” rumor, I can’t really decide what to think of it. I guess if it was true, that would make it the second game in a row that’s likely to have been inspired by issue #25 of the Sonic X comics.

    I always pictured a “Sonic Dimensions” as a game with, you know, alternate dimensions (I really don’t get the whole “spit personality” thing). Dimensions like a steampunk dimension, a SatAM dimension, our own reality, and I know this is my inner meme-fanatic talking, but an AOSTH dimension would be awesome.


    I loved Sonic 4 Ep. 2 regardless of all the hate it got. I would be willing to pay for a Wii version of the next. I would put up with downgraded graphics (they don’t matter to me) and music (What’s the big deal with that?). I have currently no faith in SEGA.

  15. Guess I won’t be playing Sonic 4 past Episode 1 unless Sega brings the remaining episodes to Wii U.

    Which they had sure better. I didn’t buy 1/3 of a game for nothing, Sega.

  16. “the reason Episode I was on the Wii was because we wanted to bring the Sonic 4 saga to the widest possible audience.”
    Wasn’t on Droid or PC. Widest possible audience my ass. That’s fine though. It was an embarrassment anyways. Let’s just hope Episode II is actually good. And please get rid of that god awful Sonic 1 emerald stage. Sonic 2 emerald stage please.

  17. Dear God, I hope Sonic Dimensions isn’t real. Honestly, the whole “multi-colored Sonics” thing sounds utterly ridiculous. Assuming that the rumor’s true (which I highly doubt), then that I could safely say that it’s the worst idea they’ve come up with since Sonic & the Black Knight, and this is coming from a guy who thoroughly enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog, and pretty much played it to death.

    Also, I’m in agreement with what some other people have been saying. I’m also sick of Sonic being the only playable character nowadays. Not counting the Sonic CD remake, no one other than him has been playable in a mainstream console game in five years. Having multi-colored Sonics with the exact same abilities as Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, and Blaze is an extra slap in the face to people who are looking to play as other characters besides Sonic.

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