Sonic Generations Review Roundup

Sonic’s big 20th Anniversary title Sonic Generations is now available to purchase in the US and the press are all unleashing their final verdicts on the game. Most critics seem to have enjoyed the game, with many scoring the game an 8 or an higher variant of the number. Below, we have a list of many of the reviews out there listed from highest to lowest.

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Australian gaming website PALGN has also released its review of Sonic Generations today and has given the game its highest score yet – 9.5/10.

What are your thoughts on the critical praise so far? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Thanks to SSMB member Blue Blood for the list!

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  1. im playing the game right now and it deserves a lot higher than some of these scores. i’d def give it a 9/10. Smooth controls all around, very responsive. classic sonic plays just like i remember and modern sonic has an Adventure feel to it and i loved the adventure games. There really couldnt be a better tribute.

  2. I think the rewievs are absolutley perfect!
    Higher would be overrated.
    Less would be not fair.

    So 8-9 is perfect.

    I would give a 7-8/10 for the game. I really enjoyed it, but it was to short. Even with the challenges.
    And I don’t like the story + german synchro.

      1. I never said anything about what my favorite “gaming series” was, and there’s no way you would know. And why would anyone think they weren’t harsh enough?

  3. Out of interest, all the reviews cite how long it takes to play through basic (five hours), but not how long it takes to unlock everything. Does anyone know this? I don’t want to get all the S-ranks, but unlock everything aside from that. Does anyone have any indication?

    Reason I ask is I’m a busy masters student, and don’t know if I can afford to play the game now, or wait until Christmas. I REALLY want to play it now, though.

  4. i just got the game today and i would give it around a 9 out of 10. i think the story could have been a little better but everything else is perfect. cant wait for sonic dimensions

    1. My vote goes for Sonic 5. We first get Sonic 4 ep 2 as a game in between. Followed by one BIG 3d release of Sonic 5.

      Why, because 5 years from now, what is kind of a road to take, sonic get’s 25… With Sonic 4 Ep 2 to be completely boring compared to generations, sonic needs to make another great comeback like it does now. And I think Sonic 5 will do this for us. A brand new story build upon sonic 1-4 with both classic and modern playstyle. Only difference between those will be the camera position.

      With that being said, the wii U version sounds awesome too. To bad I won’t purchase a boring Wii U with outdated graphics (and it’s just 1 year lifespan untill bankrup) for just one Sonic game. Hope it comes on Xbox / PC too.

      1. dude nintendo says the graphics will be more better than the ps3 and xbox360, better hardware and better software. So why hate on something that you dont the information about?

        1. Until a year or two later Microsoft and Sony release another system that beats Nintendo’s ass once again.

          Give it up Nintendo, at this rate your fate will be just as SEGA’s with console releases.

          With Nintendo’s handheld systems releasing far too much and costing far too high like laptops and ipods with far too little people with the money to buy them all, consoles releasing that only outdo other consoles for a year or two before other industries create better ones, and game releases that are the same as the last such as Mario’s repeated Super Bros. style gameplay titles… Face it Nintendo we are all getting bored of your titles and your always falling behind of other industries consoles.

          SEGA does what Nintendon’t and SEGA still had to stop making consoles. So your next losers.

      2. Tell me where you saw confirmation that the Wii U will be boring, have outdated graphics, or have a one-year lifespan, or that Nintendo will go bankrupt.

    2. If this rumor is true, it means that I can predict the future. I had that idea months ago! If there was a Sonic Dimensions, it could feature one dimension that resembles that of the AOSTH cartoon, one in a steampunk-type universe, and one that resembles the SatAM cartoon.

  5. I’ve found out the average review score (of the above) – it’s 79%! (unless I messed up)
    Pretty good πŸ™‚

    1. There are a few more reviews not on the list that are out there and a bunch more to come yet. I can’t see it going much lower than that percentage, if it does at all, though.

    1. LOOOOOL i hope that we won’t see expressions with anders breivik just because norway gave a 4 lol

  6. so… anyone kinda curious why classic tails can talk but REAL sonic cant. then again everyone would complain if he did.

  7. Reviews are reviews, let the critics be. We the fans should just show some love. =D
    Just go enjoy the game, don’t worry what the naysayers nag about.

  8. i hate all the ratings of this apart from a few i give it over 999999999999999/biggest number ever in the universe

    Shadzter edit: Please don’t post long chains of characters like you did with those 9’s. It’s spam and it stretches the page.

  9. Gotta love how people just seem to miss the fantastic 9.5 score by PALGN AU. Read the review. It’s freakin incredible.

  10. Wooo! Aussies know how to review πŸ˜€ xD These scores are awesome! (except 4.0, WTF?) Can’t wait to get this!!!! According to Steam, the PC version in US is Nov 5th.

  11. WOW Pretty Good πŸ™‚ very positive for once…FINALLY I still don’t believe other past games deserved that but oh well but Wow 40% O.O from Game Reactor Norway what the hell? :/ aside from that review ever (wow) Everything else seems good AWESOME and only 3 mroe days till Generations is out πŸ˜€ My CE will be comming on Friday to all Sonic fans in the USA hope you enjoy Generations buy it now it’s your chance quickly you have plenty of time before Christmas I’m sure haha πŸ™‚

  12. With those numbers, the average is 79.1% and if you throw out Norway’s outlier (which is common to do) you get 80.4.
    Maybe Norway scores like golf? 6/10? lol.

  13. Why is G4tv even in this, their nothing but a bias fps loving people who dont even play games.First, they have attention because they have hot women(like ign) in order to get views and crap.the only games they love are mmos(basically), fighting and fps, anything other than that, they hate it. secondly, I know for a fact “THEY HAAATE SONIC” with passion for no absolute reason. I never liked G4tv freaking reviews and ratings because they’re a bunch of crap.

    1. You do make a point about their particularity. However, they’re funny as hell sometimes. I sincerely believe they need reviewers with…. varied interests

  14. Gametrailers rated the Game 81. Pretty good I think, even though I think it could have been a. 8.5-Rating, especially because there was only few criticism about this game.
    Well, who cares. Sonic is really back and IΒ΄ll enjoy this game to the very least. =)

    1. No, I didn’t. It’s at the bottom of the article πŸ™‚ The chart was made before that review popped up, so I had to feature it separately.

  15. I just bought my game a few hours ago and have been playing it since. Ive only played to Crisis City, lol. It’s a 9.3 overall for me.

    Also… is it considered a sin if you play classic green hill while blasting splash hill zone as the music?… xD

  16. Also, can’t wait to see every inch of every hub world in color! Major reason to beat all the side missions!

    Very cool.

  17. I agree with the 8s that the game has been getting. it’s about spot on. The thing that upset me the most, was that Modern Sonic unleashed levels and styles were better than the generation renditions. Also the homing attack glitched on me quite a bit. But still fun and pretty

  18. i wish ign uk would either do their own review or have their own input on top of what have to say, laziness and sucks balls. :/

  19. also, is there any way of getting an english translation of what Game Reactor Norway had to say? would love to know how they could criticise a game that has otherwise been positively received by most other reviewers, even ones with biased views. the only thing i could think of them saying for 4/10 is “modern sonic exactly like sonic 06, all levels are purely rehashed, classic sonic could have been pulled off on a ps2 therefore is outdated, if you like classic, go and buy one of the various and cheap incarnations of the collections. too little too late.” – that isn’t my view, but that’s what i’d imagine someone to say in a nutshell that doesn’t rate the game, and thus gives it a sub-par score.

    i on the other hand am wildly excited about friday!

  20. not sure where it is best to post this, but i’ve just received an email from grainger games, through whom i pre-ordered the ps3 collectors edition, stating:

    Your Grainger Games web sale will be despatched today using Royal Mail First Class Recorded post.
    The Tracking number is XX999999999GB (edited)
    Our Invoice number is 99999 (edited)
    The following item will be despatched:
    PS3 – Sonic Generations Collectors Edition (New)”

    i reckon i’ll be getting this a day early then! shame i have to wait til xmas to play it, dependent on a few factors of course! xD

  21. Have the game…amazing game! Best Sonic game! My only fault with it, is the story. It could have been longer, and possibly more cutscenes and such. But, either way, still doesn’t take away from the fact that the game is awesome! The music is also amazing!

    1. Best sonic game? O goodness I think my organs exploded… I sure do hope you have played the genesis and dreamcast sonic games.

      1. They were great for their times.
        But its time to move on!
        And Generations was the best so far.
        I think Sonic games are really turning out to the good way.

      2. I’ve played every game that has a huge reputation in Sonic. I have this game and completed it. I’ll tell you what, it kicks the shit outta those games.

  22. To everyone complaining that it’s a bit short, there’s going to be DLC to expand it (according to gametrailers.) Admittedly that’s extra expense, but still.

  23. Just read the Gamereactor Norway review, the guy actually thinks Sonic 4 is good and goes as far as recommending it over Generations. Yeah, I dont need to say anything else…

  24. I’d say 8-8.5 is fair.
    Glitches in the Homing Attack target system are my major flaw with the game. The Perfect Chaos fight is the worst for it.

    Unfortunately the way the stages are set up means that skill will be a major factor in game enjoyment. If you’re sucking at the level, battling along the lowest path, and THEN a mistargeted Homing Attack sends you to your doom… I can see reviewers less skilled at Sonic knocking off half a point out of ten right there.

  25. Haven’t beaten it yet, but it certainly deserved to lose some points for controls. I miss the tighter control of the Dreamcast/Gamecube days…It always feels like I’m fighting water to turn (and this is from standing still, mind you). It’s annoying, I’ll admit.

    Also, I hate Amy’s voice XD But that’s just me.

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