Sonic Generations Drops in the UK Chart

Despite a full week of sales last week, Sonic Generations has dropped in the UK charts. In the top 40 All Formats chart, the game dropped eleven places from No.10 to No.21. In the Individual Units chart, the Xbox 360 version has plummeted from No.14 to No.32 and the PS3 version dropped from No.21 to No.37. In the top 40 Xbox 360 chart, Sonic Generations fell six places from No.6 to No.12, while in the top 30 PS3 chart, the game dropped just three places from No.6 to No.9.

With big titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception released last week and more heavy hitters to come, Sonic Generations may find itself struggle to grab sales. We’ll update you next Monday with this week’s sales chart results for Sonic Generations and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, which is released this Friday on Wii in Europe.

Source: Chart Track

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  1. lol, that’s what happens when you release a game at the same time as when the heavy hitters are coming.

  2. See, keeping sonic as a childs game is destroying it. It’s oobvious that all good games these days are mature ones. Tell me one anticipated game thats not!! Sonic needs to go where its at. I dont like this Sonic is a kid notion anymore. Expand on the adventure games and try again sega

      1. SEGA please screw this person and listen to the smart one mentioning story and mature gameplay.

        Sonic 06 and Shadow for the WIN!!!

        1. Yes!! All hail shadow & sonic 06! Just asking, why doesn’t anyone like 06, it was the best sonic game ever

          1. Horrible graphics (apart from the end and start cutscenes) horrible storyline, promotes beastiality, Eggman looks f***ing retarded, and apparenly plays horribly.(Can’t say it does, never played it).

      1. Oh wait, sorry about that comment, I now realize your point. Should have read the comment you replied to first hehe

    1. Did you ever play Sega’s “Mature” sonic game? You know, that one that had a Shadow holding a gun. The game had crappy controls and turned out to be a terrible game at best due mainly to is idea that it wanted to “appeal” to the more mature Sonic fan. Mature games are popular now because of online multiplayer.Online Co-op in a Sonic Game could be fun though if done right.

      1. …I enjoyed the game…But then again, I’m a balance between Sonic and Halo XD

        Rocket launchers = Much fun. At least, that is my theory XD

    2. No.. jus no….
      Mario are for kids….and his games made alot of sale!

      I hate people that thinks for about Shooting and Mature games more X(
      That’s why I always stick with Nintendo!

      1. Sonic fails to reach the more “mature” audience because they think its a childs game when in fact its not. Just like Mario isnt, but mario somehow always gets good reviews even though the gameplay is the same just some updated graphics (Saying that loosely) and different level layouts…i like my action platforming…more than a childs game….mature folk ftw..

        1. THANK YOU!!!

          God I hate Mario gameplay nowdays. It is ALWAYS this shitty Super Mario Bros. style gameplay. When are these retarded industries going to get over this pain in the ass “Back To The Roots” formula crap and start being fresh again? Mario 64, sweet. Mario Galaxy? Sweet! Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Bros. on DS and Wii, Mario 3D land… SUCKS!!!! It’s just Nintendo wanting to be lazy so they don’t have to put in story and missions effort.

          Sonic games you ask? The Adventure games, sweet! Shadow and Sonic 06? Sweet! Sonic Unleashed? Eh… Okay. Sonic Colors? Unleashed engine? Meh… I guess one more time… Sonic Generations? Engine again?! Fuck you!!!

          1. Yeah, because every franchise does super dramatic changes? Not really, because outside of concept they have to stay in the realm of their genre. You can say that Sonic does different things like Riders and stuff but those were spin offs just like Mario has tons of spin offs and Megaman etc.

            The reason Mario games usually get outstanding scores firstly because the controls and character mechanics are perfect. Secondly because even in tired themes like snow, ice, fire etc there are always interesting and rewarding ideas. Thirdly is that even when the games get difficult they rarely feel unfair.

            Then again I don;t even know if you are defending Sonic or not so I don’t know why I’m debating anything.

    3. Hmm, Sonic should be a mature game? A blue talking hedgehog? Seriously, a game should be what we was created to be. Sonic was never meant to be a mature game. Now that doesn’t mean it’s a kiddie game. There are so many mature games out there with more proper characters than cute talking animals. You should pick up one of those. Sonic was not made for that.

      And, by the way, Sonic Adventure games were really mature. Specially in that part where you have to grow your virtual pets.

      1. Although, Sonic was originally created to please the American teenager audience as they outgrew Mario.

        Worked out rather well, then they deviated. When they tried to get back to something similar (Shadow), they botched that up too. I liked the game, but they should have gone for “T”, not “E10+ “.

  3. At the moment, sonic is a kiddies game. And he’ll get kiddie game sales until then.
    Mario and sonic at the olympics is a family/party game and thus its OK to be kiddie based

    1. I really hope that’s sarcasm or your joking. How about Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Rayman Origins, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland and Zelda Skyward Sword? Those are all games for “all ages” (which describes Sonic games far better than calling them “kiddie” games). While I’ll admit mature and gory games seem to sell better, its quite unfair to call Sonic a “kiddie” game. I do respect your opinions, however.

      1. Mario 3D land is the same bull crap Nintendo has BEEN releasing the past few years ever since some retard said “Hey! I know! Let’s go “back to the roots” and service our fans in the most repetitive and boring way we can! They LOVE our Bros. style and Galaxy style games! Let’s be as un-creative as Sonic Team folks! Re-hashed game’s all around!”

        So screw your comment and next time you post here TRY to be smarter.

        1. Yeah, i think u have something against Mario, thats just a guess lol. And apparantly u share this opinion with very few people, because whatever Nintendo’s doing is working. As much as i love Sonic, I’ll be enjoying BOTH Mario 3D land and Sonic Generations while u miss out on a truly amazing game, troll. And try to be a bit less hateful in ur response, although im sure u wont be.

          1. I like this guy’s attitude.
            Videogames have been around for a while. Some say a lot of the old companies have lost their sparkle, and those companies have realised that. So they are going back to their roots to see what they did wrong, and while they’re at it, they work on a game in tribute to the style. They brought back Sonic’s level designs and characters because those are the Sonic franchise’s best attributes. They brought back Mario’s 2D-similar gameplay, great controls and simple storyline because they’re good at it. So hear me now, FPS fans, Nintendo and Sonic Team have got the right idea, so go back to your COD.

  4. I’m not trying to get involved in the above statements but I always wonder out side the Sonic fan-base who buys sonic games.I’m not saying they don’t sell, nor am I saying that I don’t enjoy them I’m just saying that Sonic doesn’t seem in the pop culture wave right now. I mean outside the fan base/gamers when do you here us teens saying yeah I’m picking up that sonic gen,you know it just doesn’t seems to common place.So my question is do us fans/kids make up most of the sales if so that’s amazing to me.Again I’m not trying to start a debate I’m just stating my thoughts.

    1. I think that most of the sales went to fans or returning fans. Sonic is…somewhat out of the loop in which it was in. I think Sonic is one of the only franchises that are accurately taking on the next generations of peoples interest.

  5. Hey Shadzter, how come you won’t post up the Sonic 4:2 rumor? Do you believe its real, is that the reason why its not getting posted up? πŸ˜› I believe the level list is real, to be honest.

    1. It’s pure rumour and there’s been no solid evidence to show it’s real yet. So, just like the Sonic Dimensions rumour, I’ve not posted it. We aren’t a tabloid website that posts up every scrap of trash that hits the net. If a rumour has some decent evidence to back it up, then we might post it up, but this rumour is just word of mouth with a small image of some alleged text files that could easily be faked.

      1. then why not post the Sonic generations 3ds verison street date being broken in Spain. there is a picture to back it up

          1. trash would be the rubbish rumors like sonic 4 episode 2 levels and Sonic Dimesions. when a confirmed game has street date broken that is some news.

  6. A shame indeed, I really don’t understand this other than the fact that other big titles are released.

  7. The fact that Sonic is even competing with games like MW3, Skyrim, Battlefield 3 and Uncharted is amazing to me. Its a shame it dropped so many spots though, I really hope it doesnt get totally lost among all the great games. Im also hoping the 3DS version sells well, especially since it comes out near to Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7’s release dates. While I’m excited for sooo many games this holiday season, both the Xbox360 and 3DS versions of Sonic Generations are the top 2 games on my list. Im sure once thanksgiving rolls around here in the U.S., the sales here will begin to pick up again.

  8. People didn’t realize that it was a homing shot after all D:

    Oh well, there’s still time to get up SEGA.

  9. How about the US chart?

    Well, if its also bad for the US, I hope the Sonic balloon on Thanksgiving might save the day.

  10. that is all about “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” this is lame they got no taste, only they think about is First Person Shooting I so happy I did not play this game

    Reason: it may happened in real life (Not Kidding)

    Sonic Generations is awesome and I 100% completed the game ^v^

  11. Guys, you are forgetting that people are also buying Sonic Generations on PC, so, obviously, the sales-rate of this title will be lower, for example, on the PS3, when competing against exclusive titles like Uncharted.

  12. To be expected really. Lots of huge games were coming out this November, and I’m sure there were enough other releases that appeal to their specific fan base that Sonic Generations kind of got lost in the mix.

    In a time when people are pinching their pennies and getting gifts for others, it’s hard to justify buying Sonic if you aren’t a regular Sonic fan. It’s even harder when there are games with more content coming out and that have a larger audience base. We can insult the fans of MW3 all we want, but at the end of the day when it comes down to which game people will buy, unless they reaaaaally like Sonic (like many of us), they’d rather get the game they can play online with their friends. No puzzle here. And as hard as the ad campaign for Sonic was pushed, Sonic doesn’t get talked outside of gaming circles much anymore. I can mention at my school Mario, and everyone knows who he is. I can do the same with COD. Can’t do that with Sonic.

  13. Ive said it before and ill say it again, Gamers today (mainly kids) love Call of duty and there shooters, Sonic and all the other classic mascots are struggling due to the realistic games coming out. Kids don’t like sonic compared to COD ive seen Loads of kids picking up COD and buying it, one kid picked sonic up but then put it down in favour of battlefield 3.

    Sonic seems to be only brought Old-school gamers or Older gamers, there are some kids buying sonic of course but its rare to see them.

    1. Which is why Sonic Team including Izuka and etc are Japanese RETARDS for saying “Ooohh let’s make it a kids game with simple story duurrr huurrr huuurrr”.

      Buck toothed Japanese retard. We need Naka. -_-

  14. I’m just thinking about the many hundreds of people that pre-ordered though. Surely that would have had some effect on lack of sales over the week?

  15. guys im 12 and i got sonic generations first day and ive been playing it more than a week i got all challange missions done and i almost have every red rings i got the best out of it i enjoyed now i might just MIGHT get COD just to make fun of it lolz but at the moment im playing batman arham city ands thts good im not abig fan of shooters i love exploration in gamea and fast paced platforming ( of course πŸ˜› ) and if im in the mood and im at my friends house i might play a match of fifa so think me as a rare pokemon. im not a cod fanboy im a person who enjoys not repetive shooters, not modern warfare,and certainly not . cod in 2 seconds ” run shoot” . platforming explorations is the main games i play πŸ™‚ and this comment is wayyyyy to long XD

  16. Most of my classmates and lots of other people are too busy arguing what is better Gars of War 3 MW3 or Battlefield 3 and 2 of them are a like OMFG when I first said I like games like This and Mario over these shooters.

  17. Well i am not getting Sonic generation collection edition be curse the site i per-other it dint get the Sonic generation collection edition at all πŸ™
    So i chanced my other so now i be getting the normal version of SG and get the Legend of Zelda skywards swords limits edition and a Sonic key ring instead. I am disappointed at this site and will probably never by from them again -_-
    At least i will get a new wii controller πŸ™‚ If it not gone happen again and they say sorry the Legend of Zelda skywards swords limits edition was original gone be sold at our store but fortunately we dint get in anything so we channel your order but send us a messes if you want to chance it bla bla i think you all get it and it made me a bit frustrating that i dint get SG collection edition T-T

      1. It’s a Swedish site called Webhallen they also have stores that you can go to but i did the per-doers over internet since i don’t have one of there stores close by. I did per-other it on but it was more easy for me to pay to a Swedish site so i channel it and now i am a bit sad that i did,-_-,

  18. No real surprise. So many AAA games coming out in such a short period that Generations simply can’t compete. It’s got nothing to do with quality of gameplay, though in my opinion Generations isn’t on par with the mentioned games even though it is very good.

  19. That game in it’s self doesn’t seem to be holding up on it’s own, but I really do want to see for myself when I get a PS3 and play the damn game already.

  20. Maybe adventure, action games and FPS shouldn’t be compared that easily. People have their own tastes as Pinelark mentioned, so FPS-enthusiasts enjoy when they can, just like us. If they are more numerous than we are, yet belonging to the same generation, it means they made their choice at one point (though being a multi-genre player remains possible).

    Then the question, as SK72 referred to, would be about what series of games children know nowadays. Personally, when I see a (not full-battle or shoot) game is the 9th or 10th of its series, I don’t buy it at once (with 3 or 4 episodes, I may try to play from the beginning) because I’m afraid (and wrong). Since most of Sonic games aren’t numbered, this doesn’t exactly match Sonic Generations, but the idea is there : you’ve never known about the first games, why bother playing a anthology?

    Yet I must admit the arcade machine SEGA scattered through recent conventions had some success with children (newcomers), casual players and those who stopped playing Sonic after he went “3D”.
    But there are also children like S.K.O.R… Well, thank you for having been trying it, and I hope the released ports will help you in your possible quest of the past, if not done already.

    Hem… beautiful.

  21. To be honest….i actually would like to see a darker toned sonic game, Sonic adventure 2 had a dark tone, and unleashed did alittle,
    06….it was a good concept..,BUT just excuted poorly, Just make elise an animal and fix the bugs and it wouldve been fun,
    Sure most of you HATE 06 and shadow the hedgehog for being TOO dark, but at least they changed gameplay…Mario on the other hand….He has the same gameplay each game,
    Anyone remember conker? his games were VERY mature and yet he was a cute talking animal,
    i think has the potential to bring out a darker toned game that could be aimed at anyone, but they wont because ppl Bashed shadow the hedgehog and sonic 2006 Waaaaay to much,

    1. I guarantee that 70% of the people who bash games like Sonic 06, Shadow and Sonic Heroes are just on the bandwagon!

    2. I’m pretty sure most people hated Sonic 06 because it was a glitchy mess with a pathetic storyline, unresponsive controls and pain in the ass loading times. Shadow the Hedgehog for the same reasons but to a lesser extent. I don’t mind games being dark, in fact I love it when a series takes a dark turn but the story has to be good and the gameplay up to scratch.

  22. If people weren’t willing to support Sonic on his 20th birthday, well they just won’t see Classic Sonic ever again. Prepare for dark storylines and massive RPG environments and talking to people…. as Lord Iizuka-san will reimagine it.

  23. I think the sales will go up again when it’s christmas. And also, they realeased Uncharted and Skyrim this month so Sonic got alot of competition.

    And since we talk about that Sonic should be mature. Well, he has been waaay to childish in the last couple of games, I feel embarrassed when I watch some cutscenes cus they are so childish and stupid. It was more okay in Generations though. I think Shadow the hedgehog style is a little bit too dark, but something like SA2 or Sonic Heroes, it was something for the young but it was still serious and not embarrassing to watch.

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