Sonic Generations Climbs Back Up The UK Chart

With some discounts on the console version this past week and the release of the Nintendo 3DS and retail PC versions, Sonic Generations has jumped back up 12 places in the UK Top 40 All Formats chart this week, from No.37 to No.25.

In the Top 30 PS3 chart, the game rose from No.16 to No.13, and in the Top 40 Xbox 360 chart it stepped up two places from No.23 to No.21.

The newly released Nintendo 3DS and retail PC versions of Sonic Generations performed well in their first two days on sale. The Nintendo 3DS version debuted at No.4 in the Top 10 Nintendo 3DS chart, while the PC version entered the Top 20 PC chart at No.14.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games on Wii also saw a rise in the charts with its first full week of sales. In the Top 40 All Formats chart, Mario & Sonic’s latest Olympic collaboration shot up seven places from No.20 to No.13, while in the Top 40 Wii chart it rose from No.4 to No.2, with Ubisoft’s Just Dance 3 keeping it away from the top spot.

Will this turnaround for Sonic Generations keep up? Check back next week.

Source: Chart Track

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  1. Nice 😀 But I still haven’t found a local shop selling the PC version in Finland, I sure wonder why?
    I need to check Gamestop on Wendesday.

    But still, I hope Sonic Generations can keep it up now 🙂
    And I’m not surprised of how well M&S is selling!

  2. Probably because people already had SkyWIN and Call of Smelly on their lists before Sonic, and now that they’ve all gotten their legs over those games it’s finally Sonic’s turn

  3. ^
    Sonic was top on my want list. Obviously. I don’t hate the other ‘big’ releases, but they’re way too overhyped. Not fair. COD=Pathetic rehash EVERY time. The others, not so much. But COD… Ugh.

    1. atleast there are SOME good games in this year’s line up, such as SKYRIM (or as i call it: SKYWIN) HALO CEA (the HALO franchice’s Sonic Generations) Saints Row The Third, UNCHARTED 3 Mario 3D Land, Mario and Sonic at the london 2012 games, Sonic Generations whilst there is some that are utter bullspit (like CoH (Call of Hackers) full of unfair advantages and overpowering guns, bad-beta-field 3 (they only focused on the freaking GRAPHICS), Just Dance 3 (why does anyone want to excercise to some of the WORST songs of ALL TIME?!) and the WORST game out of all the 2011 line up: ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCON 3 (rehashed more than even CoH but with litterally NO DIFFERENCES IN ANY OF CAPCON’S REHASHES!!!!!!!!!!)

    1. What I’d REALLY love is a hack that makes Super Sonic lose 1 Ring every second with infinite boost, a la Sonic Colors.

    2. Technically, I wasn’t the first to use a hack like that. I was just the first to make a video of it in action. And still, it was just a model swap, not the actual Super Sonic skill being used.

      P.S. – Speaking of Sonic Stadium, it’s been ages since I’ve done anything here.

  4. People raging on CoD: MW3. Makes me rage myself.


    Well, now Sonic Generations can get the sales it deserves 🙂

    Shadzter I love you for having Chemical Plant as the banner~

  5. I wonder if the game is doing any better here in the US… I mean, the Thanksgiving Day Parade had to give the game some publicity.

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