Sonic Generations Avatar Content Coming to Xbox Live November 8th

According to an Xbox Live Marketplace schedule on Xbox Live’s Major Nelson’s blog, SEGA will be releasing Sonic Generations themed Avatar content next week on Tuesday November 8th. There are no details about what the actual Avatar content is or what the pricing will be, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see the above promotional Avatar outfits made available.

We’ll update when we know more.

Source: Major Nelson’s blog

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  1. Really?!?!

    I want a god damn Classic Tails Avatar item. You could have him fly! You could wear it! You could even go on Doritos Crash Course and
    you catch my drift.

    1. At least you got yours.

      Gamestop ripped me off and didn’t give me my free DLC…Although from the sound of it, I need Live. Damn. Why’d my stepdad have to lose the paper with the password for the router? >.<

  2. I hope the sonic and super sonic ones are not in there,
    that would defeat the purpose of them being avatar awards if you can just buy them >.>

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