Full Tracklist Revealed for History of Sonic Music 20th Anniversary Edition

The full tracklist has been revealed for the now renamed History of Sonic Music 20th Anniversary Edition album (previously titled Sonic 20th Anniversary Best), as well as its cover art. The CD includes 43 tracks spanning Sonic’s 20 year history, from Sonic the Hedgehog‘s Green Hill Zone to Sonic Colours‘ Planet Wisp. Also included with the CD are a couple of stickers and a code to obtain a Hero Chao statue in the Statue Room in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sonic Generations. You can view the full tracklist, art and bonuses below.

[Product Information]
Item Name: HISTORY OF SONIC MUSIC 20th Anniversary Edition
Cana Product Name: A History of Sonic Music 20th Anniversary Edition
Release Date: December 07, 2011 sale
price: 3,500 yen (tax included)
Publisher: Wave Master
Sold by Avex Marketing

[Disc 1]
Sonic 20th Sound Logo
Green Hill
Emerald Hill
Sonic… You Can Do Anything
Toxic Caves
Angel Island
Flying Battery
Midnight Greenhouse
Green Grove
Super Sonic Racing
Open Your Heart
It Doesn’t Matter
Run Through The Speed Highway
Live & Learn
Escape From The City
That’s The Way I Like It
Neo Green Hill
Leaf Forest
Sonic Stage
Sonic Heroes
We Can
Seaside Hill
Route 99
Right There, Ride On

[Disc 2]
I Am… All Of Me
Sonic Speed Riders
Quick Trip To Paradise
His World
Kingdom Valley
My Destiny
Seven Rings In Hand
A New Venture
Race To Win
Endless Possibility
The World Adventure
Rooftop Run – Day
Knight Of The Wind
Splash Hill
Reach For The Stars
Starlight Carnival
Planet Wisp

The History of Sonic Music 20th Anniversary Edition album will be released in Japan December 7th 2011 for ¥3,500. You can pre-order it now at the below retailers.
HMV Japan: ¥3,500
Amazon Japan: ¥3,500
Yes Asia: US$43.49/£28.27
CD Japan: ¥3,500

Source: Famitsu (via SEGA-Mag.com)

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  1. lol I found this out last night via play-asia, but I had no idea if it had already been covered…

    Too many OST’s!

      1. Though let’s be honest. Lots of Sonic fans (including myself) love the song because it’s grown on them over the years. But people playing the game for the first time will either find it hilarious, or quite jarring. It’s a very cheesy, nonsensical song. For those players, it’s probably better to stick with the instrumental.

  2. Awesome cover – I love the minimilism. The track listing is pretty decent too, pity they couldn’t go the whole way and do a 3-disc one, but nevermind!

  3. Got most of the music so I won’t bother. I love Sonic merch but it really feels like Sonic’s 20th is becoming more of a cash cow than delivering quality products. The “Hero Chao statue in the Statue Room” is also a perplexing addition; I’d rather have an actual statue than a virtual statue for an already released game.

  4. did anyone notice that they used the sonic the hedgehog 4: episode 1 sonic and flipped the mouth over?

      1. lol, look closely at the artwork on Sonic Advance 3 and Sonic Rush.

        To quote an old meme, Sonic doesn’t change facial expressions.

    1. The only reason they may have not included it is because of licensing issues with Bentley Jones, the guy who made the original song.

    2. I am but remember what happened last time? They dont want to lost Bentley as composer so they are playing it safe.

        1. From the sound of it, yeah. And Bentley Jones remixes tracks for a living, so that was probably a sore point for him.

  5. why the hell is the shadow the hedgehog theme song on this disc. No body wants to remember that. Heck why was it even in generations?

    1. The game was iffy with its inclusion of weapons, but game wasn’t truly that bad, as i practically loved the game. If there is a game that no one wants to remember, that would be Sonic 06

      1. If everyone forgot that game, the Modern Era would’ve had Westopolis instead of Crisis City, or even a Sonic Rush level on a console game. We’d see Black Arms aliens, and GUN Soldiers and robots.

    2. @Blues – Shadow is a kick-ass character, I dont give a shit what you say. If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all. You don’t know HOW many fans Shadow has. Why do you think in 2004, an online poll was made for a spin-off game. The majority chose Shadow, not Tails, not Knuckles, but SHADOW. If SEGA were to neer show Shadow again, you dont know how many buyers SEGA would lose. In the Sonic Generations Dreamcast trailer, at the end when it showed Shadow, so many people in the comments said:

      “OMG SHADOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!” – (Many said this)

      “SHADOW IS IN THIS?!?! NOW I AM GETTING THIS GAME!” – (Many said this)

      ” SHADOW IS GAY AS FUCK!! NOW IM NOT GETTING THIS GAME.” – ( 3 people said this, and yes i would remember because it saddened me.)

      “EEEEEEEKK! I LOVE SHADOW! Thank you so much SEGA! – (Many said this)

      “I hate Shadow” – (People said this, but oh well, haters gonna hate.)

      “SEGA should make a Shadow the Hedgehog 2!” (Many people said this, and i saw SO many likes for those comments.)

      If I were to guess who has the most fans next to Sonic and Tails, I would say Shadow.

      *Calms mind down* I just needed to let out some steam 🙂

      If you were wondering why Shadow the Hedgehog’s theme was in Generations, it was because SEGA was putting in ALL of the main theme songs into Generations. duh. Why else to you think Open your heart, Live and Learn, Sonic Heroes, Un-Gratify, His World, Endless Possibilities, (Sonic and the Secret Rings Main Theme), Knight of the wind, and Reach for the stars were in there? Think bro, think.

      1. Agreed Ricky 🙂 whoa that’s a lot of steam o_o Personally I thought SHth OST was good 🙂 so I think it’s great that it’s included in the 20th album this will be a good treat for Sonic fans in Japan. 🙂

        1. Wow, nice rant.

          All I’ll say is that StH had nice length to the game, something Generations lacked, and a great soundtrack (Generations did not lack this).

          …Oh, and Chaos Blast.

          1. Lol, now that I look back at my post, I feel kinda mean, still I’m glad I got that off my chest. 🙂 I didn’t mean for it to be a rant, I was just saying some good points.

            @Blues – I didn’t mean this EXACTLY towards you. I have seeen SO much negativity on Shadow its not even funny anymore. People say, Shadow is just a retarded recolor, Shadow sucks, Shadow has no personality, Shadow is a shitty Sonic, just like Silver.

            I enjoy Shadow SO much, but I am embarrassed to say I am a fan of him, because I will get hit with criticism. 🙁

            Blues, when I saw your comment, I just lost it. Truthfully, I am not sorry of what I said. I felt that what I’ve said right. I’m just hoping you can understand why I have said that. Thanks, and take care. 🙂

            @C.J – Yeah, haha, hey, who’s your favorite Sonic character? Mine is Knuckles! I gotta admit, after seeing every episode of Sonic X, I’ve grown more fond of Knuckles. 🙂

            @Grassy – (Chaos Blast) DEATH TO ALL WHO OPPOSE ME!! xD

    1. Quick Trip to paradise is from Rivals. Its composes by Jun and Bentley. First one is from Knuckles Chaotix if I remember right.

      1. Midnight Greenhouse is (Knuckles’) Chaotix. Botanic Base is the level associated with the song.

  6. >Starlight Carnival
    >That’s The Way I Like It
    >Rooftop Run Day
    Best album ever because of those alone.

  7. I can’t understand why didn’t they put What I’m made of and Dreams of an Absolution, they are 2 of the best Sonic songs… And I would have liked Aquarium Park, instead of Starlight carnival, and Crisis city instead of Kingdom Valley. Apart from that, it is very good.

    1. Dang, what is that song?? Im so close, but my mind just goes blank!! All I know is that it is from Sonic Classic during a boss. Did SEGA make this? (Not the 8-bit, but you know what I mean)

      1. 8-bit is right. its from Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog. you’ll find this song in any sonic vid game. this was mostly played while in Robotnik’s Fortress.

    2. damn why the fuck didn’t Sega think of this. Fluttersoard you are a fucking genius! you just won the internet.

    1. SEGA hasn’t done remix albums in AGES. Lol, its SEGA spelled backwards! What, you already knew that? ._. Now I feel lame. Jkjk xP

  8. Sonic Generations 3DS is currently 02 in GAME’s top 10 3DS chart! I’ve got photo proof if you need it!

    1. *Fangirl scream* Show it! 😀

      Though I wonder how the game is doing overall…?

      Goma, you know how Shadzter gives us news about how good and bad Sonic Generations is selling? He says like, Sonic Gen is barely in the UK’s Top 40 Chart.

      Where can you find a UK and US chart for games? I really wanna know how well Gen 3ds will do in the US!

    2. Really? post the photo please, that’s good news I decided not to get the 3DS version but I’m suprised it’s doing well I’m not hating on the 3DS version it actually looks okay who knows a lot of fans may find the 3DS better (superior) than the console version but each to his/her own I suppose 🙂 I’m not getting it though for money reasons and other reasons, need other games for Christmas and for the New Year I am getting the Olympics though.

    1. I love that song too it’s a shame it’s not on the album. But still a lot of great tracks, fans in Japan will fall in love again…

  9. hello there, could anybody tell me if this is being released in the UK? also, if its not, about how manu UK sterling pounds will this be?

  10. Nice tracklist, its filled with plenty of memories. But wait, a full Generations OST is on the way too.
    I wonder what Jun has in store. =D

  11. Awesome! Hopefully getting this for Christmas! 2 songs are missing though, that I would like to see on here: Dreams of an Absolution, and Speak with Your Heart. Other then that, great track list!

  12. To anyone who owns this album, what are the composition credits (if any) for Flying Battery Zone, Neo Green Hill Z0ne, Leaf Forest, Sonic Stage [Emerald Beach?] and Route 99?

    Here’s what I think they are:

    FB – Tomonori Sawada [hopefully they go beyond “SEGA” this time]
    NGH – Tatsuyuki Maeda
    LF – Teruhiko Nakagawa
    SS/EB – Tatsuyuki Maeda
    R99 – Kenichi Tokoi

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