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Hey guys. With Generations barely a week away, we know that plenty of you will have already preordered it in anticipation of ripping open the packaging on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/whatever-day.

But for those of you who haven’t yet taken the plunge, we’re opening a new Buyer’s Guide section of the site. While we’ll eventually be expanding to cover all sorts of Sonic merch, we’re starting with the big name right now.

TSS Buyer’s Guide for Sonic Generations

Inside you’ll find a list of what we think are the best deals in the UK right now, along with a couple of US options, and all we know about the dwindling stock of the Collector’s Edition. If you’ve been out and about and have found another retailer (particularly in the US) with a competitive price, we’d love to hear from you.

We’d also love to hear with you think of the Buyer’s Guide idea, or any suggestions for it, here in the comments.

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  1. I think this is a fantastic idea :D. Be sure to include PC prices aswell. (im a PC gamer πŸ˜› ) I think you should do 2 lists. One is online retailers and the other is shop retailers, like GAME or Gamestation etc where u can go and get the game yourself for those who dont buy online. But if that’s too much hassle, im sure just a list of all the online retailers should be fine, all the real shop retailers have their own websites anyways (some that have a slight discount from instore may i add)

  2. What I wonder is will the CE’s sold outside the UK be English text on the contents inside or not. |:

  3. 2nd Heads up ~ Pre-order the regular version on BigW (Australia) website, and you receive one of those shoe keyrings free

  4. I noticed this statement on the buyer’s guide:

    “Unfortunately, Sega aren’t releasing the PC version of Generations outside of Europe.”

    Actually they are, it’s just not a physical release, there is a pre-purchase for it up on Steam right now.

    Pre-purchasing it net’s you Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic 3D Blast to go along with it, those two games can be downloaded the moment you pre-purchase the game. The PC price is $29.99, which is by far the best price stateside, however the steam version is out on November 4th instead of the 1st. It looks as though Steam is the only place you can find the PC version of Sonic Generations over here, as well.

    Sorry if this was already known, I just didn’t see it on the buyer’s guide, so… yeah. ^^;

  5. Steam’s deal is pretty wicked, tho’.

    Preorder for 30 bucks, and you get S3&K and Sonic 3D Blast (not sure if Saturn or Genesis, most likely the latter) for free.

  6. About the CE. If I did manage to get it, would the documentuary and cd work? (is in scotland) and what about the language of the game itself?

    1. The game itself should contain all languages. Depending on whether you order from, the case may be a different language though(For example from it’ll probably have german on the box). As for the extra disks, they’ll be fine as long as you order from Europe. The DVD might not work(They may make the dvd region 0, but who knows) if you import from Australia, since they are region 4, however all of europe(Bar Russia and two or three others) is region 2 so you’ll have no problems with that.

  7. I was just checking some of the ebay prices of the Collector’s Edition. The must think we’re stupid because they’re charging Β£399.99 for a Collector’s Edition??

    1. Wait until they’re all gone and it’ll sky rocket. You might think it’s silly money but to collectors who missed out, they’ll end up taking them. |:

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