Sonic Generations Preview Round-up, More Info & Gameplay Footage


It appears SEGA’s embargo that IGN mentioned before has now lifted, as gaming websites SPOnG, CVG, and GamesRadar have all just unleashed new previews of a near-final build of Sonic Generations, which give us some new nuggets of information. CVG has also provided new gameplay footage of Classic Sonic’s Sky Sanctuary Zone stage.

SPOnG’s preview is written by this website’s very own Svend Joscelyne/Dreadknux and tells us more about the game’s missions. Two new Speed Highway screenshots are also included.

Inbetween these stages, you’ll get the opportunity to play optional missions. There are five missions for both Classic and Modern Sonic in each zone, and will mix up the core stage in some form. Other characters will take an active role in helping you out, but for now we only know of Tails’ involvement in these levels. A mission called ‘Way Past Fast’ sees you race against the Tornado plane, piloted by the two-tailed fox

Other missions include Doppelganger races, against another Sonic, and a mission called ‘Look Out Below’ which challenges you to complete a remixed Green Hill Zone stage with breakable platforms. In each of these, the main elements of the core stage remains the same, but enemy placements will change and you may even explore completely different looking areas than you would in the main level

In’s preview, there is an example of what part Sonic’s friends play in gameplay:

You don’t actually play as, say, Knuckles, but in one mission you can take advantage of the red echidna’s fists, where a tap of the button sends him burrowing into the ground for rings. As well as this there are time attacks, high speed challenges and doppelgänger races, which has you racing against the ‘other’ Sonic. Considering modern Sonic has homing attacks and the such, the odds are always stacked against his older, squatter counterpart – which is half the fun.

GamesRadar gives a bit more information about the opening of the game’s story:

The game’s plot is told through deliciously self-referential cut-scenes. Sonic eats chilli dogs while holding Amy at arms length literally with his whole hand over her face as she runs on the spot trying to get to him. But just as it’s getting all cosy, a vortex opens up in the space/time continuum and all of Sonic’s buddies (which include some Chaotix members) get sucked into it. Some cynics would likely be happy to leave the game there, having solved the most irksome problem of the past 19 years, but they’d be missing out on some gorgeous gameplay, so let’s carry on.

GamesRadar also previews the 3DS version and praises the 3D effect:

The 3DS version of Sonic Generations is very different compared to the ‘big’ game, but at the same time very similar in that the more platform-centric Classic Sonic levels are countered by faster, more dazzling Modern Sonic levels. But they all look great in 3D. I played for a long while with the 3D slider up full and it didn’t feel strained on my eyes, which was good. It can look a little simplistic in the over-the-shoulder Modern sections, but that’s to keep the speed and fluidity up, which is obviously vitally important.

All four previews are extremely positive, which is very good to see this close to release when reviews will soon be due. Will Sonic Generations be critically acclaimed? We’ll have to wait and see…

To read the full previews, head over to the links below.

Sources: SPOnG, CVG, and GamesRadar [PS3/Xbox 360 & 3DS]

Thanks to SSMB member ForgeCircuit for the heads up!

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    1. Yeah, I saw that. Looks like they’ll have a preview up today, too.

      I like it whenever Kotaku post something about Sonic. I get on my battle gear, climb the watch tower to listen out for anyone who mentions “The Sonic Cycle”, and… make my move.

      1. i too was waiting for that lol, and seeing they way the preview was handled they sounded a little sarcastic with the game. sonic on snes come on, he was being dum on purpose if you ask me

  1. XD looks like comment on the previous topic is pointless. Oh well, I do like the music it really sound like the orignal and if the embrago is lifted, IGN would load up their preview up…right?

  2. So according to videogamer.. Classic and modern sonics can both race eachother… Which means, classic sonic in modern levels? 😀 The classic in modern hacks proved to be true! 27 more days! well, 30 for me because im english.

    1. Apparently, if you’ve pre-ordered the collector’s Edition, you get the game on the same day as the US.

      1. really? 😮 well no i just ordered the game with DLC, no CE.. ah well i can wait 3 extra days lol

  3. I can honsetly say this is my most anticipated game, this year, bit disappointed I don’t get to play as Tails or knuckles in missions but never mind…. (dlc maybe… hopefully lol) so glad I’m getting my collector’s edition too November 4th can’t come soon enough.

  4. As bias and bad IGN are at reviewing Sonic games I still hope they release their preview soon. (but not to know what they think, but to see some awesome gameplay!)

        1. I don’t really hate IGN, but they gave Sonic Unleashed graphics a 6.5 and the whole game a 4.5! That’s a bit mean 🙁

  5. haha, GameRadar’s comment of letting the game end after every one of sonic’s friend enter the vortex is a great sattire of some of the sonic fanbase and critics. That titbit from Videogamer seems interesting, it looks like sonic’s friends have the same function as Diddy Kong did for the Single player campaign for Donkey Kong Country Returns. The 3ds preview is inspiring that they like how it plays but i kind of want some new info like what’s multiplayer all about, maybe a new level or boss fight.

  6. I am not going to watch gameplay I will wait but these writed previews make me sooo pumped for this game!!!

    1. If you aren’t going to watch the gameplay video of Sky Sanctuary, I strongly recommend you at least turn the video on, scroll it off the screen, and listen to the music. The music is great.

  7. ”We do have issue with one particular part of the control system at this point though; simply that Sonic jumps not when you press X/A down but when you release.”

    Umm?OK i don’t think that was in an earlier build.Whats up with that?

    1. It could have been from a lagging controller.

      Frankly, I’ve always been the “smack the button” type. It leads to a lot of deaths because I never gain enough height XD That’s why Shadow’s game/Werehog were so great to me – they could latch onto edges and pull themselves up.

      …It’ll probably change, though. I honestly thing it was just a lagging controller.

  8. i only have two minor (very minor nitpicks) about sky sanctuary , the stage looks awsome but a little bland on the color, like i believe someone mention it in a comment before it doesnt really give that iam reaching new heights feel, the clouds dont really change, everything just looks i dont know how to describe it(maybe somebody can come up with a word) but i guess if sky sanctuary was to appear i guess in sonic adventure when they went to angel island (ice cap and red mountain) so thats fine, my second nitpic would be no mecha sonic( i know i mention it infinte times lol) i guess its true that they dont want no confusion of the two robots , though i cant see how. other then that this game is 100% pure awsomness.

    no collectors editon is bummer in the u.s but atleast we get sonic at the macy’s day parade=D

    1. i can’t believe there is no modern metal sonic oh well can’t get everything you want now can you 🙂

      1. i could of sworn i saw a picture of modern metal sonic, still point proven, it wont change my love for the game still you putting all these cameos yet you couldnt just throw one little cameo of mecha sonic just one

  9. I liked how they added in a Sonic R sound effect in there. 🙂 Can you find it? (it isn’t hard :P)

    That comment about ending the game after the vortex made me laugh….oh how true that would be to some

    1. “He started talking up how Sonic: Generations would be good by saying the developers pondered how to get Sonic right and realized “The correct answer is not: ‘Put the Werehog in.'” The new game is Werehog-free.”
      ;_____; Oh well….maybe some day the Werehog might get his time to shine in another future. But that also means the Egg Dragoon will be fighting Modern Sonic, if that’s true Perfect Chaos will be fighting a power down Sonic as well. Wonder how that will turn out.

  10. 😀 it even has the classic cloud sound from sonic 3 & knuckles!!! I LOVE IT TO DEATH!!!!

  11. This is shaping up to be the best Sonic game in years, by the looks of things. That Sky Sanctuary playthrough was great fun to watch.

    I do hope classic Amy and Knuckles make it in there along with Tails, Eggman and Metal. Would be a shame if they didn’t.

  12. “Sonic eats chilli dogs while holding Amy at arms length literally with his whole hand over her face as she runs on the spot trying to get to him.” I’m counting the seconds until Ryan shows up to deliver some Sonamy fanboy bullshit.

      1. To tell you the truth, I actually like Sonamy. I just don’t like the mindless fanbrats that plague it’s fanbase. I’m one of the very few smart fans.

          1. can we just burn and flush down the toilet sonamy, sonaze, soneam(e^o). can we all just admit that sega’s aint gonna do that? seriously, sonic games are supposedly pointed at kids, for the most part nowadays. that and it’s just stupid and how would they fit that into a story. almost unleashed but glad they didn’t.

    1. Now I’m waiting for someone to hold her back while she yells “Let me at ’em! Let me at ’em!” when angry at Sonic.

      You know it’s going to happen eventually XD

  13. AWESOME not long now until it’s out wow OMG I can’t wait just thing it was only April 4-5 months when this game was confirmed O.O wow it may look short but it truly has been long :O Sky Sanctuary looks so epic!

  14. Ok…so let me get this straight..Gamespot gets their hands on a new preview build of the game, so they make a brief 5min video showcasing….Green Hill Zone…a level that has been done to death and even had half of it released as a demo. Umm..ok

  15. I don’t get to play as tails…….but I get to race against him in the Tornado?

    Well played Sega, well played 😀 😀 😀 😀

    That Cloud Jumping SFX was nostalgia to my ears, sexy as idk what.

    I don’t get to play as Knuckles….but I can force his naughty ass to dig underground yelling “WUDDA WUDDA WUDDA!!!” so I can get rich off of rings?

    Again, very well played SEGA.

    Play as Classic Sonic while racing Modern Sonic?!?

    Challenge Accepted

    1. Knuckles usually shouts “ORA ORA ORA!!” when he digs which is a Japanese sound effect usually used for furiously punching something. Can be the equivalent of “GO GO GO!” in English, but it’s more just a sound than an actual word. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle 😛

      1. Sega is pulling out all the tricks on this game they are slapping us in the face with nostalgia and telling you ”you want to buy this game” 🙂

  16. so tempting to watch, but it wot be as much fun wen i do play it and already know wats coming, no fun, no spoilers this time for me, just trailers and pictures, and information, non spolerish info

  17. by now we would have seen a cut scene on sonic colors i’m guessing sega doesn’t want to spoil any story for us

    1. Yea, rather lame that they were all over the top in your face we have a preview and we can’t wait to show you. And even now when the embargo has obviously lifted they STILL have nothing to show for it. And no that trailer was not what they had, they mentioned they had ‘previewed’ the game and had a play. Haven’t seen anything rivaling the obviously in depth but sadly not in English preview that German site has, that was epic.

      1. yeah,it looks like they couldn’t care’s IGN you know,they will probably give us a 7.5 biased review while many other game industries have already given us their honest opinion from what they’ve seen.another proof that IGN sucks >:(

  18. Tornado 3, skill customization, missions, boss keys, emeralds, hub world, music change?

  19. I clearly see that Sky Sanctuary takes the whole cake in this post but…did anyone notice the speed highway modern screenshot?looks like there’s something in front of him i wonder what it may be…

  20. “Game journalists seem to have some kind of condition that forces them to start every article about Sonic the Hedgehog with some pithy remark on the dubious quality of recent games in the series. I’m not going to do that. In fact, we may never have to do that again – Sonic Generations is a 20th Anniversary remaster of the most iconic stages in blue blur history, and if it’s as good as what I’m seeing here then we can pretend that Crisis City in Sonic 2006 never existed.” -Sponge


  21. I heard that there’s going to be 2 acts for classic and modern. since in the video you see the player switching between act 1 and 2 as classic, there’s probably 2 acts for classic and modern.

    1. nah, thats probably just if you want to use classic sonic in the hub world. act 1 is classics, act 2
      is modern….there are no two different acts for each.

      1. Don’t you think that’s a bit of a shame? No playable co-op Tails (unlockable at least) and only 1 Act per Zone… 2 Acts is cutting it short in my honest opinion… But 1 Zone per Modern/Classic gameplay?

  22. “Sonic eats chili dogs while holding Amy at arms length literally with his whole hand over her face as she runs on the spot trying to get to him.”

    *dies laughing*

  23. When Classic Sonic ends the stage, the parrots are thinking this:
    Parrot 1: Hey Bob, what’s with that moon?
    Parrot 2: That’s no moon
    Both Parrots: O__O

  24. I’ll buy the game, but I doubt I’ll get through the first level. lt’s hard to dodge badniks with tears of pure nostalgic joy in your eyes. By the way, I think Metal Sonic does appear in the game, but he’s in a Sonic CD stage

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