Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition Back in Stock at Online Commerce Group

UPDATE: All of the Xbox 360 and PS3 copies are now sold out at the Online Commerce Group. Grainger Games still has PS3 copies, though.

We’ve got word from SSMB member Dyne that both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition are now back in stock at the Online Commerce group of retailers. The price is the same as last time at £99.99 with free delivery offered in the UK.
PS3: £99.99
Xbox 360: £99.99
PS3: £99.99
Xbox 360: £99.99
PS3: £99.99
Xbox 360: £99.99
PS3: £99.99
Xbox 360: £99.99

The group’s help section says they deliver to most countries around the world.

Q. Where do you deliver to?
A. United Kingdom this includes England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Wight, the Isle of Man, Channel Isles and all BFPO addresses.
We also ship to the following countries – Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia And Herzegovina , Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA, Vatican City

The PS3 version is also still available at Grainger Games for £98.99.

Thanks to Dyne at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Wish i had a job then i could get this along with the other four games im getting (already recieved DBZ on friday)
    wellp looks like ima have to stick with standard since gamestation cant give a price on the special DLC copy till “The day before release” which is no good since amazon will have already taken the money -.- theres always

        1. I’m still hesitant about the Collectors Edition 😐 I want it but, it’ll be in German and I’m not sure it’ll have an English Option ):

          1. The UK versions of Sonic games often come with multiple language subtitle options and so do the versions in the rest of Europe, so I expect it will be the same for this game with its voices.

  2. Damn I really thought this was my chance to get in on it. The PS3 version isnt any use to me.

      1. Can you recommend any of the above? I went to a review site, and hadn’t received too many positive reviews, so I’m a bit hesitant. They all look the same to me.

          1. Right, just ordered from Here’s to hoping that they don’t cancel my order, like the danish retailer I ordered from last time…

  3. damn it, I just gave up on the collectors edition last night and pre-ordered the normal game 🙁

    1. Then cancel that pre-order, and order this one instead 😀 I shouldn’t really buy it, but I really want to, so I say: “Fuck the cost!” 😀

  4. I ordered the German sonic generations collectors edition and I live in America. Will the DVD and the artbook be in english?

  5. Got my Collector’s edition months ago plus I get a free Sonic hat! hmm maybe I’ll wear it on casual Friday.

  6. do you reckon that getting a PS3 copy of the collectors edition then trade the game that is with it to and XBOX 360 game would work?

  7. This is now available at amazon uk ~ £75 on both xbox and ps3. I guess they had a few more delivered than expected. Grab them while you can!

    1. Yes 😀 I just saw that, and ordered right away, along with cancelling my order at ^^ Saved me 300DKK (danish crownes) 😀

          1. It would appear so! I just checked this morning and they were in stock but they were out of stock last night. I’m glad I got my copy ages ago- I wonder how many they have for sale overall?

    2. You…I owe a handshake…

      Never aimed myself in the direction of my debit card so fast in my life 😛

      Placed an order, gotta hope they actually have them and this isn’t some stupid stock error!

      1. Amazon are a reliable company and I’m guessing that they ordered a limited number and seeing how it sold out ordered more. I would guess they have the item in stock otherwise they would be in big trouble. I don’t think it’s happened before and I don’t think it’ll happen now!

        1. I can’t believe I’m too late again. I ordered it already at Amazon.De but I would like to get from UK just to make sure everything would be in english.

  8. just watched a foreign unboxing and his numbered ring was like 6 thousand and something. At a guess theres probably 10,000 made. Id keep your eyes open between now and friday, theres probably a few chances left.

    1. Someone’s got it already? Link?

      Well I ordered mine a while ago and ordered one for my boyfriend whose now my ex so may sell mine on Ebay once it comes- I’m guessing some Sonic fans may pay over the RRP for it just to get their hands on the DVD, artbook and the limited ring and statue- if there are 10,000 made that’s still a small number.

      1. They are currently selling on ebay already for a minimum of about 280 quid ! So thats a good idea if you arent gonna want it 🙂

  9. Here is the only unboxing I have seen
    But, me and my girl have been hunting down a collector’s edition for awhile now saw that link to Grainger games and she bought me the ps3 version. I am in the U.S. and right now she is in wales. Didn’t realize that for this particular product they don’t ship internationally. She put my adress here in California as the shipping adress and she got a confirmation and everything and they charged her along with shipping outside of Europe. Yeah so it wasn’t till later I notced this item doesnt ship out of Europe so they say. Tried to contact them and everything I am just hoping they respond to our emails and we can get it shipped to my gf’s adress in the uk or like what haha. So I dunno feel like I am teetering now

    1. I saw an unboxing and it seems the box are gonna be on a single language… As I pre-ordered from it means I will get a box in germany 🙁
      At least all the other contents are multi-language. I hoe release more items for sale.

  10. Has anyones order from the commerce group been processed? My account hasn’t been charged yet, and I’m getting concerned :s

    1. I haven’t been charged by Amazon yet but then they don’t take the money until the order has been shipped so I wouldn;’t worry about it.

  11. Can anyone tell me where i can find this collectors edition. I looked everywhere and really want this. Checked amazon and all websites above. Not buying from ebay, that be stupid paying triple the price.

  12. Well… I just saw an unboxing video of Sonic Generations Collectors Edition. The box case was written in germany and the game case as well. So that might be what we’ll get from

      1. Yes, you’re right. The game might have multiple language like the book and the cover of the CD soundtrack. It’s just that somehow I thought even the plastic box case would be multilanguage.

  13. They sold out already? i am surprised more are still going around. I thought there were only 500 of these but there are thousands?

    Oh well, at least my extra 2 spare CE’s won’t go to waste. People are paying over 2x as much on ebay

    Anyone think they will be worth more new sealed as time goes on? or better to sell soon?

    1. Shadow…. Are you talking about CE in english? I mean the box… If so how much will you ask for it?

      1. I am talking about the Collectors Edition (CE) for the 360, yes in english. I live in wales, so of course.

        I was wondering how much these would be worth on ebay in time, i mean does the value generally go up?. I know games go down in value over time, but since these would be sealed CE’s i am not sure.

  14. To Celso or anyone else who ordered the German CE.

    Can you tell me please exactly all that is in German? I ordered this for my boyfriend for Christmas but neither speak it. I figured the most important things would be multilingual. I guess I should have waited for UK deals to make sure it was in English.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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