Sonic CD 20th Anniversary Soundtrack Hitting in November

Well this is a surprise – continuing the trend for Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack re-releases in Japan, it has been confirmed that Sonic CD will also be getting the 20th Anniversary OST treatment.

It follows the re-release of Sonic Adventure Digi-Log Conversation, multi-dimensional: Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack and the Sonic Heroes Complete Trinity soundtrack earlier this year.

The difference here is that Sonic CD was never officially graced with an OST release. The closest anyone came was Alfa Music’s Sonic the Hedgehog REMIX in 1994. Which isn’t really an original soundtrack at all. And also, super rare.

Naturally, the reason for the OST is the incoming launch of Sonic CD on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. It will be released in Japanese music stores on the 23rd November for ¥2,400 (about £20), and will feature brand new artwork and the Crush 40 cover of Sonic Boom first heard at SEGA of America’s anniversary celebration in Los Angeles. HMV Japan has more information on the CD… in Japanese.

CDJapan are offering preorders at the same price of ¥2,400, and ship internationally. You will, however, have to deal with shipping costs and potential import duties.

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  1. 23rd November release date eh? Perhaps the same time as the XBLA/PSN release of the video game.

  2. Don’t need to waste my cash on this. I’ll get the Crush 40 version off Youtube a day or two after release.

    Ha ha SEGA.

  3. This would be worth picking up, if YouTube didn’t already have every song on it, both English, Japenese, and new

  4. With the missions in Generations having alternative music (I believe one preview said a remixed “Super Sonic Racing” played against Knuckles, which was interestingly also played at Sonic Boom) do you think Crush 40’s “Sonic Boom” could be an alternative track to use in levels in Generations? Or perhaps during missions or the Metal Sonic fight?

    Also: I’m excited for this.

    1. I can answer the part about Metal Sonic: No. The Metal Sonic race uses a remix of Japanese Stardust Speedway, though if Super Sonic Racing is in, it’s probably the Crush 40 version, which means potential for Sonic Boom on a mission.

  5. Well, I was already tempted to get this. Crush 40 Sonic Boom makes it even more tempting. I still want to find the original Sonic Adventure Soundtrack cd(s) rather than getting the new pressing. There was an original release, right?

  6. Aw, I was hoping the Sonic Boom cover would be in Sonic Generations. That and the Super Sonic Racing cover they did. There’s still a little hope, though, I guess.

  7. LoL, I’m pretty sure the ‘closest anyone came’ to getting a soundtrack was buying the game. It had the majority of the tracks in CD format anyway. I think I got the missing tracks (not that they were really worth the effort) from the PC version.

  8. I’ll never understand why game soundtracks are rarely released in stores in the US. You have to go out of your way depending where you live to pick one up

    1. I don’t get why SEGA Rally Revo got a full blown US soundtrack release (seen it in several shops in my area), yet Sonic the Hedgehog games never get US distribution. Lame…

      1. It would make it so much easier to pick up a legit copy rather than buy some pirated garbage off eBay 🙁

  9. at first i thought meh..I already have the original soundtrack. Then I read crush 40 covers sonic boom, and I did a barrel roll…o wait this is sonic stadium, um I mean I did a homing attack

  10. Once again, another great sonic item I can’t get my hands on, I don’t mean to just whine on this site but my god it’s unbelievable.

  11. The Crush 40 Sonic Boom videos on YouTube are pretty atrocious. I wouldn’t mind getting hold of that track in decent quality, but I’m a bit wary of shelling out alot of money for 1 track. I might just wait for it to make it’s inevitable way to certain fan sites.

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